MMU Closed Rapid Chess Tournament.

Response wasn`t as good as I expected, but was substantial enough to run a tournament.
Since I`m directing this event, I couldn`t join.. All I do is,

- answer people`s question and complains
- write down the scores
- settle computerise pairings manually because it screwed up.

Basically, doing all the rubbish work. These are a few shots which I took during the tourney.

a) Adelene boasting her first win of the tournament. :P

b) Playing tic-tac toe (is it spelled 'toe'?) cuz we`re too bored.

c) actually it`s not tic-tac toe....

And that`s about it.. yea.. lame lame.. It`s chess.. what do you expect.
At least the fun part is that, we had steamboat at night. :)

* that`s Su Wang wondering why fish balls are round...

I know, I know.. it`s nice.. nyeh nyeh.. making u hungry.

I`m in the newspaper...

No no, I don`t have the wanted sign on me.
It seems that Gamuda Scholarship Award was significant enough to fit into the newspaper.. This marks my third entry to the press

It`s in the star, on education segment. If you miss out the papers.. here`s the online link.

Actually.. would like to blog about what happen during yesterday`s chess competition and today`s magic tournament... but the pictures are all in my hp.. can`t upload since I`m back in Kajang.

BTW, since I`m in Kajang... you can call me out to yum cha or something.. *Alex tries to convince himself that there is no exam next week. No exams.. no exams

The law of nature?

Hours ago, in the midst having the busiest time of this week, Claire message me. Usually, I`ll be rather happy to hear from Claire, but not this time.

When Claire visited me in last month, she told me about her new rabbits. Yea those cute creatures with long long ears.

I like rabbits very much..... my grandmother like rabbits very much too... she likes it so much.. especially if it`s serve with soup.

And one of my rabbits I rear long ago was probably in her stomach already.. (she owns the rabbits.. loads of them.. it`s a bunny business)

Anyway.. back to what happened...

Claire`s cute bunny got murdered by a cat. It was horrible.... (now after listening to my grandmother story, you might not think so anymore). I mean what Cat eats rabbit. That`s so totaly wrong. At worst Brownball (the brown one) looks like a hamster... not a rat.. Then again, if my dog chase rats (all the time)... i guess nothing is impossible.

To be very honest, I`m much more concerned about Claire than her rabbits. True, I whine up and down how her rabbit is cute, and I want them, and I can`t wait to see them. In fact, I already planed to visit them since I`m going back to Kajang this coming week. But right now, the one that really suffers is her.

She loved those bunnies so so much. (read her blog, you know what I meant, And imagine her, being at the very scene, witness this horrible turn of event.

Knowing that you lost something and never going to see it again, definetly hurts a lot. One will come to a point where you`ll try not to remember them because it hurts so much, but at the same time, you don`t want to forget it.

If it were up to me, I`ll choose to remember them, even though it hurts. Simply because I want the happy moments to go, even at the cost of being sad. But rest assure.... time is the best medicine. Eventually, the pain will go away, and only the sweetest momments will stay. Claire, I know you`ll be sad and nothing anyone can do will make you any happier. Just to let you know, your friends care a lot about you, and for that reason.. you should cheer up.

Multi-level Marketing

Also known as MLM.

One will never escape being ask to join one. If you are fortunate, you`ll be invited once, and never again. Me? I lost count.

Personally, I have nothing much against it. Though I don`t really approve of it either. My mom is involve in MLM. She had never suceed.... and I doubt she will, ever. (sorry mom.. but u just don`t have the business fortune).

But the one company that prompt me to blog this is Lamburger. I don`t knwo how many ppl heard of this. I know there is lots and lots of anti L-B sites by those who got 'cheated' or 'trick' into this so call career. True, there are many who`s making money out of it... a lot of money in fact. True, there is also lots of people who lost money at the same time.

I have a personal problem with their system. Most MLM is product base. I`m not too sure if this is right, but I conclude that MLM evolves from the infamous pyramid scheme. So instead of people just paying the upper line, they have to buy a product and the upper line draw some commision from it.

Actually, this is fine. It all depends on the product, and the consumer itself. If the product is good, and the comsumer is willing to pay for it (usually quite expensive)... all is good. Like how rich people is willing to spend rm 200 for a SK2 mask, yea.. same theory.

The problem with L-B is that it`s a VERY OBVIOUS pryramid scheme hiding uner MLM cover. They claim to sell this product call lamburger (an air refresherner). It cost a couple of hundred.
Fine, if people is willing to pay for it... go ahead. Now, this is the catch. You have to be a member to buy it. And you have to pay for membership.

And the trick doesn`t stop there. After listening to them, you`ll figure out that they actually don`t only intend to sell you the stuff... they will get you to get other members to join and buy and do the same thing... Yeap... all have to pay membership fee...

On the next level, you`ll have to pay again, to earn commission from calling other members to join. So pay.. and other member pay you.... Now... with all this people earning. Are they really earning from the product itself? or from people paying on another.

Think before you join anything.

As for me, I`ll never start a carrer with direct selling/mlm. The line always use by these people is that, they have found a carreer that made them rich, without responsibility, without attachment and without working anymore after they achieve a certain level. I told them, I don`t need to be rich. Every of them who tried to pulled me in, (including my mom) say I`m stupid cuz I don`t want extra money.

It`s sad to see how everyone around me only want to get rich, have big house, drive nice car. Of cuz, who wouldn`t. But they will go to ends of the world just to get these. University students switching to these career are the most painful sight. With given knowledge and talent, one spend thier dedication direct selling.

I`ve told those who try to sell 'really good' product and ask me to join them, these. Look, if you say these product improves ppl`s health and you are actually doing good.. fine. You`ll do your business... I`ll be the one making those products.

With great power, come great responsibility. The bible actually have a similiar story. If God gives you 10 talents, make sure you use all of them for the greater good. The more capable you are, the more you are expected to serve the world and mankind. I know I`m definetly more than just being a direct selling businessman. (honestly, I would, at the worst, settle to be a lecturer... so I can find time to do some research).

If everyone wants to make money by selling products, what will happen to the world.If all want to have a responsibility free life and settle for direct selling, engineers, doctors, architects...who will take their roles.

I don`t know where to stop writing... I could go on and on about this but it`s rather pointless. Here`s my last statement. In whatever you do, remember what you can do, remember what you want to do, and remember why you want to do it.

2006 Intervarsity Wushu Championship

Of all places, it have to be Kelantan.

Let me tell you why Kelantan is bad.

1) There is no cinema at all. (so is Terengganu).
2) There is hardly a cyber cafe. Therefore, sorry la I can`t blog earlier :P
3) There is nothing to see..... no scenary, no building.. only mosque... lots of them.
4) There is nothing to eat. I mean nth special.
5) Got serial rapist...

Well actually it`s not too bad. At least not as bad as what I`ve imagine it to be. I was told before I depart that you`ll have to tutup aurat, line up seperate lanes with females and all those nonsense. Kota Bahru is nth like that (thankfully). The only thing I find pretty discriminatory is this.

*wanita tidak dibenarkan masuk selepas 9.00 mlm.

No comment, but it`s pretty bizzare. My friend got scolded and was threaten to have her camera taken away when she tried to take this picture. Luckly for me, after reading kennysia`s post on how he got scolded for doing the same thing, I manage to silently snap a picture and pretend nth happened. *alex <-- potential paparazi If you ever want to go for Kelantan for holiday, please..forget it. This is how we spend our time. Heard of 'budaya melepak'. Yea, we spend sitting at the corridor for about an hour doing nth. lame.

After going to dinner, we went to our 'hotel' and rest for the night. That`s the end of day 1.

Things got a little better on day 2. I mean, it`s the competition day after all. We headed to USM at about 6.30 in the morning. The 'intervarsity' consist of only 2 university. USM (main campus and health campus), and MMU (Melaka and Cyberjaya campus). TAR didn`t make it. UPM didn`t make it... so much for a National level event.

MMU melaka took 9 golds, a couple of silver and 2 brons medel. There wasn`t much of a competition either. Most of the time we were camwhoring around the area.

*don`t bother finding me in the picture.. I`m the one holding my phone cam. My pictures are all in the digital camera where the pics I`ve yet to receive.

all die hard cam whores

During the night, we :

ate thai food

walk around Kota Bahru town at night, to look for beer. Their 7-11 don`t even sell alcohol. Have to go to the overpriced restaurants to get them.

trying to get drunk while talking about people`s love affairs

celebrate 2 member`s bday... = smashing cake on face

And that`s about it... bye Kelantan.. hope I`ll won`t see you again.

* to all of you guys who was with me for the pass 3 days..... . I`ve never spoke so much mandarin in my whole`s been a great experience and I really had fun.. Thanks :P

Pure Bar

Going to a bar in town, at 11pm, on a weekday, on a tueday night, on a day where I have class at 8am the next morning, on the eve of applied statics exam.... is a little bit bizzare..but..nvm.. I hate studying anyway. (Wilz, stop chanting) - the rest, pls ignore this.

I never knew what`s the point of going to a bar/disco/pub. If it`s in the movies, that`s the place where singles (even married) usually get to pick up some hot chicks and ahem.. Since I`ve no intention in doing so.. what`s the point of going to a bar??

Have it not for Sujj bday, I`ll definetly opt out. I`m glad I didn`t though. The one thing that made the trip yesterday worth it was the band that`s perfoming. I`m not suprise that they are not Malaysian. (yea, it`s stereotyping, but the street band in Malaysia really sux). Apparently most, or all of the members of that band are Philipinos. All of them can sing really well, and the guitarist is superb. My short term idol. :P

I just love it when he sang an Indonesian song. THAT song.. (refering to Peterpan`s Mungkin Bila Nanti). Sujj was like, HE SPEAKS BM!!!! haha....

Apart from that, Alcohol is good... beer on the other hand, though alcoholic, it sux. Really sux. Ordered a bucket, and shared it with a few ppl. With much effort, I finish my bottle. And guess what, some stranger from other table suddenly offer another bottle to me. !!!! Out of courtesy, I accepted and chat for a while, b4 running back to my own table and quickly pass the rest half of the beer to Dale.

At the end of the day, I had nearly 2 bottles of beer, and tried a few cocktails. I stole most of them from the girls because all of them have a free drink from the bar. See, it`s so nice to be a gal. Left Pure about 2 am. Sujj was drunk.. kekeke.

* I got my new electric guitar today...hee..will blog about it later as I`ll be going to Kelantan tomorrow night. Might blog from Kelantan, if there`s internet access. Till then :)

Keeping things in mind...

I wish I can upgrade my brain like a cpu adds an aditional 1gb ram. I constantly have things to remember in my head, and even worst, I ALWAYS forgets them.

I lost my pendrive which makes my life even more miserable.

Right now, I have to keep these things in mind, at least for the next 2 weeks.

1) Finish EET lab report.
2) Go FMD to settle the 100 chairs and tables thing for the chess tournament.
3) Remember the date for the chess tournament..
4) Go to Stad to inform a change of schedule that stupid tournament.
5) Go book CLC cuz Finance taking over our current publicity spot.
6) Remember to study for a test on Wednesday night.
7) Remember to ask Steven for the Robotics guide book which I missed in all 4 of their seminars.
8) Go collect my Saman ticket at security.
9) Remember to inform the SRC, club members, and everyone else about the tournament.
10 ) Remember to pack my stuff after the exam on Wednesday night to go to Kelantan on Thursday.
11) Remember why I`m going to Kelantan. (yea.. I might forget)
12) Remember that my cloths is being piled up for 1 and a half week.
13) Remember above all, Finals is coming in 2 week`s time.

oh ya, I remembered that it`s Terri`s bday today, and Sujj`s tomororow.. So Happy Birthday to both of you :)

Being a year older.

And so, I`m 19. I enjoyed being 18. It makes me feel young and at the same time, not too young. A benchmark of freedom. No more I can say, I`m still 18. I`m 19 now...yes.. 19.. another year and I`ll be 20. I`m getting old.... too old.. (mid life crisis)

My first day of being 19 was as horrible as I thought it`ll be. In fact, a little bit worst. Not only it wasn`t better than the any other day.. it was dreadful. I was made to drive 120 km from malacca to cyber..and then back. Nvm that. What I was really piss was the lack of thought of certain ppl.

We went to Cyberjaya for debate training in 3 cars. He put me in a car, with none of them are the ppl I`m close with. (in fact, I would really rather not be with them at all). And it was a kancil of all car. The other car was a Perdana. Ish... So I drove there, arrive last.. and nvm.

When it`s time to go back, we were all hungry and decide to go and eat. He said we will go to Kajang to eat satay and ask me to lead the way. I said fine and I`ll wait outside the gate for them (since we park our cars seperately). So I waited and waited... and after 10 minutes.. I called him. Guess what, they are on the way to Malacca already.

As if once is not bad enough, I call him 20 minutes later ask him where do we meet up in Malacca, to eat of cuz. We still haven`t had our dinner. And the answer I got made me so furious, I didn`t speak to anyone for the next few hours. They were half way eating at Nilai. (we`ve just passed Nilai that time).

I really want to say FUCK YOU... but at the end of the day.. I`m just too tired to be pissy. Having a whole day class, having the need to study for that stupid engineering mathematics, I give up. Really give up. I don`t even what to here an explaination.

Just when I thought things couldn`t be much worst... I realised I left all my notes and tutorial at cyberjaya, and the online system broke down. So I can`t study for the exam.

Yet, Adelene did try to make me happy, which she did. I reach home at 1.30, open my door and see lots and lots of balloons on the floor. (she blew everyone of them). And also a present set on the bed.

Thank you lene :)

This is my bday cake... which I got one day late.

Anyway, many thanks to those who wished me through sms (and not those who overheard).


Ei Leen, for sending a sms all the way from Austrialia.
Pei Nee, from India
Claire, for calling
Terri, for making a never-heard-b4 birthday tree :P
Sophia, for sending an angel to hit me like crazy
Wilz, (actually I should thank friendster instead hor)

My ex school mates - Aqtar, Grace, Sze Ping and Ching Yee

Val and Anne, and also Sujj

Yeap, lame birthday it is... No presents, no fancy dinner, no laughter.. but a year to look forward to.

Birthday? it hold no more importance... not anymore.

23 hours, 10 minutes to go.

I remember the times where I`ll look forward for my birthday. Check which day is it. Day dream what will happen on that day. Imagine what presents I`ll be opening. Wonder what cake will I get. Drooling over food on the table.

The thing is that Birthday is probably one of those day where you actually felt ppl knew that you exist. When people wish me Happy Birthday, it`s not that the fact it`s my birthday that I`m happy... it`s simply because ppl take the initiative to remember mine. Means that they do somehow, one way or another, doesn`t treat me like I`m just another person standing around. I`ll rather have one person who wish me, sincerely, rather than a whole class who knew that it`s my birthday simply because he/she overheard from that one who wished me.

But those are all in the past.

This year, it`ll be sad. Sad even b4 it started. It`s bad enough to have ppl who doesn`t care about your bday. (Frankly speaking, I don`t even remember that my bday is coming till Pei Nee`s birthday pass. (hers is about 1 week b4 mine)let along others.) It`s even worst when you have people who actually care about it and tell you that this year won`t be as nice as last year.

Then, problems seems to crop up one after another. I have Engine Maths exam on the 6th which one of the chapter I`m still clueless. Then on my birthday itself, that smart Haque organized a debate training at Cyberjaya campus. Means, out of the whole world who doesn`t care about my birthday, he`s taking me away from the only person who does.

I wish I don`t have a birthday. So I won`t have a reason to be sad. Won`t have a reason that this tuesday is any different from the rest of the year. Won`t have a reason not to leave malacca. Won`t have a reason not to study at night. 'Happy' birthday? my foot.

(now pls... don`t even bother wishing me.... not after you read this post.)

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.