Busy once again.

This week, I have started my routine of getting myself busy. Its the club registeration week. I had three booth to take care but in the end only took care of one, which is chess club. First reason is because Chess Club needs me. Second reason being that Care Club have enough ppl to take care already, and third, I have problem with Voices. THe president assigned his friends to take care of the booth, and I know nothing about it, everytime I go there, it`s empty and no one`s there.. so in the end, I did not bother.

So this year, I`ve decided to join only;

Chess Club
Care Club
Christian Fellowship
Photography Club
Wushu Club
Archery Club
Engineering Society

A little lesser than last year, but this time it`s more manageable I hope. Chess takes wednesday night, but it clashes with my Applied Statics 'extra class' for 7 weeks (which the lecturer just announce today). Wushu is on Sunday. Care i think usually thursday. not sure. CF is on tuesday.
Achery everyday also got and it`s 5-7, so it`s ok. Photography doesn`t have weekly activities but they do have trainings and vacations occasionally, meanwhile eng soc and IEM, just for show ler :P (since renewal free :P )

I`ll probably be leading only Chess CLub. DOn`t want to add too much commitment to myself this year. I had my AGM today, and the response was quite good. About 70 people came, and almost half of them wants to join the committee. :) I really hope they are really sincere about this. I`m going to take this club to a level beyong a normal interest club. I`m talking about proper training sessions, and huge national tournament.... Loads to plan, I foresee loads of work, but it`s ok I guess.. since I`m not too busy with other clubs anymore.

AGM`s a sucess. I`m tired... really tired.. and I need to sleep.. yawn.... zzzzzzz


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