Birthday? it hold no more importance... not anymore.

23 hours, 10 minutes to go.

I remember the times where I`ll look forward for my birthday. Check which day is it. Day dream what will happen on that day. Imagine what presents I`ll be opening. Wonder what cake will I get. Drooling over food on the table.

The thing is that Birthday is probably one of those day where you actually felt ppl knew that you exist. When people wish me Happy Birthday, it`s not that the fact it`s my birthday that I`m happy... it`s simply because ppl take the initiative to remember mine. Means that they do somehow, one way or another, doesn`t treat me like I`m just another person standing around. I`ll rather have one person who wish me, sincerely, rather than a whole class who knew that it`s my birthday simply because he/she overheard from that one who wished me.

But those are all in the past.

This year, it`ll be sad. Sad even b4 it started. It`s bad enough to have ppl who doesn`t care about your bday. (Frankly speaking, I don`t even remember that my bday is coming till Pei Nee`s birthday pass. (hers is about 1 week b4 mine)let along others.) It`s even worst when you have people who actually care about it and tell you that this year won`t be as nice as last year.

Then, problems seems to crop up one after another. I have Engine Maths exam on the 6th which one of the chapter I`m still clueless. Then on my birthday itself, that smart Haque organized a debate training at Cyberjaya campus. Means, out of the whole world who doesn`t care about my birthday, he`s taking me away from the only person who does.

I wish I don`t have a birthday. So I won`t have a reason to be sad. Won`t have a reason that this tuesday is any different from the rest of the year. Won`t have a reason not to leave malacca. Won`t have a reason not to study at night. 'Happy' birthday? my foot.

(now pls... don`t even bother wishing me.... not after you read this post.)


~LeNe~ 2:38 AM  

awww.. keen, dun be so sad la. :(:( ur birthday wont be as bad as u imagine. its ur birthday, ill try my very best to make u happy happy k?

go to see 6:24 PM  




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