Lene`s 18th birthday blast on 29 June (last thursday)

One month ago, I was beginning to feel uneasy. Adelene`s bday is coming soon, and I really dono what to do. 1 week ago, I was busy preparing...... A secret/suprise party for her. Though it was pretty last minute. Last minute prep, last minute invitations... the party goes on...

There were a lot, I mean A LOT of obstacle to get this party done. First of all would be getting the people. I have to invite Adelene`s friend, without Adelene knowing. Now, how do I do so? I don`t know much of her friends, only know a few close one. Through some contacts, I got one person, and the other, and all in all, I manage to get around 15 people. The next problem that arise is how to get them here, without Adelene knowing. That`s real hard...

Thus the plan begins. I`ll bring Adelene away while Jessie and Eo help out in the kitchen back at home for the steamboat. The rest of the people must be there and hide in the room at 7pm. And if everything went well, I should arrive home with her in 10 minutes time and I`ll go into the room and come out with a cake while singing happy birthday with the rest.

The only problem is. most of them have classes till 7, thus everything is delayed. I myself suppose to have class till 7 and worst still, I need to leave for the 10 pm bus at night to make it for Friday`s interview. I manage to change my class schedule and the rest promise to rush here right after class. So I proceed with the plan.

6pm - Brought Adelene to Sental to buy time. (and for me to buy the bus tickets)
6.15 - Went into A&W to drink root beer
6.35- Still got time, went to get her a cake at secret recipe at tesco
7.00 - Called back to check for status... all not ready yet.
7.05 - Walk around to waste time.
7.20 - Receive clearance to make it back home.
7.22 - Had trouble putting the cake on my bike. Worry the cake will be destroyed.
7.25 - On the highway heading back home
7.30 - Bike`s tire punture in the middle of highway...!!!!! (of all time and of all place)
7.50 - Aaron and Jessie to the rescue. I ride my punture tire bike home... Adelene followed Aaron
8.00 - I reach home while Aaron decoyed and left for 7/11 giving us time to prepare.
8.10 - Adelene arrive home.. surprise red alert.
8.15- Walk into the room and light`s open.. SURPRISE!!!
8.20- Massive steamboat with rice cooker and pots and loads of food...
8.45- Afifi`s head got smashed with cake. lol
9.10 - Everyone bloated and full.
9.20 - Adelene opens present, while I prepare to my stuff to go back to kajang.
9.40- Left my house in Malacca for Sentral. Party`s over :(
9.55 - Reach at sentral.. phew.. less than 5 minutes b4 bus leaves.

That is all I could do for her birthday this year. Though the party is short, though everything almost went wrong, it turns out alright. A million million thanks to Jessie for helping out so so much, for planning this party, for buying all the things, for helping to consipire Adelene... Thanks you all the rest also for helping out in the kitchen or cooking (yes kelvin.. i know you cook), and cleaning up after I`ve gone. Thanks you all for be there.

Snapshots, Wink.. (sorry on 4 pictures.... the rest is in yi chong`s cam.)

ME and Adelene In A&W

Everyone in the room... ready to surprise

lene gone mad after meeting up her sec. school friend

Lene and Val.


Adel 11:21 PM  

awww.... thanks fren!!! really really thank u for organizing such a suprise party for me.. so touch.. sob sob. Thanks dear for planning everything though u gotta rush back to kajang in barely few hours. thanks jessie, eo, kel and everyone else tat help out that nite. :):) honestly, this one my 1st ever b'day party! thanks again. :) muaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!

Anonymous 12:55 AM  

So SWEET! typical alex. sweet like a... a... a... sweet.

Alex 1:01 AM  

ehh... *wink

Alex 1:01 AM  
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