It happen again...

Another suicide case.... happen just 2 hours ago. One chinese boy jump off the highest floor (18th floor) from Ixora, the apartment located just opposite MMU Melaka campus. I always though the next person who will jump off from any tall building in Bukit Beruang would be me... bah..someone took the first leap.

Let`s put emotions aside and see, whether is it logical or not, for someone to end his life. According to sources, he leapt because he failed his pre-calculus. Yes, he is only a Alpha (foundation) student. Simply means he`s one year younger than me. And to top it all, I believe that it`s only a mid term exam (since finals is still another 2 months to go.). The last straw was when his parents scolded him and thus.... the fatal ending.

Assuming that this 'explanation' holds true, this would give you an idea how much students are being brough to think that examinations is everything. (no, I don`t think that way, my reasons are way beyong academic matters, though it`s one of a factor). Yesterday, I witness something horrible too, where students are being humilated by STAD councelor infront of everybody for failing their exams twice.

When a person fail his exams, it really depends whether the person have work hard for it or not. The parents should know best. If you know your son tried to study, and still didn`t make the grades... what you should instead do is to console and to motivate.. not punish. For those who don`t care to study.... nah, they won`t commit suicide just because they fail their exams.. (let alone mid terms.)

Someone told me that studying in MMU is like being in a pressure cooker. It`s very stressful indeed and unless you know when to press the OfF button, you`ll explode one day. He choose to end his life at the first mid term. If he can`t take it now, he defininetly can`t take it later. No one showed him where is the Off button. So, who`s to be blame. Parents,University? Malaysia perhaps?

*Now I know why I was born into a christian family, have a girlfriend and choose not to live in apartment.

updated *
Another speculation I heard is that he left his key in his room and decided to climb to his room through the balcony... and he sliped off the 18th floor. if that`s the case... ish...

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