Christmas and the Flood.

Among my friends, there were very few that was affected by the flood. To most, it’s just another disaster that had little or no concern at all. Though, I’m living in Malacca, the flood does not affect me much either. MMU is located on high grounds, so are the residential areas around it.

For those victims of the flood, a lot of felt that Christmas was rob from them. All the Christmas decoration, Christmas tree, Christmas present were scattered and destroyed. Open house and invitations were canceled and all preparation was for nothing.

However, this year, more than ever, I felt the Christmas Spirit is present. With flood destroyed so many things, gone were all dramas, hypocrisy and acting. When I read the newspaper yesterday, I nearly cried. I was happy.

In spite of all hardship, losses were turn into appreciation, celebration turned into sacrifices. Look at how many people who have actually turn up to lend a helping hand. MCA youth canceled their Christmas party, and went to help the flood victims. Some other groups of people, instead of celebrating at home, went to the centers and celebrate with them.

Christmas celebrates Jesus`s birth. We give presents to celebrate the spirit of giving, a reminder of God’s gift to humanity ( he send Jesus to die for mankind). With so much people trying to commercialize Christmas, it’s starting to lose it’s meaning. That’s why I was really happy when I learn that there are people out there, still celebrates, the true meaning of Christmas. Definitely a good reminder for the people all around, and for me.

Happy Birthday Jesus.

(p:s : I would like to thank all those who take the time and sent some greetings. It meant a lot to me. Thank you, Ching Yee, Amran, Jeff, Sully, Jan Sen, Pei Nee, Eli, Wei Pin, Fuk Fui, Claire, Aaron, Adrian, Vivian, Angel, Ivan, Ai Jen, Melanie, Aqtar, Faiz, Uncle Francis,Aunty Rose, Grace, and those whose name`s not on my phone, so I don`t know who you are. Lol. Arigato.)


Adelene 3:57 PM  

u remembered everyone's name but not me.. sigh.. sad*

Adelene 3:58 PM  

u remembered everyone's name but not me.. sigh.. sad*

Alex 2:15 AM  

aiyo... lene lene faham faham d la.. what for need to say d. Muax. (those thanks are for friends ma.. lene lene also not considered 'friend' blek)

Adelene 11:22 PM  

ish... not fair not fair. play cheat one! hehehe.. i aso got the word ends with friend le.. hehehe :P:P anyway hope u like ur christmas present. really dunno what to buy for u..

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