One year has passed...

I could have blog about how I almost died playing tennis, wushu and basketball 7 hours in a row. And how I have lab report to hand up but I still don`t knwo what to do. (more accurately, I couldn`t find anyone to copy from). But those can wait.... Today, Adelene and I are officially one year.

Being me, who`s have superbly horrible memory on dates and occasions, actually do remember to about today :). So fast, yet seems so long... it`s one year, it`s 52 weeks, it`s 365 days. Been through so much together. I`ll let the pictures do the talking.. (alex digs digs photo album).

First date.

Yea, our first outing was the day I ask her to be my girlfriend. Went walk walk in Makhota Parade then realised it`s too boring. Then we headed over to the beach. Ate Ikan Pari bakar... I can still remember :) And fish taste exceptionly nice that day.

In my apartment.

Curi take this picture why she`s ironing my cloths. I never fold my cloths and iron my cloth the whole of last year because she did it for me :) Bet all the guys are jealous now.. mwahahaha. (lazy bum pampered to the max)

Lantern Festival.

sorry that there is no lanterns here. Actually, there wasn`t much lantern for a lantern festival, held in Malacca High School, (also known as mahai school - suggested by a student from a school nearby, Gajah Berang School, ie Gay Boy school). So that was the first time I saw most of her friends and we went satay celup after the party :P That was one of the very few night outing we had.

My 18th birthday.

Well, a birthday, with no friends, no family to be around... but one person make it up for all of them. She even bought a secret recipe cake for me, chesscake. yum yum. She bought it though she dislike chesscake.... just because I like it. And it was a suprise. I just came out of from shower and the cake was there, all litted with Happy Birthday to Alex. *i regreted so much sharing my cakes with other ppl.... I only get to eat 2 piece :(

Pangkor trip.

Probably our most memorialble holiday. A 3 days 2 night a pangkor. Play by the beach all day, went around eat seafood, shopping for souveniors.... Couldn`t find a word to better to describe than perfect. It is indeed a perfect holiday. I took a lot of nice photograph while being in the island. This picture (and the picture in my display) are among them. I think I had a few more in my friendster album.. :P (pictures including Adelene in bikinis... wee.. *runs away)

Taking pictures for the school magazine.

No no, we are taking pictures of other ppl for school magazine. This picture just came about because we are holding the cammera.. :P lose no oppoturnity to camwhore...

Hitz.FM birthday bash

Yea, I was carrying her.. that`s me, that`s her. Went to take up a game challenge from Hitz. and it`s on a stage, in front of hundreds of audience and live telecast. Lucky her parents didn`t notice, though many of her cousins saw her and already began to whisper to her parents. Adelene had to create stories to cover up... yea, I know, life sux.

Pink bolsters
Yea, took this picture as a proof to my soft toys craze. I gain this weird habit to like anything that`s soft. So, bolster, patric, bear bear, pillow.... will just take and hug. And spreading the bolster diesease to her... Over the years, she`s been trying to pick up with things I like... playing O2jam, half life... at least we have something to do together.


My first prom, and I got my gf as my date. How nice :) Adelene dress so nicely, and I went to great lengths to get my coat. Cuz I`m just too poor to buy one and I don`t want her to have a super lame bf who doesn`t even have a coat, I have to go around begging for one. At the end guess who I got my coat from, the president of the Student Representative Council. Lol. It`s definetly worth the hassle :)

Genting outing.

I think you guys should remember the entry I publish about my genting trip. That was out second long distant outing. Was just as nice as the first one... though we don`t have sandy beaches... we have tall mountains :).

It`s been a wonderful one year.... it should be the coming.. and for many more. Happy one year dear. :) Lots of hugs and kisses.


Adel 4:51 PM  

:)aww.. happy one year. it's been a great and amazing year for both of us. Hope our following year will be as wonderful as this year.. probably even better! :) love ya dear... hugz. hehe.

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