Parking fine

Dear Sir

An appeal for a parking fine on 13 July 2006

I, Alexander Loh ( ID 1051102250), would like to appeal for subject stated above. The reason given for my summon was that my motorcycle was parked on a yellow line, just beside the row of parking lots located behind CLC.

2. The justification for my appeal is this; that it inevitble for me to park in the parking lot because the rest were all take up. This is one issue that this university have always face in the recent years, the limited parking space and it`s unproportioned vehicles in MMU. Therefore parking 1 spot beside the allocated parking spot seems to be a fair alternative.

3. To futher support my case, I have taken account to the dimesion of the road. The purpose of a yellow line is to avoid any obstruction to the road/traffic or to reduce the risk of causing an accident. Judging from the width all of the road, It is still possible for motorist to pass through with still a lot of spaces to spare. A law is there to protect/help people, not to restrain them.

4. In addition to my appeal, I would also like Sir, to consider converting those yellow line into parking space for the benefit of the students of MMU Malacca. With all these reasons, I humbly hope you will consider my appeal. Many thanks.

Yours Sincerely

Alexander Loh


well..that was nicely said.... I would really much rather to go there.. f*ck you for being so unreasonable.... my leg hurts like hell with blisters... and there is no more place for me to park.. want me to park a few blocks away and walk ah? bugger..... some more.. still got so many place.. not to say I park in the middle of the road.. ish.. really nth to do.. go lock ppls bike and bicycle.... so more I so poor d.. still want to fine me.. grr grr.. barks...


Anonymous 1:14 AM  

ca thu ti mor kar

are u talkin to me man!

Alex 8:03 PM  

huh? what u meant?

Anonymous 4:54 PM  

Excellent, love it! » » »

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