Phillippine momments

*warning... many many pictures. Don`t load this with a 56k modem.

The debating scene.

This, is the MMU Melaka contingent
Haque, Huan Ren, Suria, Alex, Adelene, Melanie

The mountains of Baguio.

This is the place where we spend nearly 1 week of our time, debating, enjoying. It resembles a lot like Cameron Highlands. Except, the temperature drops a little more during the night. Once, it reached 8 degrees C.

some unknown places around the mountains

The Botanical Garden

Party night, in our hotel room. Invited random people. And a choir turn up..

MMU Cyberjaya, De La Salle University and the Philippines Military Academy`s Contingent.

I suppose it is an enyoable experience after all...

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