Prep for Care Club`s Christmas Charity Drive

Tomorrow is the day. We`re done so much up until now. Week after week of collecting junks (cloths, books etc etc) and tomorrow we`re going to sell them all. Yesterday and today was even more crazy. We sorted the items and decorated the booth. The workload is overwhelming. We started at 10am- and ended at 10pm. (that includes lunch and dinner though )

We decorate...

and decorate

till a point where Siew gave up and think he`s a cat.

no... that`s not Siew.. this is him.

We constuct our very own arch, decorated 3 partition, 8 tables, and build one snow man.

(yes, it was dark by the time we finish.. 10pm mate)

For now.. it`s empty.. I hope tomorrow it will be something like this..

All the best I hope.... it`s for the orphanages and the needy.. Christmas is a lovely time indeed :)


Adel 12:27 AM  

dun worry.. it'll be that pack. hahaha

Anonymous 9:26 PM  

wow... pui fuk. really respect u alex. good luck!

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