Enough is enough

I never thought I would ever do this.

It was a very normal tuesday ; 3-5pm ; property of material class. The lecturer kept talking to himself because no one could listen to him. The class were making noise (as usual) and for the hundreth time, the lecturer ask the class to keep quiet. The lecturer kept talking to himself because no one could listen to him. He then went around, ask everyone, any questions..

And at that point, I was so sick of his action, I raise up my hand. I spoke.

" Sir, to be perfectly honest, I don`t understand a word you say since the day I attended your class, and I believe more than half the class felt the same way too. You mumbled you way throught, the slides on the screen weren`t clear, and the students had gave up trying to guess what you are teaching. "

He then probably thought I`m must be some dumb idiot who keep failing in class and he tried to squeeze his entire 2 hours worth of lecturer in 5 minute and explain it to me.

He just doesn`t get it... I then later went on

" Sir, I`ve been scoring mostly 4.0 for my exams since I came here last year. It doesn`t shows that I`m smart, but it proves that I do care what I`m suppose to know and learn and have the capability to do so. I`ve seen lecturers teach and everyone in class pays attention... without uttering a single word. The only reason why people make noise in your class is because no one knows what you are saying. '

'Now, if I tried my best and couldn`t understand your lecture, and not one person I know understand either... then there is something very wrong with the way you teach. Like how before you talk about diffusion rate changes the solidification process, you should first talk about difussion. And when you speak.... make ur words clear. Until you do something about it , you can go round asking people to keep quiet for the rest of your life, people won`t be bothered. "

My friend said, why don`t just sign and leave the class. Why bothered. True, I could have study on my own, and probably still get a credit for the subject. But that would be totaly unfair for him, for not knowing that the whole class does not bother listening to him, and for us students, who paid to learn something from these lectures.

After all these , the lecturer somehwhat get what I said, but part of him refuse to accept that he totaly sux teaching. I just realised I did something totaly pointless. Nothing`s going to change for sure... he couldn`t and wouldn`t do anything about it. All I did was to make a fool out of myself, and wasted 2 minutes of the class`s time.

Why couldn`t I be just an average joe. Go to class, go back, do your revision, and graduate. Why make all the fuss when it`s futile. Why push the wall when you know you can`t move it. Alex, you`re just an idiot, hands down.

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