Those days..

Some how, examination periods are times where I have too much free time, but I can`t use them. I mean, there are no classes... I can`t go anywhere because it`s exams, I can`t do anything..... Usually, ppl study at this momments..... usually.

I of cuz, could hardly follow the norm. I almost give up... studying for the sake of studying. Something that I was very agaisnt last time. But really, I don`t feel like doing anything. I felt lifeless on my first day of exams... I can`t even feel nervous in examination. It seems that these days are so much difference from those days...

I remember times where examinations are a good thing because it means, no homeworks, no class, and rewards for scoring good grades......

I remember that I`ll study 2 or 3 weeks earlier before the exams to make sure I score.

I remember , I use to go tuition because I felt classes in school are not enough... (nowadays, I skipped class)

I remember then, I actually look forward to go to school.

I remember laughing in class, joking.. poking Elizabeth and disturbing everyone else.

I remember annoying Aqtar, (the head prefect) so much, that he finally lost his patient and hit me.. which is fun :)

I remember stealing 'smarties' and 'holicks' from Ei leen, Chermayn and Tracy in Miss Lee`s tuition .

I remember capturing Pei Nei using Jane`s mobile phone and she always tries to avoid it.

I remember the days when I was actually happy when I wake up early in the morning.. and say, today will be a better day.

I remember going to church twice a day, and was very proud of it.

I remember going pasar malam on tuesday nights with Jo-n, and visit Bobby ( it`s a dog) where I`ll play with him for an hour.

I remember those days, I don`t hate myself.

I wanted so bad.. to go back.... but I can`t... and I won`t....
life have to move on... or does it?

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