Wishlist - it`s christmas after all

It`s been raining in Malacca. A lot! To be exact, we haven really seen the sun since Monday. It`s the 4th day now of perpetual rain. Alas, it finally flooded!

I was wondering yesterday. With so much rain, how come there isn`t any flood. Then again, I was living on the highlands. Sure enough, everywhere else was flooded. Tsk tsk. What more horrible is that so many roads were closed till the Malacca`s Bus Station have cease it`s operation. (and I heard the bus station itself was flooded)

You know what that means? I HAVE TO STAY HERE IN MALACCA FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!
Gosh, and I thought things couldn`t have been much worst for me. To make myself happy, I`m going to act really childish. I`ll now put a up wish list and imagine that I received all these gift magically.

I want....

1) A good earphone. I heard those really really good ones can cost up to RM 800.
2) A basketball
3) A 512mb DDR 1 ram
4) A handphone with superb camera.
5) or a super slim camera will do. (without compromising it`s quality)
6) A grand piano! mwahahahahaha]
7) A new printer.
8) Since no one will buy me a grand piano, I`ll settle for a keyboard instead.
9) A squash racquet
10) An umbrella, since it rains so much.

If you just realised, I don`t have an umbrella. So I`m soaking wet every time I goes to campus and back. Please stop raining already.. I want to go back for Christmas.. *stumps feet

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