What happen the rest of the days....

Well, in simple words, debate`s over, loads of party, loads of alcohol, very uncomfortable sleeping night, very crampy bed, yet, very enjoyble trip.

Quite a number of things happened throughout the trip. Not all were pleasent. In fact, many were not pleasent. But for the sake of happy memories, I decided not to blog them.

Anyway, while partying on the last day of the debating championship, my friend told me that some one though I was gay. The horrible thing is, that is not the first time I`ve heard that.

In fact, a significant number of ppl had ask me the same question in the past. Damm.. do I even look gay? some say I do...

Do I act gay? some say I do also. Undeniably, I do have some traits that ought to belong to the feminist character. i.e

1) I used to enjoy talking on phone... for hours...
2) I cry a lot.. at least too much for a guy.
3) I`m emotional.. very emotional at times.

Oh well, fine what even you want to see me as. As long as I know I`m not, and Adelene of cuz, everything`s ok :) Besides.. being gays is not so bad. mwahaha.. at least I won a debate with motions involving gays.


Adel 3:19 PM  

lol... i think its because u mix with gals too often d. :P hahaha.

Sparks 1:56 PM  

Hey alex, thanks for the SPM wishes, I'll keep that in mind.

Hmm...Metrosexual, yes. Gay? No.
But who am I to say that, Lol.

Adel 2:09 PM  

what???? lol

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