Day 3 to day 7

It`s been a while since I update. There`s so much to tell but I`m just to lazy to blog. I`ll keep it simple.

Day 3
Spended the whole day looking for a shopping complex called Robinson. We literally went from one end of Metro Manila till the other..then back again. Because everytime we ask directions, we are directed to a supermarket called Robinson, not the Mall itself. Grrr. It was until 8 hours later till we finally reach there, by horse. Yeap, horse.... We travel through this means across the city. It was quite fast though, considering the fact that all the other cars were stuck in the jam.
Later in the nite, we spend our time in a bar with live band and all. Order about 10 pitcher of Zombie *a mixture of juice, rums and some cocktails.

Being MMU, we went down to the stage and start dancing. Less than 15 minutes after we do so everyone started filling up the area and we were left with no place to even shake our ass. Losers... we dance you dance... hump.

Day 4
Went sparring with Ateneo De Manila University. The university there is great. They have like chapels in every wing, giving 3 masses a day, and a centralised church in the middle. Wow... Even my church don`t have 3 masses a day. They have more chapels and churches in the university than the whole of Kajang town. lol

We wanted to spar with De La Salle. But when we arrive at 8.30pm, it`s a little too late as we have to head to Baguio at midnight, by bus. We met them though, as a sign of courtesy. I mean after all the arrangement, we can`t just say 'bye, we got a bus to catch" and ciow. So, we had dinner together and we went to the bus station. Waited at the bus station for nearly 2 hours. How we spend the time there? We sang. Sang every single song we can think of. English songs, Chinese songs... we just sang and sang regardless of everybody that`s around. And off we left for Baguio.

Day 5
Arrive Baguio at 6am in the morning. It`s already bright by then. (sun sets at 6pm). It was quite cold up here (Baguio is in the mountains, something like Cameron Highlands), but I certainly expect it to be colder. Rather dissapointed. Oh well.. To compensate that, we had a nice hotel. The best in Baguio mind you. The rooms are like president`s suit. Superb. Really really nice. I`ll post up the pictures once I get back to Malaysia.

Day 6
We went for a local tour with the other debators. Visited Tam Am Village and the Phillippines Military Academy. There was nothign much, except for some really weird names and carving such as Fertality Hut (yea, the Hut you use to ahem), and some cravings that resembels a male organ. There call it the door bell. The miliatary academy was a nice place to walk around. There have really nice sceneray of the surrounding area, such as the mountains. What I really like is their obstacle course. It had everything, from rope bridge, to rope swing, comander crawl, etc etc. They say that they`ll have to do this every single day. How fun is that :)

At the end of the day, we debated one round and we headed home. Everyone was pretty tired but yet, refuse to give in. We chilled at the lobby, pulling everyone who passes by to drink. We got University of Baguio`s choir to sing us a song. Gosh, there can really sing.... superb.. really really nice. I missed choir in a way though. sigh.

Day 7.
Had 3 rounds today. Really really tired, but here am I blogging. Would really like to whin about the motions.. There are all so Phillippino centric. I mean, the motions are like "This house regrets Jose Rizal`s place of pride in the Phillipino consciences." Uhh... I don`t even know much about him. And this Phippines people study about him in their curriculor. Nevertheless, we debated though and we got through. 3 more rounds to go. I`m so tired.. I want to go back :(

to be continue..

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