Phillippines !!!!

I`m paying 5 bucks to do blog this :P

Gosh, If I`m sober now, I probably won`t do this.
Anyway, this is day 1 and day 2.

We arrive at Clark Field yesterday, about 70 km from Manila. We went there because Air Asia only flies there and not Manila. So we stayed there for one day.

We walk around in the nite, and saw the red light district. We had Jollybee (mcdonalds equivalent) for dinner, and lunhean ( smoke bbq pork ) for supper. Gosh, the pork was so good.... wish I had more. The inn we`re staying on the other hand, was terrible. The facility in general was satisfying. THe bed was nice, the air con was nice, the TV have the whole set of Astro`s channel.. but, the water smells like rust. It was so bad that we don`t even dare to wash our hands with it. We used mineral water to brush our teeth and wash our face in the morning. None of us took bath that day.

The next day, we went back to the airport to meet guys from Cyberjaya. Then we headed to Manila, which is 2 hours away. Took another 2 hours to settle on our accomodation. Fought our the price for quite sometime before we finally come to a truce. Nonetheless, it`s a little expensive. Roughly about 18 ringgit per person per night. And that`s cramming 5 person to 2 beds... gah

We went out for dinner and sosials in the night. The dinner was superb. We called a few dished, namely sisig, calamaries, some lamb thing and vegetable. Everyone of them taste better than anything I had in Melaka. Superb Superb.... and the beer here is cheap. really cheap. Big Boy made us to play some games that challenge the Melaka`s contingent versus Cyber`s contingent for a beer drinking challenge. Guess what, the Melaka contingent, who never really drink before, won the cyber`s contingent. WE had Suria, Melanie and Adelene who drank like a Indian! (wait, Suria is an Indian)

Anyway we are all half drunk now as I`m blogging this :P glad that I still make sense ill now. Or did I ? :P


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