A short update.

Today is Wednesday. It`s only been 3 days into the semester and I had :

- 3 meetings. (this is apart from my usual club activities which I still religiously attends)
- went to Students Affairs Department 8 times.
- been asked to help out in other events twice.
- received early registeration for my chess tounament from 3 person.
- scavage through a pile of letters which I found letters for 2 other clubs.
(for your information, the mailling system in MMU does not work. Hundreds, maybe a thousand, letters are left in the pigeons hole, scattered and unclaimed).
- replied 20 emails.
- found out 4 events clashes next weekend.
- spent 600 ringgit.
- slept in the class for 3 lessons.
- spent 2 hours in library ( it`s superbly rare here in MMU at this time)
- whine about my exam results to 5 people.
- wondered if I will survive through this semester no less than 10 times.
- said my life sux *** times (lost count)

A new semester.

This will be my sixth semester, the last semester of Beta year. I can`t say that I`m all fired up for this coming sem. In fact, I`m quite afraid of it. Everything it`s well planned. I can already see what I`m going to do for the next 4 months. Maybe that scares me. Or more likely, I`m just afraid of not meeting my own expectations.

For activities, this sem is really really scary. It`s the 3rd semester, natuarlly, all the events will be concentrated here. For events that I`ll be involved in organizing, mmu wushu intervarsity, GACC, Voices Melaka highschool debate and mmu chess open. And for tournaments, there will be the IIU league debate, some pre-Asians debate, chess tournaments, achery tournaments... to be frank, I can`t even name all of them. Not to mention a few prom night that Adelene would love to go too.

Of course, the big ones are All Asians Debate in South Korea, and MAKSUM, (malaysian intervarsity chess tournament) during May. The problem with this two tournaments is that, you need to go through shit loads of preparation and even worst, the two tournament fall during the examination period.

I admit I had been overconfident on my academics. I also believed myself capable of shouldering any responsibility and still perform academic wise. In fact, I`ve shyed away many kind advise of asking my to drop my club activity. I refused. As a result, my grades are going downhill. The last A- I got was the last straw. I never want to screw up another sem. I definitely must get better results than my first 2 semester.

So I`m torn into half, which one should I pioritize, do I want 4.0 so badly that I`ll forfeit everything else, or should I pretend that I`ll still be able to do both. Maybe I`ll give this semester a try.. and see. If I can`t cope, I`ll drop everything next year.

Pictures of Constuct Camp in Port Dickson-Bukit Sepoi

The camp was miserable because of this 2 person.

Name : Siti

Famous Quote : " I don`t know"

Name : Pak Abor

Famous quote : "{all the foul language}"

Those people made almost everyone look as miserable as me.

even our meals were miserable because all we get is bread and jam...

and 60 ppl suppose to use only one toilet.

and we feed mosquito in these places for more than 2 hours.

but in the end, it`s worth it, because of this views.

Man, I want to come this place again, without them.

Pesta Catur USM ke 13

Needless to say, we lost.

Though it`s not something unexpected. The trip serve it`s purposed. Was suppose to go there to forge ties with USM and to see how an open tournament suppose to run. Kenny and Min Ting from USM teams were very very helpful and kind. They took care of our accomodation and travels; even fetch us to the biggest shopping mall in Penang, Queensbay. We can`t thank you enough.

Coming back to the tournament; we went one of the top teams in round 1. We got beaten flat; except for some very weird/lucky/out of the world upset by Jeff. He did a sudden checkmate which he didn`t anticipate himself. Lol... that`s some thing you don`t find everyday.

In short we met ;

Round 1 - Seeded No 5 team; who we stayed with in the same room in hostel, not knowing that they were this good.

Round 2 - Team from UniKL;

Round 3 - A team of 4 girls.

Round 4 - Another uncles team

Round 5 - A team of 4 boys

Round 6 - A team whom players about the same age as us.

Round 7 - Another small boys team.

It`s interesting to note, that we played with under 15 kids three times in this tournament. And we didn`t get of easy. We drew 2-2 with all three teams. This kids I tell you, knows more than I do. Here`s some those I played with.

The girl from Round 2.

Super cute aint she. I asked her to smile. While playing she`s really scary, and aggresive.She only 7 years old. So it`s not really such a big deal that I got an easy win on this.

Didn`t ask for his age. Very serious player. I cracked my head the most playing with him. Very careful till the end. He was in the advatange for 1 hour 20 minutes. It was only during the last 10 minutes he made a minor mistake. But due to time pressure, I too made a horrible mistake, giving back the advantage to him. Then I use the sneaky castle and did a suprise back rank checkmate. Even more funny than my game with Gwo Liang. (those who knows, knows what I meant).

11 years old boys. He played with me on the very last round, where I lost most of my motivation to play due to losing the round before. ( I was playing for the best board). His team had a coach and therefore, very well trained. In fact, he even knew what`s my opening called, where I myself didn`t know until form 5. He even said I played it wrongly. Scary.

He won me.. grrrr. But to redeem myself, that was the only mistake I did in the tournament. He continued the game with me, and I`m satisfied that in the end, I won. Mwahahaha, a wrongly played Kings Gambit pawns you!!! (Alex being childish).

It`s good that I somehow maintain my pride not losing to kids. Playing with them somehow reminds me when I just started playing. I missed those days, with Aqtar and Jin Ian playing by my side. We`ve have never lose as a team before. But I`m afraid, those days will never come again. Well, time to move on. I`m sure we can train up a proper team here too. Go MMU Melaka.

Lauching of Rage versus USM open

The Star just called me to inform that I`m invited to the launching of Rage this Saturday. Awesome. How they got my name is still a puzzle. It could be that they just randomly select names from University students, or it`s because I`ve wrote for them in Rage last year.

But whatever, I`ve decline the invitation because I've made arrangment with USM to play in their chess tournament this weekend. And I can`t screw this up because I`ll host the MMU Melaka Open this coming april. So must be buddy buddy with everyone. Life sux.

Now I feel more stupid than ever.

Shopping in Low Yat

I can spend hours there. Walking around and around, checking out the latest product and the prices. But what I usually do is to grab stuff that are sold at dirt cheap price; like a somic headphone. At RM 10, I would expect it to be horrible and uncomfortable. When I try it at home, it`s the total opposite. The quality suprised me.. and it`s really comfortable; one that I don`t my wearing for hours.

Should have bought more of those.

Meawhile, other prices have gone down. 19 inch LCD can be obtain at 700+. P4 3.0hz computer together with monitor at 900+.....

Pen drive 1gb now cost rm 40. And it had gone smaller and smaller. From pen drive, they introduce the mini, now the nano... damm apple wanna-be.

The laptop which I bought 2 months ago, for that same price, I can get a core duo instead of Turion 64.

I suppose everything will be cheaper and better..... that the way it should be.

Flood again?

It seems this time, it`s worst then the last. I really really really feel sorry for them. Barely able to recover from the last flood, it happen again.

Red Cresent had ask for help and volunteers. I`m giving serious thought of volunteering. But I`m worried of being a nuisance. Physically, I`m not the best person to be there. I`ve no knowledge in flood crisis management. Neither do I have anything to offer (financial included).

Being there, I`ll just use up another person`s resources. Resource that can feed another person. But I still want to help if possible, some way. What can I do.

Construct camp 06/07

I left my pictures in malacca!!..what an idiot. Forget to save it into my pendrive....

All is left is words, hopefully I`ll be hardworking enough to uploads some pictures in the future. (you would want to see the pictures I took of the sunset by the beach.)

We left for the camp in Port Dickson, at 10pm Tuesday. 10 pm!!! and only on the bus we were told that there will be no rest the whole of next day.. starting midnight to the next midnght. Crazy, I were already dead sleepy before I board the bus because I didn`t sleep much on Tuesday.. now I`ve to strech another 24 hours.

We had a miserable night/morning, listening to pointless talk, and going hungry.We had only 2 pieces of bread and sugar water for breakfast. (after 12 hours of starvation.). And this camp is suppose to be a leadership camp.. not survival.

The horror continues when we spent 4 hours doing nothing but waiting to be transported to our initial trekking spot. The place we waited was filled with mosquito.... I`ve never seen so many mosquito in one area in my entire life.

The trekking start at 10.30 am. I suppose that`s were the fun begin. We`re suppose to trek through rubber estate, palm oils plantation and some small jungle. We trek all the way back towards malacca. Then just about the border, we kayak to Bukit Sepui which is in the state of Malacca. The journey took about 9 hours.

The Bukit Sepui beach is fantastic. It doesn`t not have the white sandy beach like those in Redang Island, but for a beach on the west coast, I would say it`s superb.The views were clear, Nothing on the sea till the horizon. I watch the sunset..one of the few occasions where I get the oppoturnity to do so.

We spent the night there with much joy because there`s a sundry store nearby and we won`t go hungry and thirsty. The aunty was happy too because all her drinks were sold out. (not even soya bean was left).

It was raining but we slept like a log because the last time I slept was 40 hours ago. Happy happy. We kayak back all the way to our initial camp site at Port Dickson. Takes only abut 2 hours. Of course, by then I couldn`t feel my hand and fingers as it has all gone numb. Way pass pain and fatique.

The activity that followed were more relaxing. We had flying fox and abseiling. Too bad I didn`t take the pictures for abseiling. We jump off the cliff at 50 feet above sea level, by the seaside. Superb view. At night, some boring speech by some bas**** who don`t know what he`s talking about.

Friday is the last day we`re here. The inadequate sleep and water have taken a toll on me. I felt giddy when I woke up and all I want is to sleep. But we woke up 6am in the mornign none the less. We then jog from the camp site to the town and then do some push ups there and then jog back. All those took slightly more than an hour. Reminds me of a school marathon. After that was the closing ceromony and we went home in the late evening.

I suppose the only thing that went all wrong was organization. It was really messy. We spent more than 10 hours waiting and waiting. We`re told to bring the required things, and the committee don`t even know what they`re suppose to do. The only answer they will provide is " I don`t know".

If this camp was a survival camp instead of a leadership camp, I would have gladly say, I enjoyed it.

Common Grounds

Long time ago, I`ve a chat with this girl. I believe the conversation started after she saw my picture with Adelene.

Her : Ohhh
Her : Seperti pinang dibelah dua
Me : wa.. really or not
Her: ya lah
Me : but she very very tall :(
Me : as tall as me
Her: Nevermind lah..you two got two things in common.
Her: 1. Both of you are shorter than your sis

2. Both of you are taller than me
Me : lol...


Jokes aside. I really felt like blogging about what happen a few hours ago. It was a long conversation, so by shortening it to few paragraph, no one will fully understand the context of our discussion. But frankly speaking, I don`t care.... it serve as reminder when I read back in the future. And that`s good enough.

Today, during dinner, Me and my friends had started talking about clubs and all, then we came to a topic lots of Malaysian should be interested in; Racial Intergration. A subject that everyone seem to make lots of noise, but don`t really know what is it about.

I myself didn`t really understand it. During the converstation, we both had different stance. I`m ok with Racial Tolerance, while he`s pushing for Racial Intergration. A hour gone by discussing lots of things. Even side tracking to Bush, Saddam and Osame.

But what I really got me thinking was when he spoke about trust. When he mention, if just we had more trust in each other ; if the Malays can trust a Chinese to become PM and will still take care of them....

Selfish as it seems, I always thought that this is a problem with the Malays and their system. You know, for insisting that a bumiputra, or a malay guy to be put high up in the seats. We always question, why not a chinese can take up post like the prime minister. Why can`t the Malays just let that happen.

Then again, let`s question ourself... Even in daily conversation, people talk about the affirmative action.. how the bumiputras are being proctected and given privelages. We whine about this,and we whine about that. How can we now blame them for not trusting the Chinese for taking such crucial post. Everyone wants to feel safe, and secure... and that`s perfectly justified.

It`s not a war between races... in fact, we should do away with races.. and treat everyone as just humans. But for know, the only way to achieve that, is to create trust.....

How to achieve that is still a big puzzle to me. At least now, I know it`s something that I should put some effort into.

Is it over yet?

I thought semester is over. I definitely don`t feel it at all. Maybe because I screwed up the last paper, so I don`t get any satisfaction of accomplishment. No no, I`m not taking supps. It won`t be that bad.... I hope.

Anyway, the start of holidays means I`ll have to get back to (clubs) work. 2 meeting tomorrow night, and I don't know what for. List the down the things I have to do. (damm, y must I keep doing this).

1) Look through again all the remaining orphanages that I`ve not yet visit, and see to their needs.

2) Visit all budget hotels, to find a location so I can dump, I mean place all the participants the chess open tournament. If only MMU have enough toilets to fit all of them.

3) Write proposals for the chess tourney. Some unreliable committee members can`t be reach, so I even have to do their part... Oh ya, and invitation letter too.. *plagiarizing might save the day.

4) Visit Melaka's Education Department to get them to send invites to all secondary school student. *yea..that desperate.

5) Think of an opening catchy opening ceremony for Wushu Intervarsity. I already had an idea, what about throwing the lion`s head at the clubs advisor. It`s Lim Tuck Meng you know, I know some people dislike him. ( I don`t, mind you... he`s not too bad of a lecturer.. just a little anal).

6) Get a complete list of wushu committee and assign them to respective duties. (how many ppl it takes to guard a VIP`s toilet.. I wonder. It takes 4 just to serve them drinks. brrr)

7) Settle Voices room booking for the next semester.

8) Form a team to go for a chess tournament in USM. THAT PLACE AGAIN!! NOOOOOO. Ive been to USM 3 times in less than a quarter of a year.

Hey, I think that`s all.... that`s not too bad.. it`s not even 10!... *Alex faints


That`s the only word I`m going to be saying.... FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK..

stupid engineering graphics......


Exams tomrorow. Great.

But instead, I felt like planning for holiday. I wonder where should I go. I always wanted to visit Thailand. Spend some Thai money.... heee maybe I should just take a bus and head over there.

Or go Gua Tempurung. I heard it`s really fun.

Or maybe go Indonesia... just to see how that country looks like.

You know what`s the main problem? I dono who to go with.

Another chapter of life.

I remember doing this last year. Blogging what I did for the whole miserable year. Let`s see what happen this time.

Jan- nth happen
Feb - nth happen
March - nth happen
April - nth happen
May - nth happen
June - nth happen
July - nth happen
August -nth happen
September - nth happen
October - nth happen
November - nth happen
December - yea, nth happen.

It could be that too many thing happen that I don`t remember anything significant at all. I felt this year was extremely long. I don`t look forward for this year, neither do I want to be in the last. There`s so much misery that it would be a hypocrisy if I just blog about joyous occasions.

If anything, I really hope this year,

- all those who hate me, dislike me, annoyed me, cursed me, I`ll hope that I`ll make it up to them.

- to be able to find a comfortable self,

- all things will go as plan.

- stress will never be one of my burden.

- able to decide what`s right and what`s wrong.

- take a firm stand

- that the world will end, without warning.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.