I can`t remember what to blog...again

Omg, I`m probably having a blogger`s block. In my boring clases rooms, things just pop up in my head on what to blog. But when I open blogger, the idea just, disaaapears! It`s either that class is just too boring so my mind wonders off away, to dreamland, or that I`m just too lazy to type when I open blogspot, which makes whatever I have in mind, seems completely senseless.

Maybe I`ll blog about a quote my lecturer made. He said :

"It seesms that the quality of a lecturer depends on the time he spends in class... the shorter the better."

This word came after the whole lecture hall claps when he releases the class 20 minutes early. True, everyone appreciattes a little less torture in class. It would be nice if every lecturer finishes his classes early instead of lecturing us about stuff that are already in the notes... i;e 1+1=2 kind of things. However, there is only one subject that not only I wanted classes to be longer, I wish there is extra. yea, engineering mathematics.

Finishing the whole chapter in 3 hours and 1 hour of tutorial, it got to take a genious or a very hard working person to be able to comprehend it. Since I`m netiher any of them, I find my self, left in the dark.... with lots of question marks.... like this-----> ?_? ?????

Oh ya, normaly I couldn`t be bothered, but exams is like just 2 weeks away... damm.. I though it`s only the first week since I came... ops.. no it`s been more than a month... what have I been doing all this why.. weird... times just pass without me realising. I wake up in the morining, go class, do some sports, do some club activity, go to bed. The exacty repetition that cause time seems to be repeating it self, everyday (think 50 first dates).

I wonder when will I get to move out from this curse of time. Holiays, I need holidays, so I can play game from dawn till the cows come home.


Anonymous 1:13 PM  

Have you heard any news from Gamuda Bhd. about the 2nd interview yet?

Alex 6:47 PM  

yeap.. just got a phone call from gamuda a couple an hours back... how bout you?

Anonymous 12:15 AM  

yea me too. was thinkin whether I got selected or not hours b4 the phone call. where u studyin? finishin locally?

Alex 12:53 AM  

yeap.finishing locally... sigh.. I`m going to have a big problem getting to the interview.. anyway.. add me in msn. keen1987@yahoo.com

I think it`s more appopriatte to chat there, instead of here

Anonymous 7:21 PM  

er, how long b4 teeth go crooked? really bad? i'm worried bout mine. stubborn like me;won't move the last few cm..

Alex 12:49 AM  

erm.. less than half a year :)

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