SMU IV - Singapore

This is what SMU IV was all about.

52 teams, lots of Indians, and cute chicks.

Forget about the 3rd one. Though there is quite a few of them :P

Lots of good teams participated. SMU have 9 participating teams with half of them breaking into the Semi. The other participating Unis are, NTU, NUS, TP, MMU Cyber, DLSU (Philippines), MUIC, (Thailand), NLS, (India).
Another thing to note is that, non of the MMU team broke (including cyber), which should give you a fair idea on the level of the debaters there. BTW, for all those who doesn`t know, I`ve never heard of any IV that MMU cyber have never break before.

These are the motions.
Round 1 - THS learn to stop worrying and love North Korea`s bomb.
-duh.. so lame.. so predictable...

Round 2 - THW criminalise genocide denials.
-also lame..

Round 3 - THW will make World of Warcraft players rejoin the real world.
- WILZ!! I SO HOPE YOU READ THIS... i laugh my ass out when the motion was released, though the debate sux because the round I was adjuricating, the opening goverment don`t even know that this is an online game.. sigh...

Round 4 - THW tie development aid to the establishment of micro credit financing
- Now tell me, anyone knows about micro credit financing? :P -

Semifinals - THBT ASEAN should use sanctions to control polution.
- Haze haze and more haze-

Finals - THW use shame as punishment.
- Shell and it`s evil dead in Nigeria-

Well, it was a great IV in general. Had pretty much fun in cyber`s company. Alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol. Dale made me drink half a bottle of Long Island in one glup. Shame to admit, it does make me a little tipsy, yet, I wasn`t drunk, or at least I thought so. Had more alcohol after that mwahaahaha...

Can`t wait for Phillipines :)

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