It happen again...

Another suicide case.... happen just 2 hours ago. One chinese boy jump off the highest floor (18th floor) from Ixora, the apartment located just opposite MMU Melaka campus. I always though the next person who will jump off from any tall building in Bukit Beruang would be me... bah..someone took the first leap.

Let`s put emotions aside and see, whether is it logical or not, for someone to end his life. According to sources, he leapt because he failed his pre-calculus. Yes, he is only a Alpha (foundation) student. Simply means he`s one year younger than me. And to top it all, I believe that it`s only a mid term exam (since finals is still another 2 months to go.). The last straw was when his parents scolded him and thus.... the fatal ending.

Assuming that this 'explanation' holds true, this would give you an idea how much students are being brough to think that examinations is everything. (no, I don`t think that way, my reasons are way beyong academic matters, though it`s one of a factor). Yesterday, I witness something horrible too, where students are being humilated by STAD councelor infront of everybody for failing their exams twice.

When a person fail his exams, it really depends whether the person have work hard for it or not. The parents should know best. If you know your son tried to study, and still didn`t make the grades... what you should instead do is to console and to motivate.. not punish. For those who don`t care to study.... nah, they won`t commit suicide just because they fail their exams.. (let alone mid terms.)

Someone told me that studying in MMU is like being in a pressure cooker. It`s very stressful indeed and unless you know when to press the OfF button, you`ll explode one day. He choose to end his life at the first mid term. If he can`t take it now, he defininetly can`t take it later. No one showed him where is the Off button. So, who`s to be blame. Parents,University? Malaysia perhaps?

*Now I know why I was born into a christian family, have a girlfriend and choose not to live in apartment.

updated *
Another speculation I heard is that he left his key in his room and decided to climb to his room through the balcony... and he sliped off the 18th floor. if that`s the case... ish...

The most unrealiable specis on Earth : Humans

Yeap, the one thing everybody must learn is never to trust too much of a person. The incident that prompt me to say this is my Lab Assignment. Last week, I ask by my friend to do Electrical Technology lab report for him, because I took his lab assignment for the week before. I refused because Electrical technology is way way way more harder and longer than the lab report I took from him, which is Thermodynamics 1. Then I offer to do the Thermodynamics 2 for him instead but he say he`ll rather do it for me that one, and as long I do the Electrical Technology. Fine I say, since it`s 2 of the 2 page report for one of this 5 page report.

I gave him my lab E. tech report on Sunday, the due date is on Monday. On Monday, I found out that he handed in the lab report I gave him, round round (bulat bulat). This means that he didn`t did a single changes and pass it up with the exact words, exact format, even the spacing is the same!!!. Do some changes la bugger, if get caught then all will get 0... I always took other`s lab report as a reference than I spend about 1 hour doing the changes.. and it`s a whole different lab report all together.

Nvm that, one problem aside. I`m suppose to pass my thermodynamics lab 2 tomorrow. Since he promised last week he`ll handle it, I went back Kajang on Wednesday night without worry. Then later at night, I asked him to pass the report to me today so I can make the necassarry ammendment. Guess what, He say he`s not doing it until Friday, the day we wants to pass up, the very same day that I`m travelling back to Malacca in the morning and classes in the afternoon. So, I plead him to do it on Thursday instead, it was a very very short report. 4 line procedure and the rest are just data of time and temperature. He say no and he`ll do whenever he like, and I just have to wait for him....

some fucker. I would have simply the lab report myself but I left my lab sheet and my datas back in Malacca, and I don`t think I can make it back so early in the morning to finish my lab report before class. But eitehr way, I told him that I`ll do it myself, wouldn`t want to depend on him, just in case something goes wrong.... by hook or by crook, I`ll get the report done....

Anyway, I dono how many of you who a reading this blog wants to know how my interview went. Well here goes. To me it was great, (minus the part from the 2 hour jam I suffer b4 the interview and and a 30 minutes detour who taking the wrong road on the way home. ). The interviewers were really experience, they gave the interview I expect, tough, and meaningful. The first interview last month was more of a friendly type, where you speak what you want and be really friendly. This time, the interviewers finds your fault and shoot you at every oppoturnity, and it`s up to you to defend yourself. Having debated quite a while, I`m more than used to this enviroment, and I even manage to manipulate it into a more not so serious type of interview and made them laugh a bit. (actually a lot).

Among the weird quetion that were ask :

1) Who`s the most famous Alexander. (duh)
2) Tell me something nice about Su May, (the girl who they just interviewed and was also my classmate).
3) Since she`s so nice, why don`t you take her as your girlfriend... (LOL)
4) I think you are very cruel. You say you`ll send ppl to jail if they don`t pay up they PTPTN loan. (this was in my essay last interview)
5) You dad`s a civil engineer? (that was funny because it ran so far from reality.... my father couldn`t even pass form 3 , let alone getting a engineering degree)
6) Why get a gf, aren`t your life complicated enough?
7) How can anyone pass calculus?
8) Who are you closest too in your family? your grandmother? since she seems to spoil you a lot.
9) You have no more questions? Weird, you seems to be a curios fellow.
10) Are you crazy? you join 16 clubs? I don`t believe you,tell me what are they. (they gave up after number 3. lol)

There are a few serious questions, concerning my time balance, and parent`s job and income, about how desperate I am.. yada yada. The question that I find most dificult was the Jailing part. I spend about 5 minutes convincing him, but only one of them buy it, the other one insist that it was disproportional and other options should be suggested. One of the criteria of being a debator that you must have to be able to justify whatever you say, even if it`s something like giving capital punishment for stealing a pencil. Not too much of a trouble in the end. Every of the other people who went it have a shock expression went they came out and said it was very tough. Well, you think that`s tough, try to talking to Wilz. I bet you`ll be speechless. He`ll make you think in a way that you never see things the same ever again.

At the end of the interview, I was somewhat dissapointted that it was so short. I was starting to enjoy it, laughing and all. Their final remark was positive, thank god..

*you are truely Alexander the Great.

Thank you very much, but I rather not be a badly Gay. wink.

One year has passed...

I could have blog about how I almost died playing tennis, wushu and basketball 7 hours in a row. And how I have lab report to hand up but I still don`t knwo what to do. (more accurately, I couldn`t find anyone to copy from). But those can wait.... Today, Adelene and I are officially one year.

Being me, who`s have superbly horrible memory on dates and occasions, actually do remember to about today :). So fast, yet seems so long... it`s one year, it`s 52 weeks, it`s 365 days. Been through so much together. I`ll let the pictures do the talking.. (alex digs digs photo album).

First date.

Yea, our first outing was the day I ask her to be my girlfriend. Went walk walk in Makhota Parade then realised it`s too boring. Then we headed over to the beach. Ate Ikan Pari bakar... I can still remember :) And fish taste exceptionly nice that day.

In my apartment.

Curi take this picture why she`s ironing my cloths. I never fold my cloths and iron my cloth the whole of last year because she did it for me :) Bet all the guys are jealous now.. mwahahaha. (lazy bum pampered to the max)

Lantern Festival.

sorry that there is no lanterns here. Actually, there wasn`t much lantern for a lantern festival, held in Malacca High School, (also known as mahai school - suggested by a student from a school nearby, Gajah Berang School, ie Gay Boy school). So that was the first time I saw most of her friends and we went satay celup after the party :P That was one of the very few night outing we had.

My 18th birthday.

Well, a birthday, with no friends, no family to be around... but one person make it up for all of them. She even bought a secret recipe cake for me, chesscake. yum yum. She bought it though she dislike chesscake.... just because I like it. And it was a suprise. I just came out of from shower and the cake was there, all litted with Happy Birthday to Alex. *i regreted so much sharing my cakes with other ppl.... I only get to eat 2 piece :(

Pangkor trip.

Probably our most memorialble holiday. A 3 days 2 night a pangkor. Play by the beach all day, went around eat seafood, shopping for souveniors.... Couldn`t find a word to better to describe than perfect. It is indeed a perfect holiday. I took a lot of nice photograph while being in the island. This picture (and the picture in my display) are among them. I think I had a few more in my friendster album.. :P (pictures including Adelene in bikinis... wee.. *runs away)

Taking pictures for the school magazine.

No no, we are taking pictures of other ppl for school magazine. This picture just came about because we are holding the cammera.. :P lose no oppoturnity to camwhore...

Hitz.FM birthday bash

Yea, I was carrying her.. that`s me, that`s her. Went to take up a game challenge from Hitz. and it`s on a stage, in front of hundreds of audience and live telecast. Lucky her parents didn`t notice, though many of her cousins saw her and already began to whisper to her parents. Adelene had to create stories to cover up... yea, I know, life sux.

Pink bolsters
Yea, took this picture as a proof to my soft toys craze. I gain this weird habit to like anything that`s soft. So, bolster, patric, bear bear, pillow.... will just take and hug. And spreading the bolster diesease to her... Over the years, she`s been trying to pick up with things I like... playing O2jam, half life... at least we have something to do together.


My first prom, and I got my gf as my date. How nice :) Adelene dress so nicely, and I went to great lengths to get my coat. Cuz I`m just too poor to buy one and I don`t want her to have a super lame bf who doesn`t even have a coat, I have to go around begging for one. At the end guess who I got my coat from, the president of the Student Representative Council. Lol. It`s definetly worth the hassle :)

Genting outing.

I think you guys should remember the entry I publish about my genting trip. That was out second long distant outing. Was just as nice as the first one... though we don`t have sandy beaches... we have tall mountains :).

It`s been a wonderful one year.... it should be the coming.. and for many more. Happy one year dear. :) Lots of hugs and kisses.

I will study...later

Ching Yee reminded me today, about mid terms. Both mine and her are beginning next week. Next week is not actually next week. It`s actually just a few more days away!!! and I don`t even know what subject my exam is, let alone study. Die.

Have too many things at one go. When something else comes up, everything clashes and I don`t know what to do. For example, I just receive a confirmation that I`ve been selected for the final round of Gamuda Scholarship intereview. It`s on thursday. Now, what should I do. I can`t go back on wednesday because I have meetings, usually till 12am. I can`t go back on thursday morning because it just won`t make it back in time for the interview.

And if I make it to the interview, I have to get back in like 2 hours time for my exam in the evening. Everything is so complicated. And I can`t reshecdule my classes because it will clash with my activities. I haven`t been going home for the pass 3 weeks. probably will not do so for another 2 week.... (but I have to reach home before I go to the interview because my tie and shirt are all there.... NOO!!!)

I really dono what to do. Study? Club duties? prepare for interview? go home?
Guess what.. I play games......


1) I have problems with the paip in my house.
2) I have problems with people who doesn`t take me seriously.
3) I have problems with utter stupility. (usually refer to people)
4) I have problems with waking up early every morning.
5) I have problems with staying awake in the afternoon.
6) I have problems with lecturer who care too much for his students.
7) I have problems living with only 24 hours a day.
8) I have problems with activities clashing left and right.
9) I have problems with things not getting done the right way.
10) I have problems with finishing my homework.
11) I have problems with my lack of experience and experties.
12) I have problem with my computer who hangs everytime I blog.
13) I have problems with sleeping any less that 10 hours a day.
14) I have problems with speaking proper english.
15) I have problems with my inability to remember dates.
16) I have problems with my inability to know what date I`m in.
17) I have problems with birthday wish, where I always forget to wish people, and ppl alawys forget to wish mine.
18) I have problems with my pile of cloths which stacks up, uniron.
19) I have problems with putting up a genuining smile.
20) I have problems with wanting to know and do everything.
21) I have problems with not being able to do what I want to do.
22) I have problems with seeing other people`s problem.
23) I have problems with being close minded.
24) I have problems with denial and acceptance.
25) I have problems with finding the motivation to live.
26) I have problems with me finding more problems.
27) I have problems to stop typing out my problems.
28) I have problems controlling my expression.
29) I have problems with everyone.
30) I have problems with everything.

In the end, I realised I only had one problem. I have problems with myself.

I can`t remember what to blog...again

Omg, I`m probably having a blogger`s block. In my boring clases rooms, things just pop up in my head on what to blog. But when I open blogger, the idea just, disaaapears! It`s either that class is just too boring so my mind wonders off away, to dreamland, or that I`m just too lazy to type when I open blogspot, which makes whatever I have in mind, seems completely senseless.

Maybe I`ll blog about a quote my lecturer made. He said :

"It seesms that the quality of a lecturer depends on the time he spends in class... the shorter the better."

This word came after the whole lecture hall claps when he releases the class 20 minutes early. True, everyone appreciattes a little less torture in class. It would be nice if every lecturer finishes his classes early instead of lecturing us about stuff that are already in the notes... i;e 1+1=2 kind of things. However, there is only one subject that not only I wanted classes to be longer, I wish there is extra. yea, engineering mathematics.

Finishing the whole chapter in 3 hours and 1 hour of tutorial, it got to take a genious or a very hard working person to be able to comprehend it. Since I`m netiher any of them, I find my self, left in the dark.... with lots of question marks.... like this-----> ?_? ?????

Oh ya, normaly I couldn`t be bothered, but exams is like just 2 weeks away... damm.. I though it`s only the first week since I came... ops.. no it`s been more than a month... what have I been doing all this why.. weird... times just pass without me realising. I wake up in the morining, go class, do some sports, do some club activity, go to bed. The exacty repetition that cause time seems to be repeating it self, everyday (think 50 first dates).

I wonder when will I get to move out from this curse of time. Holiays, I need holidays, so I can play game from dawn till the cows come home.

eh..what I want to blog again?

damm... suddenly I can`t remember what to blog.. aiks.... Stupid course moderaotor... Force us to learn one whole chapter of Engineering Maths in a mere 3 hours... SO many new things that we HAVEN`t learn... and excpet us to digest faster than our eyes can read.... What complex hyperbolic functions, principle argument, bah!! I`m confused.... now I`m really tired.... for the first time, I can`t catch up with what`s being though in class.. usually I just couldn`t remember them.. Now.. I totaly lost it... damm it damm it...

You know what that means.. it means I GOT TO STUDY.. oh no. torture torture... I foresee a miserable life ahead... sigh.

Parking fine

Dear Sir

An appeal for a parking fine on 13 July 2006

I, Alexander Loh ( ID 1051102250), would like to appeal for subject stated above. The reason given for my summon was that my motorcycle was parked on a yellow line, just beside the row of parking lots located behind CLC.

2. The justification for my appeal is this; that it inevitble for me to park in the parking lot because the rest were all take up. This is one issue that this university have always face in the recent years, the limited parking space and it`s unproportioned vehicles in MMU. Therefore parking 1 spot beside the allocated parking spot seems to be a fair alternative.

3. To futher support my case, I have taken account to the dimesion of the road. The purpose of a yellow line is to avoid any obstruction to the road/traffic or to reduce the risk of causing an accident. Judging from the width all of the road, It is still possible for motorist to pass through with still a lot of spaces to spare. A law is there to protect/help people, not to restrain them.

4. In addition to my appeal, I would also like Sir, to consider converting those yellow line into parking space for the benefit of the students of MMU Malacca. With all these reasons, I humbly hope you will consider my appeal. Many thanks.

Yours Sincerely

Alexander Loh


well..that was nicely said.... I would really much rather to go there.. f*ck you for being so unreasonable.... my leg hurts like hell with blisters... and there is no more place for me to park.. want me to park a few blocks away and walk ah? bugger..... some more.. still got so many place.. not to say I park in the middle of the road.. ish.. really nth to do.. go lock ppls bike and bicycle.... so more I so poor d.. still want to fine me.. grr grr.. barks...

Clashes, clashes and more clashes.

I just hate it... why is there only 24 hours in a day and why is there only 7 days a week. Why do Humans need to sleep 8 hours ( or in extreme cases like me, 12 hours) a day? I used to think time is weird, because you always have too much when you don`t need it, and too little when you need it. It`s never there for you.. it can never compromise.... and you have to live with it.

There is so many clubs and activities I want to join. but everything seems to clash.. on the same day. For some reasons, everyone love wednesday. Everything must be on wednesday. Almost ALL The Agm I knows falls on wednesday. I already have 3 AGM clashes on that stupid day, and my lecturer wants to have extra class, and my chess sessions have to be held at the very same time too. Wednesday, oh wednesday... why must you be so attractive.. just because you have the most letter doesn`t make u any better k. (actually, it have the same amount of letter as Saturday, but because of the W, it seems longer :P )

I seem to have most of my nights pack with things.. often having more than one activity per night. Actually, the only night seems free are my weekends... (as oppose to weekends being the most bz days in mylife last sem). Alas, weekends, are weekends again.

Monday - Voices training and probably Dice sessions. (will be going either one, depends on mood. I`m currently piss off at Voices president now)

Tuesday- Achery, CF and Wushu. ( Probably going for Wushu, achery is in the evening, will go to CF if got the time)

Wednesday- Chess Session, Applied Statics extra class. Robotics workshops, Eng Soc. meetings.. dono la..everything seems to be on wednesday...( Have to go class ler :( sob sob )

Thursday - Engineering Mathematics extra class, maybe Emina screening, and Dice, again :p
(Bah, I want to sleep at home)

Friday - Super free ler, go back Kajang play DotA.. lol (I wish)

Well weekends as I say, are empty.. I probably want to reserve those nights to study, now that I don`t understand most of my lessons..... I`m still looking for study partners.. anyone interested?

Talk about being unreasonable

I really love MSN. Why? because it records everything you and your chat mate say. So there can be no denial or stuff like " NO, I didn`t say that". And it gives you a chance to look back what you said, (somethings you say things the way you don`t mean to say, or sometimes you just don`t know what you say).

Being someone who always have to organize things whenever there is an outing or a yum cha or a game, I thought I have learn to be patient. Apparently, I was so wrong... I had my last straw today and I just don`t become myself anymore. All this comes from a effort to organize a badminton session, with the wrong people.

It just so hard to call people to play badminton here. Unlike my friends back at kajang, where all I need is just few phone calls, or sms, here everyone seems to have their own stuff, and wouldn`t compromise a little bit. In simple term, they just don`t care. I can swear that I have ask the question 'when are you free to play badminton' and things along those line, no less than 100 times. (to different ppl of cuz). Everytime there seems to be a possibility everyone could play together, something went wrong somewhere. And for all the stupid-est reason in the world. I feel lame la. Tired la. Mom want to go shopping la. Or simply I can`t today.

So, after so many delays, I finally decided to play badminton this week. Because it`s been really long since I met 2 of my (so call)friends to play a game together. And also because they have been asking me a couple of time when to play also. Then later, one goes like, but I got extra class on this saturday. Fine, till saturday, he say his class were canceled. But its a little late too play today already... so he suggested tomorrow. To prove this, I provide his own words.

A : play tomorrow la
Me : tomorrow? ok then.. who else`s playing

.... discuss who else will be playing

Me : I`ll see how, I call ppl first. If got enough ppl and court, I`ll inform you.

So tomorrow comes. I called the ppl, asking them to make it for the game, then after make sur got at least 4 playing, then I go book the court, and I book 4-6. So after sms everyone, I got reply from mr.A ,

"you booked already? B. and I are having lunch now. Later got stomach upset. HOw about 6pm"

That`s 1.30 pm. I mean it`s still 1 and a half hour to go.. rest properly and digest ler. Then they call me online and 'talk to me'. Its really fine that if they can`t go and all if they worry their stomach upset ,but then.. this came up.

"This is poor planning and informing on your part"

Still, fine, I`m not really upset, yet.. but when one of them started the

"I organized movie trips" ( I knew the I`ve done this b4 thing going to come up somewhere)

Reasons why badminton trips are different from movie trips.

Fundamental reasons : There only a few badminton players and you`ll need at least 4 to play. And all these ppl always have conditions. Some don`t want to play at night, some don`t want to sunday, some want to go back hometown, some got work, some got class.. and the most reasonly added, I can`t play because I need 4 hours to digest my food.... You don`t get this for movie trips i.e " I don`t want to go to this movie cuz the pop corn sux".

Fine, if you thigns to go your way, by all means... go organized the next badminton session... I had enough already... I just told you yesterday that I`m going to call ppl. And being with us so long, you know we`ll NEVER be able to play at 6pm because Malacans (adelene and sujj and even siew, but he`s not here), will have to go home for dinner. So you go eat late, then inisist must rest 4 hours before playing, that`s your problem.. but don`t say;

"this is poor planning and informing on your part"

Looking back at those messages, things doesn`t start off that tense. It was quite ok with me saying saying sorry and all because I didn`t notice they waited for me to online.and talk talk... and B even say halfway (after all the labeling and insults.)

" I`m still your friend"

Only to come back later with loads of capital letters and F words and A shouted " go drool over you misery". Though I have little friends, (or none at all), but having so call friends that will cause this kind of misery ( yea, I lost my mood the whole day), sometimes I wonder is it worth having it at all.

Or maybe, I should have talk the way I suppose to. Be really calm and pretend I`m fine and just take in all the blame. Yea yea.. that should work.. Then everyone will love me I have loads and loads of friend.. wee :) Alex.. your are such and idiot.

* you know, I buy your reasons even though some ppl told be it`s just an excuse. I`m just frustrated that all you guys choose to eat late in the afternoon and blaming me for it after telling me to organize the badminton session just a day before.*

O2jam - music brings people together

Yesterday, I made Adelene play o2jam online. So I join her. Due to differences of level, I change my settings so that I can only play the song with one hand. So it`s fun for her and for me too. We fail the same songs and all.

The best part is that seeing her leveling up. In just 2 days, her level is not lvl 5. Is like as if I`m playing, and I`m leveling up.. It sure fun.. haha.. Since I have no money to give her for real shopping, I shoped for her virtual cloths.... So her Avatar now is nice and pretty.

Finally, we found something to do together :)

Busy once again.

This week, I have started my routine of getting myself busy. Its the club registeration week. I had three booth to take care but in the end only took care of one, which is chess club. First reason is because Chess Club needs me. Second reason being that Care Club have enough ppl to take care already, and third, I have problem with Voices. THe president assigned his friends to take care of the booth, and I know nothing about it, everytime I go there, it`s empty and no one`s there.. so in the end, I did not bother.

So this year, I`ve decided to join only;

Chess Club
Care Club
Christian Fellowship
Photography Club
Wushu Club
Archery Club
Engineering Society

A little lesser than last year, but this time it`s more manageable I hope. Chess takes wednesday night, but it clashes with my Applied Statics 'extra class' for 7 weeks (which the lecturer just announce today). Wushu is on Sunday. Care i think usually thursday. not sure. CF is on tuesday.
Achery everyday also got and it`s 5-7, so it`s ok. Photography doesn`t have weekly activities but they do have trainings and vacations occasionally, meanwhile eng soc and IEM, just for show ler :P (since renewal free :P )

I`ll probably be leading only Chess CLub. DOn`t want to add too much commitment to myself this year. I had my AGM today, and the response was quite good. About 70 people came, and almost half of them wants to join the committee. :) I really hope they are really sincere about this. I`m going to take this club to a level beyong a normal interest club. I`m talking about proper training sessions, and huge national tournament.... Loads to plan, I foresee loads of work, but it`s ok I guess.. since I`m not too busy with other clubs anymore.

AGM`s a sucess. I`m tired... really tired.. and I need to sleep.. yawn.... zzzzzzz

Lene`s 18th birthday blast on 29 June (last thursday)

One month ago, I was beginning to feel uneasy. Adelene`s bday is coming soon, and I really dono what to do. 1 week ago, I was busy preparing...... A secret/suprise party for her. Though it was pretty last minute. Last minute prep, last minute invitations... the party goes on...

There were a lot, I mean A LOT of obstacle to get this party done. First of all would be getting the people. I have to invite Adelene`s friend, without Adelene knowing. Now, how do I do so? I don`t know much of her friends, only know a few close one. Through some contacts, I got one person, and the other, and all in all, I manage to get around 15 people. The next problem that arise is how to get them here, without Adelene knowing. That`s real hard...

Thus the plan begins. I`ll bring Adelene away while Jessie and Eo help out in the kitchen back at home for the steamboat. The rest of the people must be there and hide in the room at 7pm. And if everything went well, I should arrive home with her in 10 minutes time and I`ll go into the room and come out with a cake while singing happy birthday with the rest.

The only problem is. most of them have classes till 7, thus everything is delayed. I myself suppose to have class till 7 and worst still, I need to leave for the 10 pm bus at night to make it for Friday`s interview. I manage to change my class schedule and the rest promise to rush here right after class. So I proceed with the plan.

6pm - Brought Adelene to Sental to buy time. (and for me to buy the bus tickets)
6.15 - Went into A&W to drink root beer
6.35- Still got time, went to get her a cake at secret recipe at tesco
7.00 - Called back to check for status... all not ready yet.
7.05 - Walk around to waste time.
7.20 - Receive clearance to make it back home.
7.22 - Had trouble putting the cake on my bike. Worry the cake will be destroyed.
7.25 - On the highway heading back home
7.30 - Bike`s tire punture in the middle of highway...!!!!! (of all time and of all place)
7.50 - Aaron and Jessie to the rescue. I ride my punture tire bike home... Adelene followed Aaron
8.00 - I reach home while Aaron decoyed and left for 7/11 giving us time to prepare.
8.10 - Adelene arrive home.. surprise red alert.
8.15- Walk into the room and light`s open.. SURPRISE!!!
8.20- Massive steamboat with rice cooker and pots and loads of food...
8.45- Afifi`s head got smashed with cake. lol
9.10 - Everyone bloated and full.
9.20 - Adelene opens present, while I prepare to my stuff to go back to kajang.
9.40- Left my house in Malacca for Sentral. Party`s over :(
9.55 - Reach at sentral.. phew.. less than 5 minutes b4 bus leaves.

That is all I could do for her birthday this year. Though the party is short, though everything almost went wrong, it turns out alright. A million million thanks to Jessie for helping out so so much, for planning this party, for buying all the things, for helping to consipire Adelene... Thanks you all the rest also for helping out in the kitchen or cooking (yes kelvin.. i know you cook), and cleaning up after I`ve gone. Thanks you all for be there.

Snapshots, Wink.. (sorry on 4 pictures.... the rest is in yi chong`s cam.)

ME and Adelene In A&W

Everyone in the room... ready to surprise

lene gone mad after meeting up her sec. school friend

Lene and Val.


I`m going back to Malacca tomorrow. Classes will start again... Haven`t done any revision. Probably going to skip classes again... or fell asleep. It looks like it going to rain.. Everything seems bad... No mood to blog d. Life sucks..

*real reason - England and Brazil lost. Damm.

The interview..

God always answer your prayer, even if it`s delayed :) After whinning and grubling about not getting any scholarship interview for almost one year, Gamuda Berhad decided to give me a chance. I was shortlisted from 200 applicants to attend the scholarship interview in the Hq yesterday.When I applied I didn`t expect much, and this was the only scholarship I apply for this year, cuz I already gave up hope on applying. Well.. God certainly work in mysterious ways.

This interview doesn`t come in easy. It falls on friday, a day where I sudedenly been assigned to attend lab sessions, and a whole lot of classes.... I have to appeal, replace my classes and labs... making round trips from office to office to do so. And the end, I have to travel from malacca to kajang on the night of Adelene`s birthday... What price to pay...

My interview session started on 10.00 am. I made it there just in time because I got lost somewhere in the area... (remembered the wrong address). Nevertheless... I wasn`t late so everything is still good :) It started with a writen personality test and an essay about one current issue. I was like... huh? an essay? with my handwriting? lol.... definitely not a good sign.

After that, I proceed to the interview room with 4 other sucessful applicants... All of them got an offer in public univiersity... only me in private university. Looking at them makes me feel ashame of even applying for scholarship. Three of them was brought up with a single parent, one due to divorce, while the other two ........ Suddenly, I felt like the most fortunate, among the unfortunates... Though, at the end, only me do most of the talking and answering, my desire to get the scholarship lessen.

Maybe there is a reason why I never got short listed... there are so many ppl who really need it, more than me.... I have hands, I have leg, and I have a family to support me. I guess I should instead take loan and slowly pay it back with my own effort. Hopefully in the end, the one that really deserve the scholarship gets it...

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