Anime obsession

I`m watching too much anime. As a result, I have none to watch anymore... ish....

Maybe it`s a good thing. Last week, I spend an average 6 hours watching them. Rewatch Naruto, Ruruoni Kenshin and Full Metal Alchemist. What happen then is this, I skipped 6 hours of classes, didn`t get enough sleep, and a back ache.

There is a tiring sem. There is so much work to do. For academic, I found out that tutorials now carry marks. Means, I have to do them... and of all things, it`s Engineering Graphics. This is nightmare, I can`t freaking draw..... Maybe I`ll ask Adelene to do them for me.. .hee hee hee

What really took a toll from me is the club activities. Directing an event for Care Club for this semester and Chess Club for the next. I haven`t even really start preperation for the Open Chess Tournament yet, and I`ve been busy with Care Club. This not to mention a number of other events which I was pulled into as committee.

Sometimes I really wonder, why do I join so many things. Is it because I have no life ; ie no friends to play dota with, no friends to go out for lunch and dinner, no one to sit with in class.... that`s why I resort in joining so many activities, to seek out people who I can click with. Or is it because it`s in my nature that I just want to do everything. Or is it both?

Whatever is it, a commitment is a commitment. Since I`m in already, I shall do what I need to do, as much as I can with all my effort. I`m sure I`ll pull this through. Just settle everything.. one by one.. and everything will be ok..... I hope.

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