To Melaka, and a new sem

Last semester was a horrible one. At least academic wise.

As expected, I didn`t get an A for the subject that Anal guy thought. Yet, if I follow the principle that I`ve been holding, then there is no reason for me to feel sad. For his subject, there is 3 mid term, 6 test and one final exam. That`s 10 exams in 3 months.

I`ve missed two of them, without replacement, because he refuse to give, even with valid reason and permission from him himself. But even that, it should be ok. Why I didn`t get a B. Because I didn`t do his work. Why I can still score other subject with (A+ mind you) with the same atitiude but not his? Simple.. cuz he`s anal.

Let me give you an idea what I meant. In my 10 test, I only had 2 mistake... but most of them, I got it correct. Meaning, there is no ' X ' in my paper.. But, he minus more than 20% every paper because he felt the working wasn`t enough.

Often it happens like this. The question ask you to give the force of a beam. He expect you, not only to give the force, but the draw the force, tell the direction, and give the nature of that beam. Seriously, at least if you want that, tell it in the question.

Well, no one to blame.. at least, I knew what I was doing and that should matters. Though, frankly speaking, I`m still quite sad for getting a B+. It`s been quite sometime since I`ve gotten a B, and I never like those time either.

Maybe next semester, till then, I pray that I won`t get the same lecturer again.

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