Not a sin to do that once a while right? Wait, there`s more.

Damm, I love this function. I didn`t know my phone can let me take 4 pictures in one.

Yea, and we took all this in the train. Very pda. :P

To be fair... the train was rather empty. Lala

Exams rant - you know it`s coming.

I thought last semester was bad. This is worst. I also have this fear of short semester. Why? Because we only have 2 subject this semester. Not to say it`s bad, but it`s scary. Once you screwed up one subject, your gpa is gone.

Last year, it was bad. I was extremely worried about calculus because my coursework mark was about 40/50 (80%) . Really closed to a B. Luckly, I scrap it through. This year, it`s dreadful. Much lower than last year, and the finals this time, will be dificult.

One reason is because a subject is an art subject. Draw draw and draw. Even with ulimited time, my drawing scored an average of 70%. And I need to score 87.5% to compensate my horrible coursework. Mind you, no one ever scored that high in finals. In fact, no one ever completed the finals in this subject.

Might as well say good bye to my scholarship. I do hope that they will excuse one dreadful semester.

Christmas and the Flood.

Among my friends, there were very few that was affected by the flood. To most, it’s just another disaster that had little or no concern at all. Though, I’m living in Malacca, the flood does not affect me much either. MMU is located on high grounds, so are the residential areas around it.

For those victims of the flood, a lot of felt that Christmas was rob from them. All the Christmas decoration, Christmas tree, Christmas present were scattered and destroyed. Open house and invitations were canceled and all preparation was for nothing.

However, this year, more than ever, I felt the Christmas Spirit is present. With flood destroyed so many things, gone were all dramas, hypocrisy and acting. When I read the newspaper yesterday, I nearly cried. I was happy.

In spite of all hardship, losses were turn into appreciation, celebration turned into sacrifices. Look at how many people who have actually turn up to lend a helping hand. MCA youth canceled their Christmas party, and went to help the flood victims. Some other groups of people, instead of celebrating at home, went to the centers and celebrate with them.

Christmas celebrates Jesus`s birth. We give presents to celebrate the spirit of giving, a reminder of God’s gift to humanity ( he send Jesus to die for mankind). With so much people trying to commercialize Christmas, it’s starting to lose it’s meaning. That’s why I was really happy when I learn that there are people out there, still celebrates, the true meaning of Christmas. Definitely a good reminder for the people all around, and for me.

Happy Birthday Jesus.

(p:s : I would like to thank all those who take the time and sent some greetings. It meant a lot to me. Thank you, Ching Yee, Amran, Jeff, Sully, Jan Sen, Pei Nee, Eli, Wei Pin, Fuk Fui, Claire, Aaron, Adrian, Vivian, Angel, Ivan, Ai Jen, Melanie, Aqtar, Faiz, Uncle Francis,Aunty Rose, Grace, and those whose name`s not on my phone, so I don`t know who you are. Lol. Arigato.)

Wishlist - it`s christmas after all

It`s been raining in Malacca. A lot! To be exact, we haven really seen the sun since Monday. It`s the 4th day now of perpetual rain. Alas, it finally flooded!

I was wondering yesterday. With so much rain, how come there isn`t any flood. Then again, I was living on the highlands. Sure enough, everywhere else was flooded. Tsk tsk. What more horrible is that so many roads were closed till the Malacca`s Bus Station have cease it`s operation. (and I heard the bus station itself was flooded)

You know what that means? I HAVE TO STAY HERE IN MALACCA FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!
Gosh, and I thought things couldn`t have been much worst for me. To make myself happy, I`m going to act really childish. I`ll now put a up wish list and imagine that I received all these gift magically.

I want....

1) A good earphone. I heard those really really good ones can cost up to RM 800.
2) A basketball
3) A 512mb DDR 1 ram
4) A handphone with superb camera.
5) or a super slim camera will do. (without compromising it`s quality)
6) A grand piano! mwahahahahaha]
7) A new printer.
8) Since no one will buy me a grand piano, I`ll settle for a keyboard instead.
9) A squash racquet
10) An umbrella, since it rains so much.

If you just realised, I don`t have an umbrella. So I`m soaking wet every time I goes to campus and back. Please stop raining already.. I want to go back for Christmas.. *stumps feet

Christmas on Ice

I loved ice skating. The ice rink, is one of those places that allows you to escape the horror of Malaysia`s extreme temperature. When I stop skating in form 3, due to my parents you-will-fail-PMR-if-you-ice-skate argument , I never skate much anymore. It was a decision which I definitely regret.

Actually, since the skating rink in Mines Wonderling closed down, I`ve never skate anymore. The only place left to skate is Pyramid. I hated that place. Why?

1) It inacessable. Takes 2 train trip, a bus ride and a freaking 2 hours to get there. With another 2 hours to get back, you wouldn`t have time to skate.

2) Even if you have ur own transport, the traffic jam will kill you.

3) Once you escape the traffic jam on the road, you`ll have to suffer the human jan in the rink. It`s freaking conjested.

4) You know how traffic police are just horrible, the ppl working for Pyramid Ice are worst. They are just the most rude, unfriendly, conceited and dumb Indians I ever met. Yes, there are ALL coincidentally, Indians.

And I have to pay 20 ringgit, just to suffer all that. To my dissapointment, my skating shoe`s blade have gone blunt thus I can`t use it anymore. I can`t jump, nor spin, nor practically do anything with the rental skates. Sharpening cost 50 bucks and I`m not spending any more cash on this stupid place.

So we just cam whore and make the best out of it.

The one thing I enjoyed was the ice skating show that they conduct to attract more people. Apprarently, they managed to invite the best pair skater in SE Asia, and the 8 time champion of Austrialia.

Wish I could skate like them. Jealous-nya

Modern Science found God?

When I saw the title of that talk, I was half expecting bullshits. The other half of me was curious, just in case something made sense came up. That`s why I went. I earlier half was right. It was pure crap.

He started with 'the speed of light'. Saying that speed of light is the ultimate speed. But if a UFO for example, moves at 0.8 c (speed of light) and shines a light.. won`t that be 1.8c. According to Newton`s, it should be correct, but light is the ultimate speed and thus, it`s wrong.

And he link it to God by saying, that because the foundation of science is wrong, therefore, science saying God doesn`t exist is wrong. WHAT BOLLOCKS IS THAT!!!! First of all, science never stated God doesn not exist. What a lousy way to start his speech.

Then he goes on talking about photons. I`m not going to post his entire speech here. But, in 30 minutes, he misrepresented Einstein`s theory of relativity, insulted him, and fooled the entired hall of people. There is just so many contradictions and false interpretation that I can spend 2 hours condemming how stupid he is and still wouldn`t be satisfied.

The only thing thing that made sense that night was how he attributed existance to God. The whole argument of the beginning of the universe and the point of singularity. Even that it`s contentious. But nevertheless made sense.

At the end of the day, I had two questions for him.

I always believed the same thing too. That the very fact of existance means that there must be creation and creation can only comes from God. However, if you take a step back, try pondering upon this. If one can accept that God existed, without time. He`s the beggining and he`s the end, then why not the universe. Why can`t people accept that it`s just there.

Why do people seek to prove God`s existance so much. Isn`t faith means believing. If I say 1 + 1 =2. Does it takes faith for you to believe me? So what if God exist? Will you only then start living a moral and just life?

Maybe you should ponder upon these questions too.

Enough is enough

I never thought I would ever do this.

It was a very normal tuesday ; 3-5pm ; property of material class. The lecturer kept talking to himself because no one could listen to him. The class were making noise (as usual) and for the hundreth time, the lecturer ask the class to keep quiet. The lecturer kept talking to himself because no one could listen to him. He then went around, ask everyone, any questions..

And at that point, I was so sick of his action, I raise up my hand. I spoke.

" Sir, to be perfectly honest, I don`t understand a word you say since the day I attended your class, and I believe more than half the class felt the same way too. You mumbled you way throught, the slides on the screen weren`t clear, and the students had gave up trying to guess what you are teaching. "

He then probably thought I`m must be some dumb idiot who keep failing in class and he tried to squeeze his entire 2 hours worth of lecturer in 5 minute and explain it to me.

He just doesn`t get it... I then later went on

" Sir, I`ve been scoring mostly 4.0 for my exams since I came here last year. It doesn`t shows that I`m smart, but it proves that I do care what I`m suppose to know and learn and have the capability to do so. I`ve seen lecturers teach and everyone in class pays attention... without uttering a single word. The only reason why people make noise in your class is because no one knows what you are saying. '

'Now, if I tried my best and couldn`t understand your lecture, and not one person I know understand either... then there is something very wrong with the way you teach. Like how before you talk about diffusion rate changes the solidification process, you should first talk about difussion. And when you speak.... make ur words clear. Until you do something about it , you can go round asking people to keep quiet for the rest of your life, people won`t be bothered. "

My friend said, why don`t just sign and leave the class. Why bothered. True, I could have study on my own, and probably still get a credit for the subject. But that would be totaly unfair for him, for not knowing that the whole class does not bother listening to him, and for us students, who paid to learn something from these lectures.

After all these , the lecturer somehwhat get what I said, but part of him refuse to accept that he totaly sux teaching. I just realised I did something totaly pointless. Nothing`s going to change for sure... he couldn`t and wouldn`t do anything about it. All I did was to make a fool out of myself, and wasted 2 minutes of the class`s time.

Why couldn`t I be just an average joe. Go to class, go back, do your revision, and graduate. Why make all the fuss when it`s futile. Why push the wall when you know you can`t move it. Alex, you`re just an idiot, hands down.

Prep for Care Club`s Christmas Charity Drive

Tomorrow is the day. We`re done so much up until now. Week after week of collecting junks (cloths, books etc etc) and tomorrow we`re going to sell them all. Yesterday and today was even more crazy. We sorted the items and decorated the booth. The workload is overwhelming. We started at 10am- and ended at 10pm. (that includes lunch and dinner though )

We decorate...

and decorate

till a point where Siew gave up and think he`s a cat.

no... that`s not Siew.. this is him.

We constuct our very own arch, decorated 3 partition, 8 tables, and build one snow man.

(yes, it was dark by the time we finish.. 10pm mate)

For now.. it`s empty.. I hope tomorrow it will be something like this..

All the best I hope.... it`s for the orphanages and the needy.. Christmas is a lovely time indeed :)

Phillippine momments

*warning... many many pictures. Don`t load this with a 56k modem.

The debating scene.

This, is the MMU Melaka contingent
Haque, Huan Ren, Suria, Alex, Adelene, Melanie

The mountains of Baguio.

This is the place where we spend nearly 1 week of our time, debating, enjoying. It resembles a lot like Cameron Highlands. Except, the temperature drops a little more during the night. Once, it reached 8 degrees C.

some unknown places around the mountains

The Botanical Garden

Party night, in our hotel room. Invited random people. And a choir turn up..

MMU Cyberjaya, De La Salle University and the Philippines Military Academy`s Contingent.

I suppose it is an enyoable experience after all...

USM - Achery Intervarsity Tournament

That`s the distance of our shooting target. 30 meter. The bow we are using are wooden bow, some say it`s beginner`s bow. The maximum range for it is 50 meter.

To me, 30 meter is in fact, quite far away. To my surprise, before my event, people are contesting for 70 meter, using an advance bow. The difference between a begginer`s bow and an advance bow is the maximum tension it holds. The former should be below 30, the latter about 40 pounds. 40 pounds!! that`s about 20 kg. Imagine firing an arrow, round after round, having to strain 20kg using your triseps, and support the bow and the weight using ur left wrist.

But the suprise is not that. The best archer of the whole tournament, is a girl. Beating a guy who`s a sukma player by 10 points. Imagine that. I always had in mind that guys are superior over girls in sports, particularly sports involving strenght and stamina. Maximum respect to that girl. Almost everyone pretended that their ears deceive them and or the speaker announce it wrongly when the scores was released. The scoring sheet proves it though.

I on the other hand, being the junior of MMU Melaka achery team, didn`t do quite well. I was sent to team A with the best acher`s in the club. Why I was there, I don`t know. I just know that I`m now really pressure to do well. Well, compared to team B, I did relatively ok, having higher marks and position than most of the achers there. However, compared to everyone, I was in the bottom half. Our team ended up in 4th place though. Yet, somehow, I don`t feel so guilty because even if my marks were as good as the best acher in my club, we would remain in the same position. The top 3 teams were just too good.

At 30 meters, they consistantly hit the bullseye, 10 and 9 points (the yellow circle). While I on the other hand, was having cold feet and unable to aim calmly. Resulting a few arrow missing the board entirely. My teamates screwed up a few arrorws too. Bah, if only we can collect them and shoot again....

All ended well though. An experience is needed, and it`s an experience I had. From now, I`ll train harder. Next year, MMU Melaka will top the list.

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