Keeping things in mind...

I wish I can upgrade my brain like a cpu adds an aditional 1gb ram. I constantly have things to remember in my head, and even worst, I ALWAYS forgets them.

I lost my pendrive which makes my life even more miserable.

Right now, I have to keep these things in mind, at least for the next 2 weeks.

1) Finish EET lab report.
2) Go FMD to settle the 100 chairs and tables thing for the chess tournament.
3) Remember the date for the chess tournament..
4) Go to Stad to inform a change of schedule that stupid tournament.
5) Go book CLC cuz Finance taking over our current publicity spot.
6) Remember to study for a test on Wednesday night.
7) Remember to ask Steven for the Robotics guide book which I missed in all 4 of their seminars.
8) Go collect my Saman ticket at security.
9) Remember to inform the SRC, club members, and everyone else about the tournament.
10 ) Remember to pack my stuff after the exam on Wednesday night to go to Kelantan on Thursday.
11) Remember why I`m going to Kelantan. (yea.. I might forget)
12) Remember that my cloths is being piled up for 1 and a half week.
13) Remember above all, Finals is coming in 2 week`s time.

oh ya, I remembered that it`s Terri`s bday today, and Sujj`s tomororow.. So Happy Birthday to both of you :)


Sujj 11:20 PM  

Hehe, thanx :)

Terri 2:19 AM  

thanks lots Alex :D Have lotsa fun ya. take care!

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