eh..what I want to blog again?

damm... suddenly I can`t remember what to blog.. aiks.... Stupid course moderaotor... Force us to learn one whole chapter of Engineering Maths in a mere 3 hours... SO many new things that we HAVEN`t learn... and excpet us to digest faster than our eyes can read.... What complex hyperbolic functions, principle argument, bah!! I`m confused.... now I`m really tired.... for the first time, I can`t catch up with what`s being though in class.. usually I just couldn`t remember them.. Now.. I totaly lost it... damm it damm it...

You know what that means.. it means I GOT TO STUDY.. oh no. torture torture... I foresee a miserable life ahead... sigh.


Anonymous 4:19 PM  

What do you think you're in college for? Of course have to study!!! Anyway, I have other alternatives to playing games ... Oh and my pc is too crazy to play on. Gotta go b4 it blacks out ...

Alex 1:51 AM  

its a university, mind you. but i`m still lazy.... too lazy

Terri 2:58 AM  

hav you been snacking on fast foods? I've just read something that says fast foods also causes fatigue which leads to excessive laziness. i hope i'm making sense. hahaha

Alex 12:38 PM  

erm.. didn`t ate kfc in weeks....
i guess it`s in the blood.. lol

Anonymous 5:30 PM  

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