The most unrealiable specis on Earth : Humans

Yeap, the one thing everybody must learn is never to trust too much of a person. The incident that prompt me to say this is my Lab Assignment. Last week, I ask by my friend to do Electrical Technology lab report for him, because I took his lab assignment for the week before. I refused because Electrical technology is way way way more harder and longer than the lab report I took from him, which is Thermodynamics 1. Then I offer to do the Thermodynamics 2 for him instead but he say he`ll rather do it for me that one, and as long I do the Electrical Technology. Fine I say, since it`s 2 of the 2 page report for one of this 5 page report.

I gave him my lab E. tech report on Sunday, the due date is on Monday. On Monday, I found out that he handed in the lab report I gave him, round round (bulat bulat). This means that he didn`t did a single changes and pass it up with the exact words, exact format, even the spacing is the same!!!. Do some changes la bugger, if get caught then all will get 0... I always took other`s lab report as a reference than I spend about 1 hour doing the changes.. and it`s a whole different lab report all together.

Nvm that, one problem aside. I`m suppose to pass my thermodynamics lab 2 tomorrow. Since he promised last week he`ll handle it, I went back Kajang on Wednesday night without worry. Then later at night, I asked him to pass the report to me today so I can make the necassarry ammendment. Guess what, He say he`s not doing it until Friday, the day we wants to pass up, the very same day that I`m travelling back to Malacca in the morning and classes in the afternoon. So, I plead him to do it on Thursday instead, it was a very very short report. 4 line procedure and the rest are just data of time and temperature. He say no and he`ll do whenever he like, and I just have to wait for him....

some fucker. I would have simply the lab report myself but I left my lab sheet and my datas back in Malacca, and I don`t think I can make it back so early in the morning to finish my lab report before class. But eitehr way, I told him that I`ll do it myself, wouldn`t want to depend on him, just in case something goes wrong.... by hook or by crook, I`ll get the report done....

Anyway, I dono how many of you who a reading this blog wants to know how my interview went. Well here goes. To me it was great, (minus the part from the 2 hour jam I suffer b4 the interview and and a 30 minutes detour who taking the wrong road on the way home. ). The interviewers were really experience, they gave the interview I expect, tough, and meaningful. The first interview last month was more of a friendly type, where you speak what you want and be really friendly. This time, the interviewers finds your fault and shoot you at every oppoturnity, and it`s up to you to defend yourself. Having debated quite a while, I`m more than used to this enviroment, and I even manage to manipulate it into a more not so serious type of interview and made them laugh a bit. (actually a lot).

Among the weird quetion that were ask :

1) Who`s the most famous Alexander. (duh)
2) Tell me something nice about Su May, (the girl who they just interviewed and was also my classmate).
3) Since she`s so nice, why don`t you take her as your girlfriend... (LOL)
4) I think you are very cruel. You say you`ll send ppl to jail if they don`t pay up they PTPTN loan. (this was in my essay last interview)
5) You dad`s a civil engineer? (that was funny because it ran so far from reality.... my father couldn`t even pass form 3 , let alone getting a engineering degree)
6) Why get a gf, aren`t your life complicated enough?
7) How can anyone pass calculus?
8) Who are you closest too in your family? your grandmother? since she seems to spoil you a lot.
9) You have no more questions? Weird, you seems to be a curios fellow.
10) Are you crazy? you join 16 clubs? I don`t believe you,tell me what are they. (they gave up after number 3. lol)

There are a few serious questions, concerning my time balance, and parent`s job and income, about how desperate I am.. yada yada. The question that I find most dificult was the Jailing part. I spend about 5 minutes convincing him, but only one of them buy it, the other one insist that it was disproportional and other options should be suggested. One of the criteria of being a debator that you must have to be able to justify whatever you say, even if it`s something like giving capital punishment for stealing a pencil. Not too much of a trouble in the end. Every of the other people who went it have a shock expression went they came out and said it was very tough. Well, you think that`s tough, try to talking to Wilz. I bet you`ll be speechless. He`ll make you think in a way that you never see things the same ever again.

At the end of the interview, I was somewhat dissapointted that it was so short. I was starting to enjoy it, laughing and all. Their final remark was positive, thank god..

*you are truely Alexander the Great.

Thank you very much, but I rather not be a badly Gay. wink.


Adel 7:29 PM  

serious?? they did say " you are truly alexander the great? " wow! im so proud of u. being a debater really helps alot and yea.. the others didnt even have the chance to talk to wilz. well, tx to wilz too for indirectly train u to talk better. hahaa... oh ya, what did u answer when he ask why dun u take su may as ur gf? lol.. and why need a gf when things are getting complicated. wants to know how u answer tat. sure temberang a bit one rite? haha.. anyway... glad u have fun and i think ull get the scholarship. :)

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