Christmas on Ice

I loved ice skating. The ice rink, is one of those places that allows you to escape the horror of Malaysia`s extreme temperature. When I stop skating in form 3, due to my parents you-will-fail-PMR-if-you-ice-skate argument , I never skate much anymore. It was a decision which I definitely regret.

Actually, since the skating rink in Mines Wonderling closed down, I`ve never skate anymore. The only place left to skate is Pyramid. I hated that place. Why?

1) It inacessable. Takes 2 train trip, a bus ride and a freaking 2 hours to get there. With another 2 hours to get back, you wouldn`t have time to skate.

2) Even if you have ur own transport, the traffic jam will kill you.

3) Once you escape the traffic jam on the road, you`ll have to suffer the human jan in the rink. It`s freaking conjested.

4) You know how traffic police are just horrible, the ppl working for Pyramid Ice are worst. They are just the most rude, unfriendly, conceited and dumb Indians I ever met. Yes, there are ALL coincidentally, Indians.

And I have to pay 20 ringgit, just to suffer all that. To my dissapointment, my skating shoe`s blade have gone blunt thus I can`t use it anymore. I can`t jump, nor spin, nor practically do anything with the rental skates. Sharpening cost 50 bucks and I`m not spending any more cash on this stupid place.

So we just cam whore and make the best out of it.

The one thing I enjoyed was the ice skating show that they conduct to attract more people. Apprarently, they managed to invite the best pair skater in SE Asia, and the 8 time champion of Austrialia.

Wish I could skate like them. Jealous-nya

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