One week ago...

If you`ve been wondering why so long I didn`t update... yea go ahead, blame blogspot.

Well, exactly one week ago, Claire came to pay a visit. Went to Jonker street in the evening. I bought quite a number of useless stuff. Like a magic trick which uses a chain and a ring. (which I still fail to master till now), a fridge magnet, a book mark, and some other junks.

But the real reason of going to Jonker is of cuz, to eat cendol


The next day, Ian, May, Aaron, Yi Chong, Claire, Adelene and I went to Butterfly park, after having a feast of pork.

yes, the table are filled with porks, porks and more porks.

Here some picture of what`s in the Butterfly farm....

Notice something? they ain`t any butterflies.... damm we got cheated.
Worst still, I got bitten..... by an ostrich!!!

Alex : (tries to take ostrich`s picture)
Ostrich : ( goes closer to Alex)
Alex : Smile for the cammera!!
Ostrich : (smiles!! yummy)
Alex : closer.. closer
Ostrich : (closer... and bite!)
Alex : Stupid ostrich... cook you for dinner

Luckly, Ostrich doesn`t have any teeth.... some amazing discovery of the day.

Next stop, the Stadyus (dono how to spell it). You know la, the place with a lot of 3 wheel vehicles and museams and a old fortress.....

We didn`t know the man possed intentionally or not :P
We finally settle for dinner later....

Guess what`s in there.. Ostrich meat? nah..... just the usual Satay Celup! Bye Claire!! hope you enjoyed Malacca.

Junior Achery Competition

This weekend`s been great. I mean I didn`t study nor do my assignment even though I have to pass it up first day of the week; Monday. Wanted to blog about what happened but blogspot is being a bitch and refuse to let me log in let alone upload tonnes of photo.

So, I`ll just blog about one small event before blogging about the whole weekend. The tittle says it all. I started achery just about 2 months back. Seriously, I don`t know what prompt me to join. Aha, I remembered. (flashback memory on recruitment drive week) Ai Jen said : "Alex Alex!! come join Achery Club...."

Cincai ler.... so here am I, with a bow on my hand.

2 months later, (which is 2 days ago), I joined this junior competition for "so called juniors". Bullshit la. You have ppl for represent school and state back in their secondary school and still call themself junior. Ish...


I got a medel :P Not first though.... but fair enough.

How many things can you do at once?

It`s hard to want everything when you have a limitation called time. Just made it back to Kajang an hour ago. It`s 1am now. I have precisely another 15 hours before I leave back for Melaka.

Stupid I know. I wouldn`t want to come back but I don`t have a choice. Need to sign my scholaship contract by 30th of October. This is the last weekend to do so. Anyway, for this weekend, this is what I have (or have to do)

1) Sign scholarship contract in Damansara Jaya.
2) Eat Lunch with my Aunt and Uncle in Subang
3) Attend a class reunion lunch at Kajang.
4) Attend a wedding receiption for MMU`s president`s son`s wedding. (don`t ask me why)
5) Support an Anti Smoking Concert at MMU at night.
6) Bring Claire go kai kai around jonker.

1) Dim Sum in the morning with Suj and the whole bunch.
2) Achery competition.
3) Go Klebang, go MP hmmm..dono where else to go. Satay Celup maybe?

In the mean time, I need to finish my thermodynamic`s assignment, my programing assignment (which I haven`t had a clue), study for my applied static exams on Tuesday, engineering mathematics on the week after next, prepare the constitution and proposal for president`s council, and also prepare for debate if MMU`s going to Bangkok on the 9th.(which will then clash with my scholarship award presentation and Terri`s birthday) Bah.... pening pening.

And not forgeting my birthday is in the midst of all those things to do.

MMU Auto Show 2006

I hate blogspot. I`ve wrote this entry once and it didn`t publish. So this time, I`m only going to do this half-hearted.

Basically, it wasn`t as grand as I expected. A few cars, most of them are not to great either. Just because Jay Chou in Initial D drives AE86, it`s still a lame car.

Then, the only other car for display is a car owned by a Japanese guy. I don`t even know what is it.

Probably, the only thing worth your time is the drifting event. It`s the first time I saw people drift, properly. And this is a few of their cars.

On the right : One of the superb drifter`s car. (I don`t recognize anything except for the engine)

On the left : Adelene posting with her favourite car.


Gosh... this is brialliant. I love wikipedia. Since everyone can update and write something about it, it serves as a giant forum where you can have all kind of information.. (bias and unbias alike). It`s not a good place if you want to search for an accurate source, but if you want to read opinions and stuff.. it`s perfect.

Now, I just realiased there is something similiar, on maps. Wikimapia maps out almost the whole world. It`s faster and clearer than google earth. But what is more cool is the map-it-urself function. You can select a spot, map it, give it a name and write something about it.

Here`s one on MMU Malacca.

Read about the finance department and the other small small boxes. You won`t regret it.

For kajang-ians, here`s my house :P (you can get around with it )

The only draw back is that the maps are old...defininetly a couple of years back. I think google earth is more updated... oh well.... it`s still fun :)

Claire and paranoia

Clairine says:
Clairine says:
Clairine says:
i dowan to walk a lone from the ktm to the bus

Extreme [keen] says:
Extreme [keen] says:
better make long long prays tonight

Clairine says:
Clairine says:
i'm scared now.
Clairine says:
Clairine says:
i just call u and talk to u la
Clairine says:
then u direct me step by step la
Clairine says:
then i just look got any female passengers going the same way la
Clairine says:
scary NYA.
Clairine says:
what am i doing man!
Clairine says:
hope i will be safe la.
Clairine says:

Extreme [keen] says:
Extreme [keen] says:
ok ok
Extreme [keen] says:
no prob

Clairine says:
i think
Clairine says:
i pack a knife with me
Clairine says:
if got any suspicious
Clairine says:
i just
Clairine says:
take out my knife
Clairine says:
what am i talking! omg!
Clairine says:

Yea, she`s coming over Malacca tomorrow, all by her self. Well, I have a visitor.. (rush to clean room).

Error 404

Brain not found

Alex can't find anything to blog at

* Check the life for serious errors such as

* If you are still unable to find it, check your rubbish bin.

* If your rubbish bin protected by a giant rat, make sure
that you kill it first before accessing the bin.

Yea, I`m actually running out of time, ideas, and mood to blog. Can people tell me what to blog instead? just for the momment. Take it as a opputurnity to ask anything. Like ask me to blog about who is the first person I though was a jerk, or yada yada....

I`ll then consider if I still have the mood to blog :P

I`m back! and broke.

If you are one of those who think cokes and mcD is too expensive.... don`t go to Singapore. The price of everything there is generaly the same, except for it`s currency sign. A can of soft drinks cost 1.20$, wan tan mee cost 4$, maggee cup cost 1.50$, bread cost 2$... gosh, I don`t know how ppl can survive there.

This is a summary of my expenditure in singapore.

Train ticket from Kajang to Singapore = 37 ringgit
Ezlink (like touch n go, for mrt and bus) = 35 S$
Cab ride = 30 S$
Bus ticket from Singapore to Malacca = 16 S$

One night at Inn Crowd Backpackers Hostel = 18 S$
Two nights at Prince of Wales Backpackers Hostel = 20S$
One night at my Uncle`s place = Free :P

Lunch at Marces = 22 S$
Instant noodle = 3 S$
Can drinks = 5 S$
McD = 5 S$
Packet Lunch for 2 days = 12 S$
(the rest of the meals are provided my NUS)

Registration = 50S$
Gifts = 5 S$
Passport = 300 ringgit

Total expenditure = 230 S$ + 337 ringgit, convert to RM = nearly 900 ringgit!!

Luckly my grandmother, mother, father,uncle, NUS and MMU funded most of my trip. In fact, my uncle funded most of my meals... and cab ride... so in the end.. I still have extras :P but still.. I feel super guilty for using so much money.

Anyway, I will update what happen there once I get all the pictures organized... ( this could take from 3 days to 2 weeks). So, meawhile, It`s back to reality.. studies, and club activities. Yea yea, Alex`s lame life.

Woot. .Singapore.

I used to hate kennysia. He travels a lot and always blog about where he traveled.... Now I have the chance!!! mwahahaha. I`m blogging all the way from Singapore. I`ve reach here 12 hours ago... and I get to update hee :P.

The morning was terrible. I ve arivve at 8 and one of the member from NUS suppose to pick me up. YEa.. suppose to.. No one came... so I called the number which would get me to one of them but my hp can`t seem to call from Singapore. Another thing to note. Public telephone that uses coin are on the verge of extinction here. YOu could barely find any of them, even if you found them, it`ll either be spoiled or some one`s using it without letting go.

So I spend the next 3 hours getting to NUS my self and waited and waited for someone to arrive. Desperate, I called the conveynor himself and then later only I was 'picked up'. Well, all is not lost. He later apologize to me and deduct half of my registration fee. :)

Then I went out to town and meet with my uncle. It`s been very long since I last came to Singapore. So, he took me out to have lunch. In which I felt very guilty cuz it cost him 44$ which is roughly about 100 ringigit. Ouch.... And the food wasn`t even superb to begin with. It`s just nice but for that price, I could certainly get better food.

The debate seminar was boring. Just wating for the tournament to start. :) Until then, I`ll see when I can online again and blog. Currently staying in Inn Crowd- a backpackers hostel. Pretty comfortable and I`m using the internet for free... that`s all that matter.. hee :P

Holidays? - not me

Never have I look forward so much for a mid term break. I`m so tired from all the frigging exams and clubs activity that I wanna run away (at least for a while). Relax and forget about all responsibilitis. So, it finally arrive. The mid term break for all MMU students, 1 week. One week is actually quite a bargain considering our semester break is only 3 week at most.

The only problem I have with this 1 week is I don`t really have a break, at all. If you notice that I`ve been dissapearing front the virtual world, I was involve with organizing a tournament. The MMU Intervarsity Debating Championship. Not some kind of cheap lame ass debate tournament, mind you, some of the Asians, Australs, and even Worlds best are here. Teams from all over Malaysia, (Sarawak included), Singapore and Thailand participated.

I don`t know what to write here, because to me.. it`s just too much to write... but to the rest who`s reading, you`ll probably don`t want to know. So to make things simple.... we had fun. Went clubbing after debates, adjudication along with the Chief Adjudicator of Worlds, having to justify and give even reputatble debators low points (cuz they just didn`t perform well that round)... it`s all good experience.

Its really a pity for all who missed this tournament.. hopefully they will be more to come for Melaka. Meanwhile, I`ll have to leave for Singapore tomororw (or the day after) for a debate tournament held in NUS, till saturday. No rest, no break, just pray that my academic don`t suffer...

Ouch ouch....

Yes, my blog seems dead. So am I. Mozilla`s giving trouble by not publishing my blog`s layout. My interent suck to a degree that 56kb modem can open blogspot much faster. But these are the least of my problem. I have another exam on thursday.... and I`m worried. Engineering maths, one of the subject which I though I`ve had it, till I start sitting down and tried doing my integrals.

Intergrating normaly is fine. I don`t see the need to learn anything more (actually I don`t see the need to know calculus/study/blah blah). Intergration is not so much of intergration now. You have to memorise all the trigo and hyperbolic functions`s formula in the integrals and all you do is to achieve that patern... and the intergration ends with just replacing with the formula.

For example... integrat cat you get dog. (formula).

The questions.... find the intergral of Tiger.

Then you start changing Tiger... to Cat... like removing the sharp teeth, and the stripes.. chop off to get a shorter tail... then compress is to be 5 times smallter.. then you get cat... and you didn`t do any intergration yet... but you know because the formula for intergration of cat is dog... walah!! the answer you get is DOG...

Stupid aint it... memorize memorize memorize... (2 pages of trigonometry and hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions.... in 24 hours time.... I`m dead)

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.