Modern Science found God?

When I saw the title of that talk, I was half expecting bullshits. The other half of me was curious, just in case something made sense came up. That`s why I went. I earlier half was right. It was pure crap.

He started with 'the speed of light'. Saying that speed of light is the ultimate speed. But if a UFO for example, moves at 0.8 c (speed of light) and shines a light.. won`t that be 1.8c. According to Newton`s, it should be correct, but light is the ultimate speed and thus, it`s wrong.

And he link it to God by saying, that because the foundation of science is wrong, therefore, science saying God doesn`t exist is wrong. WHAT BOLLOCKS IS THAT!!!! First of all, science never stated God doesn not exist. What a lousy way to start his speech.

Then he goes on talking about photons. I`m not going to post his entire speech here. But, in 30 minutes, he misrepresented Einstein`s theory of relativity, insulted him, and fooled the entired hall of people. There is just so many contradictions and false interpretation that I can spend 2 hours condemming how stupid he is and still wouldn`t be satisfied.

The only thing thing that made sense that night was how he attributed existance to God. The whole argument of the beginning of the universe and the point of singularity. Even that it`s contentious. But nevertheless made sense.

At the end of the day, I had two questions for him.

I always believed the same thing too. That the very fact of existance means that there must be creation and creation can only comes from God. However, if you take a step back, try pondering upon this. If one can accept that God existed, without time. He`s the beggining and he`s the end, then why not the universe. Why can`t people accept that it`s just there.

Why do people seek to prove God`s existance so much. Isn`t faith means believing. If I say 1 + 1 =2. Does it takes faith for you to believe me? So what if God exist? Will you only then start living a moral and just life?

Maybe you should ponder upon these questions too.

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