I want a laptop.

I`m shopping for a laptop now. Why? Because class are extremely bored. Really really really bored. I`m always sitting at the corner, alone, staring and wondering why am I still in class, in every lecture.

A more logical excuse will be that I want to read my lecturer notes in my laptop because it`s too expensive and too much of a hassle to print them. Though of course, this excuse doesn`t not worth rm 3000. So I guess, the first reasons holds more truth.

Anyway, the specs. I`m looking for ;

- at least a centrino with 1.8 ghz or better.
- a decent graphic card.
- 1ghz of ram.
- 14.1 inch lcd
- no heavier than 2.5kg

That`s all. Isn`t it simple. There`s loads of notebooks that could match this spec. The only problem is that it could not match the price I`m willing to offer.. lol. I`m broke you see. I want to spend only about 2k :) Currently, I had one in mind.. will see about it. But having a laptop will be really nice :) and convinient. I could now do all my work in campus without having to run to CITS or the Library for computer.

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