I will study...later

Ching Yee reminded me today, about mid terms. Both mine and her are beginning next week. Next week is not actually next week. It`s actually just a few more days away!!! and I don`t even know what subject my exam is, let alone study. Die.

Have too many things at one go. When something else comes up, everything clashes and I don`t know what to do. For example, I just receive a confirmation that I`ve been selected for the final round of Gamuda Scholarship intereview. It`s on thursday. Now, what should I do. I can`t go back on wednesday because I have meetings, usually till 12am. I can`t go back on thursday morning because it just won`t make it back in time for the interview.

And if I make it to the interview, I have to get back in like 2 hours time for my exam in the evening. Everything is so complicated. And I can`t reshecdule my classes because it will clash with my activities. I haven`t been going home for the pass 3 weeks. probably will not do so for another 2 week.... (but I have to reach home before I go to the interview because my tie and shirt are all there.... NOO!!!)

I really dono what to do. Study? Club duties? prepare for interview? go home?
Guess what.. I play games......


Anonymous 2:40 PM  

btw, mine is just a very very normal very very short test. no implications on final results. urs i believe is a totally diff thg altogether. well at least u hv a topic to blog bout...

Alex 9:01 PM  

yer... so unfair!!

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