The interview..

God always answer your prayer, even if it`s delayed :) After whinning and grubling about not getting any scholarship interview for almost one year, Gamuda Berhad decided to give me a chance. I was shortlisted from 200 applicants to attend the scholarship interview in the Hq yesterday.When I applied I didn`t expect much, and this was the only scholarship I apply for this year, cuz I already gave up hope on applying. Well.. God certainly work in mysterious ways.

This interview doesn`t come in easy. It falls on friday, a day where I sudedenly been assigned to attend lab sessions, and a whole lot of classes.... I have to appeal, replace my classes and labs... making round trips from office to office to do so. And the end, I have to travel from malacca to kajang on the night of Adelene`s birthday... What price to pay...

My interview session started on 10.00 am. I made it there just in time because I got lost somewhere in the area... (remembered the wrong address). Nevertheless... I wasn`t late so everything is still good :) It started with a writen personality test and an essay about one current issue. I was like... huh? an essay? with my handwriting? lol.... definitely not a good sign.

After that, I proceed to the interview room with 4 other sucessful applicants... All of them got an offer in public univiersity... only me in private university. Looking at them makes me feel ashame of even applying for scholarship. Three of them was brought up with a single parent, one due to divorce, while the other two ........ Suddenly, I felt like the most fortunate, among the unfortunates... Though, at the end, only me do most of the talking and answering, my desire to get the scholarship lessen.

Maybe there is a reason why I never got short listed... there are so many ppl who really need it, more than me.... I have hands, I have leg, and I have a family to support me. I guess I should instead take loan and slowly pay it back with my own effort. Hopefully in the end, the one that really deserve the scholarship gets it...


Anonymous 12:57 AM  

NAH there you GO. shortlisted for Gamuda interview all. after so many rejection. so now you cannot complain u are never ever shortlisted for a single interview. Good LUCK! I hope you get it. you deserve it. and God bless you.

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