USM - Achery Intervarsity Tournament

That`s the distance of our shooting target. 30 meter. The bow we are using are wooden bow, some say it`s beginner`s bow. The maximum range for it is 50 meter.

To me, 30 meter is in fact, quite far away. To my surprise, before my event, people are contesting for 70 meter, using an advance bow. The difference between a begginer`s bow and an advance bow is the maximum tension it holds. The former should be below 30, the latter about 40 pounds. 40 pounds!! that`s about 20 kg. Imagine firing an arrow, round after round, having to strain 20kg using your triseps, and support the bow and the weight using ur left wrist.

But the suprise is not that. The best archer of the whole tournament, is a girl. Beating a guy who`s a sukma player by 10 points. Imagine that. I always had in mind that guys are superior over girls in sports, particularly sports involving strenght and stamina. Maximum respect to that girl. Almost everyone pretended that their ears deceive them and or the speaker announce it wrongly when the scores was released. The scoring sheet proves it though.

I on the other hand, being the junior of MMU Melaka achery team, didn`t do quite well. I was sent to team A with the best acher`s in the club. Why I was there, I don`t know. I just know that I`m now really pressure to do well. Well, compared to team B, I did relatively ok, having higher marks and position than most of the achers there. However, compared to everyone, I was in the bottom half. Our team ended up in 4th place though. Yet, somehow, I don`t feel so guilty because even if my marks were as good as the best acher in my club, we would remain in the same position. The top 3 teams were just too good.

At 30 meters, they consistantly hit the bullseye, 10 and 9 points (the yellow circle). While I on the other hand, was having cold feet and unable to aim calmly. Resulting a few arrow missing the board entirely. My teamates screwed up a few arrorws too. Bah, if only we can collect them and shoot again....

All ended well though. An experience is needed, and it`s an experience I had. From now, I`ll train harder. Next year, MMU Melaka will top the list.

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