Exams rant - you know it`s coming.

I thought last semester was bad. This is worst. I also have this fear of short semester. Why? Because we only have 2 subject this semester. Not to say it`s bad, but it`s scary. Once you screwed up one subject, your gpa is gone.

Last year, it was bad. I was extremely worried about calculus because my coursework mark was about 40/50 (80%) . Really closed to a B. Luckly, I scrap it through. This year, it`s dreadful. Much lower than last year, and the finals this time, will be dificult.

One reason is because a subject is an art subject. Draw draw and draw. Even with ulimited time, my drawing scored an average of 70%. And I need to score 87.5% to compensate my horrible coursework. Mind you, no one ever scored that high in finals. In fact, no one ever completed the finals in this subject.

Might as well say good bye to my scholarship. I do hope that they will excuse one dreadful semester.

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