Pure Bar

Going to a bar in town, at 11pm, on a weekday, on a tueday night, on a day where I have class at 8am the next morning, on the eve of applied statics exam.... is a little bit bizzare..but..nvm.. I hate studying anyway. (Wilz, stop chanting) - the rest, pls ignore this.

I never knew what`s the point of going to a bar/disco/pub. If it`s in the movies, that`s the place where singles (even married) usually get to pick up some hot chicks and ahem.. Since I`ve no intention in doing so.. what`s the point of going to a bar??

Have it not for Sujj bday, I`ll definetly opt out. I`m glad I didn`t though. The one thing that made the trip yesterday worth it was the band that`s perfoming. I`m not suprise that they are not Malaysian. (yea, it`s stereotyping, but the street band in Malaysia really sux). Apparently most, or all of the members of that band are Philipinos. All of them can sing really well, and the guitarist is superb. My short term idol. :P

I just love it when he sang an Indonesian song. THAT song.. (refering to Peterpan`s Mungkin Bila Nanti). Sujj was like, HE SPEAKS BM!!!! haha....

Apart from that, Alcohol is good... beer on the other hand, though alcoholic, it sux. Really sux. Ordered a bucket, and shared it with a few ppl. With much effort, I finish my bottle. And guess what, some stranger from other table suddenly offer another bottle to me. !!!! Out of courtesy, I accepted and chat for a while, b4 running back to my own table and quickly pass the rest half of the beer to Dale.

At the end of the day, I had nearly 2 bottles of beer, and tried a few cocktails. I stole most of them from the girls because all of them have a free drink from the bar. See, it`s so nice to be a gal. Left Pure about 2 am. Sujj was drunk.. kekeke.

* I got my new electric guitar today...hee..will blog about it later as I`ll be going to Kelantan tomorrow night. Might blog from Kelantan, if there`s internet access. Till then :)


Anonymous 1:35 PM  

Wah so fast blog d bout that.... sheesh... *malu* now people now i was drunk the other day... :P

Kenot blog la, no net here.... grrrr

Anonymous 6:23 AM  

stay cool dude... if u dont drink... keep hating it... once u fall in love with beer... u will get big tummy like me... hahaha.... n it will cost u a lot of bucks...

Anonymous 6:24 AM  

and btw... thanks for telling... now i knoe suj is a drunkard... hahaha...

Anonymous 12:25 AM  

Shhhh....don't tell anyone sumore

Alex 3:36 AM  

lol.... shhhhh.. after sujj boycott me

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