Clashes, clashes and more clashes.

I just hate it... why is there only 24 hours in a day and why is there only 7 days a week. Why do Humans need to sleep 8 hours ( or in extreme cases like me, 12 hours) a day? I used to think time is weird, because you always have too much when you don`t need it, and too little when you need it. It`s never there for you.. it can never compromise.... and you have to live with it.

There is so many clubs and activities I want to join. but everything seems to clash.. on the same day. For some reasons, everyone love wednesday. Everything must be on wednesday. Almost ALL The Agm I knows falls on wednesday. I already have 3 AGM clashes on that stupid day, and my lecturer wants to have extra class, and my chess sessions have to be held at the very same time too. Wednesday, oh wednesday... why must you be so attractive.. just because you have the most letter doesn`t make u any better k. (actually, it have the same amount of letter as Saturday, but because of the W, it seems longer :P )

I seem to have most of my nights pack with things.. often having more than one activity per night. Actually, the only night seems free are my weekends... (as oppose to weekends being the most bz days in mylife last sem). Alas, weekends, are weekends again.

Monday - Voices training and probably Dice sessions. (will be going either one, depends on mood. I`m currently piss off at Voices president now)

Tuesday- Achery, CF and Wushu. ( Probably going for Wushu, achery is in the evening, will go to CF if got the time)

Wednesday- Chess Session, Applied Statics extra class. Robotics workshops, Eng Soc. meetings.. dono la..everything seems to be on wednesday...( Have to go class ler :( sob sob )

Thursday - Engineering Mathematics extra class, maybe Emina screening, and Dice, again :p
(Bah, I want to sleep at home)

Friday - Super free ler, go back Kajang play DotA.. lol (I wish)

Well weekends as I say, are empty.. I probably want to reserve those nights to study, now that I don`t understand most of my lessons..... I`m still looking for study partners.. anyone interested?


Alex 10:17 PM  

darn.. i have extra 2 AGM on this thursday.. where should I go? AGM for IEM, AGM for Care CLub? or extra class?

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