MMU Closed Rapid Chess Tournament.

Response wasn`t as good as I expected, but was substantial enough to run a tournament.
Since I`m directing this event, I couldn`t join.. All I do is,

- answer people`s question and complains
- write down the scores
- settle computerise pairings manually because it screwed up.

Basically, doing all the rubbish work. These are a few shots which I took during the tourney.

a) Adelene boasting her first win of the tournament. :P

b) Playing tic-tac toe (is it spelled 'toe'?) cuz we`re too bored.

c) actually it`s not tic-tac toe....

And that`s about it.. yea.. lame lame.. It`s chess.. what do you expect.
At least the fun part is that, we had steamboat at night. :)

* that`s Su Wang wondering why fish balls are round...

I know, I know.. it`s nice.. nyeh nyeh.. making u hungry.


Adel 12:39 AM  

hey! why din u post up the picture of me getting my 2nd win in the tournament wor.. i really won jeffrey tat point u know unlike the 1st one. hahaa. :p

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