The mooncake celebration without any mooncake,

Yea yea, call it an excuse if you want. I just want to take a break from the exams, and celebrate with the rest, before we go back for the holidays. Who knows... maybe something happen in Phillipines and I won`t.... (shhhh! choi!!)

Anyway... this will be my last entry before I go to Singapore. Hopefully, I can make another entry when I get back next Monday before I leave for Phill. on Tuesday.

Back to the lanterns. Well basically these are the pictures. Dechiper yourself what happened.

Those the nature of this celebration is rather tradisional, the method we use are totaly opposite. For example, we use the gas stove to start the fire instead of using fire started and smoked urself to death. Then of cuz, we didn`t fan the fire.. we brought a fan to the fire instead. We have the fire that we needed (actually, a little more than we need), in no time. The only problem later is food becomes carbon faster that putting a chicken wing on the scwer.

Nice and enjoyable day though. Really glad it went well. Thanks guys. See ya all next semester.


Terri 5:52 AM  

Celebrated mooncake with my housemates too.It was simple, but we create our own fun.Walked around the taman fantasizing over mansions.

Glad u had fun too!

Alex 9:45 PM  

but when other ppl from other house looked at us.. hee.. so pai seh

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