With so many events coming up, I have to sacrifice some. I really want to go all of them. And some of the best events are up this weekend. All in this weekend.

1) Watersports having a camp at Pulau Besar. It would be really nice, if I have friends to go with, and time to spare. To be fair, I knew some one who ask me to go... the only problem is I can`t.

2) Cyber Debate Camp. Gosh, I can`t believe I`m going to miss this one. This is horrible... I`m sure they`re going to finish all the alcohol which they bought in the Phillippines.

3) Wushu Training Camp. It`s more like, lets go together to do beach and kick some ass kind of trip. Kick ass and in really kicking. I`m not so sure if they`re not out of their mind, but last I heard is they really plan to storm the beach and practice wushu there. Something like you see in the endings of those Wong Fei Hong movies.

The reason why I can`t go to any of them. I had to go around Bukit Beruang to collect stuff for donation this weekend. I wanted to run away, but I can`t cuz I`m the one that suggest this activity and currently now the director. Ish...... Menyesal.. but what can I do... responsibility is responsibility. Hopefully it`ll turn out great :) I`m sure we can have fun in our own ways....

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