O2jam - music brings people together

Yesterday, I made Adelene play o2jam online. So I join her. Due to differences of level, I change my settings so that I can only play the song with one hand. So it`s fun for her and for me too. We fail the same songs and all.

The best part is that seeing her leveling up. In just 2 days, her level is not lvl 5. Is like as if I`m playing, and I`m leveling up.. It sure fun.. haha.. Since I have no money to give her for real shopping, I shoped for her virtual cloths.... So her Avatar now is nice and pretty.

Finally, we found something to do together :)


Adel 8:17 PM  

hehe :) yea.. finally u can play one game together with me. :) will try to learn more games soon. hehe. thanks for the cute cute clothes. love it!

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