The law of nature?

Hours ago, in the midst having the busiest time of this week, Claire message me. Usually, I`ll be rather happy to hear from Claire, but not this time.

When Claire visited me in last month, she told me about her new rabbits. Yea those cute creatures with long long ears.

I like rabbits very much..... my grandmother like rabbits very much too... she likes it so much.. especially if it`s serve with soup.

And one of my rabbits I rear long ago was probably in her stomach already.. (she owns the rabbits.. loads of them.. it`s a bunny business)

Anyway.. back to what happened...

Claire`s cute bunny got murdered by a cat. It was horrible.... (now after listening to my grandmother story, you might not think so anymore). I mean what Cat eats rabbit. That`s so totaly wrong. At worst Brownball (the brown one) looks like a hamster... not a rat.. Then again, if my dog chase rats (all the time)... i guess nothing is impossible.

To be very honest, I`m much more concerned about Claire than her rabbits. True, I whine up and down how her rabbit is cute, and I want them, and I can`t wait to see them. In fact, I already planed to visit them since I`m going back to Kajang this coming week. But right now, the one that really suffers is her.

She loved those bunnies so so much. (read her blog, you know what I meant, And imagine her, being at the very scene, witness this horrible turn of event.

Knowing that you lost something and never going to see it again, definetly hurts a lot. One will come to a point where you`ll try not to remember them because it hurts so much, but at the same time, you don`t want to forget it.

If it were up to me, I`ll choose to remember them, even though it hurts. Simply because I want the happy moments to go, even at the cost of being sad. But rest assure.... time is the best medicine. Eventually, the pain will go away, and only the sweetest momments will stay. Claire, I know you`ll be sad and nothing anyone can do will make you any happier. Just to let you know, your friends care a lot about you, and for that reason.. you should cheer up.


Claire 2:23 PM  

Thanks alex thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks..........

I really really really appreciate this post.... made me feel much better after reading..... thanks....

i was so distraught after the incident that i messaged u, sorry i didn't know u were so busy at the time....

seeing that picture makes me miss him even more... omg... and ur right i want to forget but at the same time i want to remember him forever.... he was really special, despite what ppl might say , ah, it's just a rabbit, anytime can buy new one... but it's not true... he was really special to me... :(

i was contemplating whether i should forgive the cat.... but... no, i don't think so... he killed both bunnies... viciously some more... left one to bleed to death and ate the other one up... I see that cat roaming around with a big fat belly now and i really want to catch it and whack the hell outta it but i dunno how to catch cats... quite difficult.

anyway, thanks a lot :)

Alex 1:30 AM  

buy you a cat soft toy so you can wack till you puas :P

claire 9:31 PM  

good idea

claire 9:32 PM  

good idea

claire 9:32 PM  

good idea

claire 9:33 PM  

oops. ter click the submit button too many times. sowwwee.

i really hate cats.

did i mention i really hate cats?

oh. I really hate cats.

Alex 12:22 AM  

lol... buy u a cute adorable cat?

claire 12:34 PM  

aiyah. better don't. cos i might be tempted to really whack it and mutilate it and burn it up and i wouldn't want to do that to a present from you.


i still hate cats.

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