2006 Intervarsity Wushu Championship

Of all places, it have to be Kelantan.

Let me tell you why Kelantan is bad.

1) There is no cinema at all. (so is Terengganu).
2) There is hardly a cyber cafe. Therefore, sorry la I can`t blog earlier :P
3) There is nothing to see..... no scenary, no building.. only mosque... lots of them.
4) There is nothing to eat. I mean nth special.
5) Got serial rapist...

Well actually it`s not too bad. At least not as bad as what I`ve imagine it to be. I was told before I depart that you`ll have to tutup aurat, line up seperate lanes with females and all those nonsense. Kota Bahru is nth like that (thankfully). The only thing I find pretty discriminatory is this.

*wanita tidak dibenarkan masuk selepas 9.00 mlm.

No comment, but it`s pretty bizzare. My friend got scolded and was threaten to have her camera taken away when she tried to take this picture. Luckly for me, after reading kennysia`s post on how he got scolded for doing the same thing, I manage to silently snap a picture and pretend nth happened. *alex <-- potential paparazi If you ever want to go for Kelantan for holiday, please..forget it. This is how we spend our time. Heard of 'budaya melepak'. Yea, we spend sitting at the corridor for about an hour doing nth. lame.

After going to dinner, we went to our 'hotel' and rest for the night. That`s the end of day 1.

Things got a little better on day 2. I mean, it`s the competition day after all. We headed to USM at about 6.30 in the morning. The 'intervarsity' consist of only 2 university. USM (main campus and health campus), and MMU (Melaka and Cyberjaya campus). TAR didn`t make it. UPM didn`t make it... so much for a National level event.

MMU melaka took 9 golds, a couple of silver and 2 brons medel. There wasn`t much of a competition either. Most of the time we were camwhoring around the area.

*don`t bother finding me in the picture.. I`m the one holding my phone cam. My pictures are all in the digital camera where the pics I`ve yet to receive.

all die hard cam whores

During the night, we :

ate thai food

walk around Kota Bahru town at night, to look for beer. Their 7-11 don`t even sell alcohol. Have to go to the overpriced restaurants to get them.

trying to get drunk while talking about people`s love affairs

celebrate 2 member`s bday... = smashing cake on face

And that`s about it... bye Kelantan.. hope I`ll won`t see you again.

* to all of you guys who was with me for the pass 3 days..... . I`ve never spoke so much mandarin in my whole life.it`s been a great experience and I really had fun.. Thanks :P


Anonymous 11:24 PM  

Fuuhh.. thank god they got their asses away from me. Hope people like these never step foot on me again. Better if they keep their bums at where they belong, forever.

Anonymous 11:27 PM  

..btw, it's Kota BHARU, not Kota BAHRU.

No wonder you had such a bad time.

Alex 12:23 AM  

erm..regarding ur first post.. I don`t really understand :P

(don`t be picky with spelling errors la... my blog is filled with them.)

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