Why I hate stupid lecturers.

Over the months, my respect for lecturers have gone down to the drains. Not all of them though. There are still a fraction of them which I held them with great respect. I`m talking about those few who sux.

To a certain extend, I don`t really mind lecturer that can`t really teach that well, but there know what there are doing. Which means, there are probably really good engineers but not a good teacher. That I can still tolerate. What piss me off is when I get lecturers, who are these so called Masters and even PHD holders, but don`t even know the basics of the subject they teach.

I always have at least one of these type of lecturer in my class every semester. They teach the class something stupid and wrong, then I`ll have to spend 10 minutes argueing that they are teaching the wrong thing. And to proof you how stupid they are, they don`t even realised their mistake after I proof to them and tell them why they are wrong. Even an average student who sits beside me understands when I go through such extend of explanation.

The lecturer will then check the answer, come back to me tomororw, say that I`m right, and do nothing about it. This whole notion pisses me off not because I want to proof that I`m smart and they are dumb. It`s the very fact that they are lecturers. That means, whatever they teach, affects 200 students in the class. Which means, they must be 100% sure of what they are teaching and make sure it`s right.

And what really really dissapoints me is that after I went through all these trouble, of making sure the lecturer teaching the class the right thing, I told my friends that the lecturers answer is wrong, here the correct working. Guess what`s their reply. They say it doesn`t matter. Because whatever the lecturer teach, if I follow him, even if it`s wrong, I can`t be penalised for it since they thought us so.

The students, they don`t care whether they are doing the right thing. They don`t even care if the theories are flawed. All they care is about passing their exams and their stupid GPA. Why am I such a fool to even make an effort to change that. Alex, you`re an idiot. Sit quietly in class from now on. Baka baka baka......


Anonymous 10:10 AM  

hey relax.. u know i had a lecturer like that once earlier this year, i was so frustrated with her that towards the 2nd half of the semester i sorta gave up trying to correct her and just sat quietly ignoring her during class. previously if i tried to correct her, she'd scold me and say "lu tada otak kah?" (she was THAT bad)... in the end I got A- for that course; which screwed up my gpa for that sem. my other classmates didn't really bother so much whether she was right or wrong, they were more concerned about their own grades. so i was the only one left to make any formal complaints to the management. so... anyway... what counts is what you know, what you understand, and there are some things you just can't change... this is part of life.

Alex 1:03 AM  

i guess :) but i`ll probably be the same.

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