Money money money - they`re all gone.

There is so many things I wanted to blog about yesterday. But my computer broke down... of all time. This month is probably the poorest month. Actually, I said that last month.....

My power supplied burn, and I replace not only a power supply, I bought a DVD burner as well. Which is really, I don`t knwo why, except to back up my 3gigg worth of pictures. So, that`s 200 bugs(bucks) burn...

Then as soon as my exam finishes on Thursday, I`ll leave for Singapore on Friday. What for? The same thing.. bleh... Will be back from SIngapore on Sunday or Monday and then on Tuesday will leave for Philippines... for the same reason.

Don`t ask how much the cost.. I`m afraid to know myself. Looking at my bank account decreasing from 4 digit to 3 digit.....Want to cry.. :( I could have bought 2 new computers! or a laptop....

Actualy I really wanted a laptop.. so I can carry it around to play Dota.... but.. already spend so much. The only consolation I hope to get is that I`ll enjoy Philippines... please.. let it be good. Or let me win or something :P Wink.

*PS. I do hope I`ll find internet access there, or not, there won`t be update for another half a month. Will only be back on the 1st of Nov.

For now, I need to play more game... ops.. study for applied statics... ciow :)

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