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It had begun.. again

Alex`s motivation in study can easily be plotted into a graph. The exact same graph as P versus V (pressure versus volume).

Before the start of sem... I had some spirit of anticipation and always wanted to study. First week past... Bored to death... Gained a new programming skills. --> /ignore . Totaly not affected by what the lecturer is saying.

It`s the second week already.. I`m totaly drained out of energy to concentrate in classes anymore. Today, it`s the last straw. I went to Engineering Mathematics class. Sat in the first row.. The halls is nice. The lights are dimmed. The aircon is cold. The sweater is warm. The screen is blurry.... Poof... I slept. The last thing I saw was limits.... I woke up.. classes ended.. He had finished Implicit Diffentiation. I walk off.. with 200 ppl looking at me just minutes before.. when I was soundly asleep.

The next class.. I didn`t even bother... I played chess outside the class room.... Went in 1 hour later to do the quiz.. And I left... And that`s my lectures for today.....

My neighbourhood

It`s been almost 10 days since I moved in to this new neighbourhood. The feeling of living in a Taman is quite different from a condominium. In a condo, though every apartment is so closed to each other, everyone is so distant.. no one bothers to talk or anything.. even if we see the same guy in the same lift for like one whole year.

Well.. actually, status quo is no better. I got to know that Afifi only lives 1 house away from me... hee..means I can go kacau him at weird hours... I got to know Guna stays just 2 rows away, and his gang plays football/futsal every evening. I also know a bunch of kids of plays basketball daily. Gosh.. I tell you, I was so shock to the way they play. I could roughly estimate thier age.. which is somewhere between 12-16.. but they had those style you see in streets basketball at And1 competition... damm badly memalukan wei....I so many years elder but still coudn`t do any of those :P

Well.... I might wanna mix around with them... play football or basketball in the evening.... those times which long gone since primary school.... It`s nostalgic :) Things will get better... eventually

A new interface

I really really like the old blog template.... but unfortunately, it`s getting a little bit repetative having the same interface for almost a year already. So, after much procrastination, I finally decided to change my blog a litttle.

As you could see..nothing much fancy. I initially intended to change and put loads or loads of cool graphics.. then I realised I sux at graphic desisgn. And I`m too lazy to photoshop all my pictures to fit into a new blog.. hence, a simple blog design... curi from somewhere one :P

I`ve removed the annoying song and change the theme a little. I`ll try to add a little more stuff here and there. The only problem I have with this source code is that I just couldn`t find any room for modification... it`s all so.. -fixed-. And the words are a little small.. ok., it`s VERY small..Even I have a hard time reading it. I`ll see what I can do.. after I consult some pros :P

Maybe I`m adding a wishlist soon... so people can know what to buy for my birthday present :P wink. If anyone have any suggestion what I should add... just comment away :) If not, you`ll see me adding another video player and annoying songs. (you don`t want that to happen).

Thank you faithful reader(s)... if there is any....

How the past affects your present.

I can`t believe I`m going to blog about the SPB again... again and again.. I`m getting tired of it really.. let me go.... or rather... let me let go. I thought that the ghost of SPB will go away with last sem. I was so wrong. Staying with 3 SPB members, who one was my house mate, who is now the Editor in Chief for Sigma, one Editor in Chief Emeritus of Sigma, and one Editor in Chief for Nexus, the hopes of getting the word SPB out of my life seems impossible. Not that I wanted this but at the time when I agred to move it with them, it was way b4 that incident. (reference to 'that' incident is in one of those April or May entries.)

Not only that now, all my house mates are all taken by SPB, which render me to the living in the whole house with me alone all the time. I never thought life in uni will be like this. I always dream of having a group of friends... playing dotA and CS every time of our life.. having lan party.... Not this life of staying alone in the house and blogging every night. Anyway, today, I just couldn`t help it, but relived the momment when I first left SPB.

I always believed that SPB wholes such importance that it should exist no matter what it takes. Though I left it, I always pray so that it`s purpose is served. I always check up with aaron too see if everything is going on well... I tried to give suggestion what he could do and to make sure everything goes fine. I don`t mind helping.. even behind the scene.

Today, comes the SPB camp. A camp that I used to look forward to so so much. I planned so much for this camp.... meeting juniors and stuff... Of cuz I had so much plan for the club as well...Since I`m not part of the club anymore... those plans worth nothing more than rubbish. As if it hurts me that I couldn`t be part of the camp, the commitees are bringing all the camp members back to my house and afifi`s house because they couldn`t get a place to stay.

I was quite happy at first, because this will be a chance for me to look at the new comers.. to see their abilities, to be relieved that SPB will have fresh talents, to give some words of encouragement for them to stay in SPB, to tell them the importance of thier role.... Then, again, my dream have been taken away.. again... Just as I was about to join them for supper.. (because I only ate instants for dinner.. no thanks too ALL my friends who left me alone because of the camp), the president told me not to influence the newbies. Not to talk to them about SPB and the past.

I was really really upset at those words. Because all I have is some sincere hopes and wishes. It`s as if I`m there to stir everyone away from SPB. Even with the few new members who constantly persuade me to tell why I quit SPB (cuz they saw me in the Sigma year book last year but I`m not in the club this year), I refuse to tell them so.. and say things will be for the better. It`s really tempting to blurt it all out... what happened.. but I refuesed to do so.. for the sake of SPB. And now, I`ve been suspected to do so..... just by something as simple as joining them for supper.

For some reasons, I can`t find a reason to blame them. When one quit, one should really quit. The simplest example is Dr Mahathir. When he was the p.m. everyone was wailing and weeping when he say he want`s to quit. Now that he wants to say something.. everyone ask him to shut up. In the end.. I could find no one to blame except myself. I should really learn to let go.... let it go already Alex. Nevermind ur house mates.. nevermind walking the same staircase u walk the whole of last year, nevermind the fact that you`ll be alone... (for now at least)... you left, you quit, and you should stay away....

I believed I need professional counselling....

A week without net, friends, and motivation.

First week of semester. I got my net on the last day. I already felt dead bored at ALL my clases and already been skipping class. To my dismay, I found no interest in my subjects at all.. I can`t imagine spending another 4 years here. My room is pretty comfortable but my house is always always empty. which makes me feel lonely at times. I`m at home all alone near 20 hours a day, and I just don`t have anyone to talk to, or to eat dinner with, or to play game with.......

Without internet, I don`t even have my only sources of escape...... the world wide web... I really hope will change... for the better....

All I want is just some really nice friends.. is that too much to ask for?

Life of an Undergraduate.

Tonight will be my last night staying in Kajang after a long 3 weeks break. I`ll head back for Malacca tomorrow, and in 3 days time, I`ll begin my studies of an undergrad. But b4 I take a step front, let put aside everthing and do a little reflection on what I have done/(had not do) this whole academic year

Semester 1

-came to University a blur and lost chill
-get to know some really fucked up people.
- get to know Adelene.
- learnt to play magic.
- learn to adapt into the 4 point system evaluation (and how to pull of a 4 w/o studying much)
- learnt that some lecturer are just to stupid/stuborn to accept thier mistake.
- get involve into too many clubs and had trouble attenting all of them
- was elected Head of Content for Sigma.
- was elected Badminton Sport`s Division commitee.
- was having trouble adjusting to new people. Some people seems to have a problem with me.
- had a wonderful vacation at Pangkor.

Semester 2

- Celebrated my first valentine... (with Adelene of cuz)
- Did physics homework for the first time in my life.
- Directed a badminton tournament.
- Attended my first debate tournament.... spooky...

Semester 3

- had even more debate tournaments...
- attended 2 proms...
- had the hell of my life doing sigma and problems with SPB
- Chess Club is revived with me being the VP.
- Attended even more debates.... and learning to be a better one...
- Had trouble with studies... getting physics as my lowest mark... all the weirdest thing in the world happening to me....
- attempted suicide on countless occasion.. but never once close... (if u count one leg out the window of the 7th floor is close.. hmmm. then.. bleh)
- Slowly picking up my life again, and found joy of being in a class (with classmates and friends) 3 weeeks before we split into different campuses..

Life wasn`t easy.. especially u have so much to take, so much at stake. so much pressure.. people expect so much from you... and I my self expect so much from myself.... In the end, I conceed that I`m a little bit too cruel to myself.. and from then on.. I`ll take myself a little bit easier.....

Among the things I regreted...

- Regret didn`t make friends with my classmates.
- Regret trying to establish friendship over something impossible.
- Regret dropping off all my passion and interest for one club which I over emphasize and overly commiteed..
- Regret trying to prove my worthness so hard only the be insulted in the end.

but among the things I rejoince....

- Rejoiced that I still have a few friends at the end of semester...
- Rejoiced that I`m finally relieved from my ordeal and torment
- Rejoiced that though I had a hard time in semester 3, I still scored a 4.0.. third time in a row.. (keep my fingers cross.)
- Rejoiced that I manage to blend into the debating society
- Rejoiced that I had a wonderful family who always take cares of me and never back stab me.. ever...
- Rejoice that I don`t think about killing myself anymore..

Looking at 4 years ahead... though I know the road will not be smooth... but I hope I`ll brave the challenges and keep on striving...... No more persismistic Alex.... it`s be vice-versa from now onwards..

Pasar Malam and the smelly taufu

It`s been 3 years since I first say I want to go to the Pasar Malam at Taman Coggnout, but only today, I finally make it. And I brought my sis along, who without fail, bugs me to bring here there everytime she talks to me. All, in all, there were 5 person in the car... Nick, KL, Jon, my sis and I.

As usuall, the first problem of going to pasar malam is finding a parking. We parked right in the middle of the road... Traffic could still flow as the lane is big enough to afford a parking right at the center :) wink. The pasar malam is BIG!!. actually more like LONG!!. IT took me 2 hours to walk from one end to another end and back. And there is a lot and lots of stuff... more complete than certain shopping malls I knew.......

I shoped till I broke, and I still want to buy more stuff. I bought a super nice wallet for 10 bucks, a termoflask/cup for another 10, an IQ blocks for my brother, another 10 bucks, a handphone cover for my mom, 8 bucks, taiwan saugage and pizza for 2 bucks, fried mushroom for another 2 , and one last ringgit on drinks. that 43 precious ringgits on a night market....

I`m quite happy though, I saw a lot of stuff I want to buy, which too bad I can`t cuz I`m out of cash.. (which is a good thing). There an alarm clock that glows and switch colours every minute of so, there is a mega sale for toys, there is a nice jacket i want to buy for adelene, (stop by my sis cuz she say my taste sux.). This is sure one hell of a place to shop...

Oh ya, b4 I end this short entry, there is something really special about this pasar malam.... the smelly taufu.. also known in Hong Kong as Chao Tau Fu... It`s as literal as it could be.. IT IS REALLY DAMM DAMM SMELLY. Stinks worst than public toilet. I never thought u could be that bad. And I was told in Hong Kong, it`s worst.. the smell could spread to a few blocks. Though it really stink, I really want to try it, and see what so nice about it. To my horror, they are so many ppl already in line for it..... Despite my enthusiatism to try it, I couldn`t bear to line up and bear the stench of the taufu stall all the way. I want to buy it... close my nose and eat it as fast as possible.. No such luck then...

P;s - Luckly I didn`t buy... Jon wouldn`t have allow me to go back in his car if I actually get my hands on those taufu....

The Great Serdang Debate.

The Great Serdang Debate.

Not blogging for one week gives you two things. One, A LOT of things to blog about. Two, laziness (to blog). Plus the internet have been done for the past few days, I really felt like standing on the fence, swaying to fall on the ‘no-to-blog’ side. I know it`s not an excuse as I can still blog on Microsoft word (which I`m doing now) and publish it later. Then again, I face the problem of forgetting to publish it at all. But, the big question is, why do I want to publish it in the first place. Why do I want to go through all this trouble just to make everyone read about ‘why I feel lame today (any other day).’

The initial and sole reason why I choose to blog is because I want to keep a journal on my life. Especially for the National Science Quiz which without doubt, one of those occasion that I wish it had never end. Besides, blogging gives you a perfect and user friendly interface so that I`ll never need to find where my entries which facades with my doctor`s hand writing. I guess at the end of the day, I just have to keep blogging if I still want my 2 years worth of entries.

Alright, on with the Great Serdang Debate, also known as GSD. For this tournament, I went as an adjudicator. The first round was terrible. The debate was below par, with speakers doesn`t know what they are talking about, some didn`t fill in the min 6 minutes, sigh… But what was worst was the chair in the room was a first timer, and I went in as a panelist!. I ended up taking over his duty as chair and teach them ( him and one more panelist) to give points and to give oral adjudication.

Fortunately, for the second round, it was quite a average debate and I did enjoy it even though I was extremely sleepy. ( due to the fact that I woke up at 6 and I just ate lunch). The chair was pretty good and 3 of us debated on why we think which team should win. Expecting that I would see even a better debate in round 3, I was given the shock of my life. The debate was even worst than round 1. Had a debater age probably around 40 for I felt so awkward to judge, and the whole team just suck. GRRR and the chair adju SUCK EVEN MORE. I just don`t get it, why the sucky adjudicator keep on becoming chair! To show how terrible the extend of this injustice, a adjudicator who broke (the term broke refers to breaking into the top 8) for AUDC, an ASEAN lvl tournament, got sent as a panelist whose chair is my first adjudicator. *the one which I thought how to give points and stuff.

I nearly cried at the end of day 1 for throwing off a beautiful day attending stupid rooms with stupid chairs (except the second round)… bah!! Could have stay at home and play dota with Nick and the rest. With heavy heart, I followed Amran, Siew and Jon back and brace myself for day 2, hoping things will change. Well at the very worst, England won 1-0 that night J hurray.. even though they didn`t score any goal, ( it was a scored by it`s own team player. Pity Paraguay)

Day 2 begin with waking up at 6 something in the morning, again. I left my charger at Amran`s house and the GSD goodie bag at his`s car. So much for a good day. Round 4 wasn`t that good either, though I was chairing and there were no pesky and dumb adjudicator with me this time. Besides, it`s Daniel`s team debating and he`s pretty good, after attending so many competition, both local and international.

Things really kicked in after that. MMU Melaka team 1 broke into the quarters, and I broke into the quarters for adjudication. But got insulted by my team because even adjudicator who broke got a cheer from their campus mate, and my team mates look at me, shouted “wtf” and laugh. Sometimes, I just hate them… (though I admit, I do think they are better adjudicator who ought to broke)

They lost in the quarters and left me alone there after that. I broke into the semis and to the finals.. but was later taken out from the panel because MMU cyber was one of the finalist. (baH!! I`m from MMU MELAKA DAMM IT… It`s 100 miles away from cyber!!) The finals was grand but the debate was boring because the government squirrel the debate and I think they lost.. serve them right.

Overall as a whole, I kinda enjoy this tournament, and I quite certain I didn`t regret going for this tournament. I learned to enjoy having new friends, learn to reopen my trust to luck, (I randomly ask a person hoping he/she is from kajang so I can take a ride home as no more public transport is in service after 11). What more, I learn to be patient, not shouting at my chair and silently, resent of being in a lower position even though ur boss is a total moron. Bet it sure helps in my future career. I do believe that if u really have the capability, sooner or later, u`ll be recognized…

Congrats to all Voices Melaka, we certainly make a big step and I`m sure, there will be many more to come J

Temporary Unavailable

www.keen1987.blogspot.com is temporary unavaible... go amuse ur self with kennysia.com or watever.....

Of fiction, lies and reality

I`m taking a break from all the holiday theme blog entries. After so many days of travelling all over the place, staying at home doesn`t seem to bad. Catch up on sleeping, eating and reading. Bridging my title and reading.... I think you can guess where this leads too. I don`t know how many people actually expect me to blog about this... but eventually, it`ll be up, one way or another.

And if one still doesn`t have a clue what I`m rattling about, it`s so obvious I`m talking about the famous controversial Da Vinci`s code. I think most ppl around me knew I`m a Christian.. or more precise, a catholic. A lot of them never knew the word Catholic exist till the novel sprung up. Being quite annoyed by so many ppl arguing/ throwing brickbats/ forming opinion/ defending / condemming the work of Dan Brown, I guess I had enough.

I heard both side of the argument.. coming from Christians, to non- Christians... but obviously, the non-christian usually had nothing more to say except " Aha.. I knew it! Christianity is SO fake". Which kind of sadden me not because they insult my religion, is because it shows utter stupility of human, speaking without the slightest idea what they are saying. Having even not read the book, not even understanding the story, not even knowing at the end of the movie that the girls was (supposingly) the decendent of Jesus, they say something along the lines that Christ doesn`t exist... bleh..

Ok ok, ignoring the insignificant ones.. let talk about issues that make sense. For the benefit of those want to know what fueled the anger of certain christian... here is it. The whole theme of the book was questioning Christ`s divinity. (if you don`t know what divinity meant, pls use the dictionary, I`ve done enough spoon feeding). It states that Jesus actually married to Mary Magdelene and the Catholic church had done all sorts to silence the truth, including murder.
And the 2nd reason.. probably the worst of all, is that the writer claim this

"All description of artwork, achitect ture, document and secret rituals in this novel are accurate"

Very confusing indeed. True, it doesn`t say that his claims on all histroical backgrounds are fact, but claiming authentic on the proof (cocument, artwork and rituals) is just another way of saying, "what I tell you is right" Anyway, b4 anyone conclude that I`m of those angry christian of condemms Dan Brown... I`m not.

Though I cannot really justify and applaud for Mr Dan Brown for writing this book, I believe it bring both good and harm. In fact, it`ll bring more good than harm under correct circumstaces. People have been selling Christ all the time. 2000 years ago, Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver. Ppl use sold Jesus for their advertisment. Now Dan Brwon sold Jesus in his book and became a millionaire. But, not nessacary a bad thing. With Judas, we had known salvation, and with Dan Browm, we had many sleeping Christian, now suddenly find them self in a pool of questions from ppl around him.

This put many christian into a dangerous situation. Either their foundation is strong and their faith will not fumble or they will be blown off together with the wind. It`s a good thing though, for Jesus said, It`s either you are hot or cold, and I would rather that than lukewarm (not exact verse but something like that la..). The book had come to be a hot discussion and a smart christian should use this as a medium to explain what really holds true.

Anyway, I won`t take sides on this matter. Actualy, there are`nt any sides to begin with... All we need is the right guidance that will lead us to be better human being. And for anyone who intend to read the book or watch the movie... and take it seriously, here`s a piece of advice.

1) Read the book... even after you watch the movie.
- There is some contradiction in the movie compare to the book. I don`t know whether the Malaysia censorship board have purposely left this out, but in the movie, The Catholic Church is potrayed as the Bad guys, ordering the murder, while in the book, the Bishop did not sanctioned the murder at all. Another point to ponder... it`s weird enough movie related to religion is banned in Malaysia, the Passion of Christ were banned, the Prince of Egypt were banned, but this aren`t :)

2) Go to wiki and at least read on the Catholic Church history.
-this is not a proponganda. In fact the history of the church is pretty bleak.. Doing mistakes like condemming Galileo, and was corrupted. But reading will enchace the enjoyment of reading the book as you`ll know what it`s talking about.

3) This is hard, but bear in mind.. it`s a work of fiction.
- the reason why this is hard because it`s no fairy tale. Unlike sleeping beauty where fairies and handsome prince`s-kiss-that-will-save-the-princess which really doesn`t exist at all, the novel intergrated some of the actually historical fact... but twisted it with some conspiracy theory, hence leading people into thinking that there are reading fact instead of fiction.

That`s all I have to say... Enjoy the book, and enjoy the story. I`ll end with quote from this very novel.

"Everyone Loves a Conspiracy Thoery"

Holiday trip - Part 3

Welcome to genting!!!

Say hello to Genting; The City of Entertainment. B4 anything, I would like to thank my grandmother for making this trip possible. Not to mention that everything seems to flow smoothly and flawlessly, as oppose to the usual series of unfortunate events that always befall on me. It begins when the Langkawi plan failed (though I somehow foresee it, I still tried to persuade people to go hoping that we will still make it there... tax free alcohol. How tempting). Without this trip, I need to form another trip to somewhere so Adelene can still go on holidaying with me :). Hence, Genting. It`s near, it`s affordable, and I can even go if everyone else doesn`t go.

And things turns out so well, I still believe that it`s more than a mere coincidence. I choose a date to go up.. the only viable option because 1 days earlier, one of my friend would not be able to make it, and a day later, It`s my mom`s birthday... So it had to be precise... The day is 30th of May 2006. It`s a holiday, so Room booking will be a problem. Not to mention the financial obstacle. Heard that the on-the-spot reservation will cost you 150++. Then just a few days b4 I decided to do my online booking, I spoke to my parents about the plan. ( I have a habit of not telling/forgetting to tell my parents on what I do. One minute, I`m here, the next minute, I could be on my bus to penang, or anywhere in the country.). And my eyes opened on what I `ve just heard.

My grandma is going up to Genting on the very same day. Not that it matter, she`s going up with her friend. Not that it matters again. What matter is that she had one room and her friends had rooms too and all of them wanted to stay togther (afraid of staying alone), leaving one room free..... guess who`s taking that room.. wink :) And that`s not only the good news. Kian Liang manage to book a room through some call which manage to speed up the process which usually takes 9 days to approximately 30 minutes. With that, we had two rooms now, and some how.. calling ppl to genting seems as easy as calling them out to yum cha.

My sis called her friends too for a day trip there. What originally planned for 4 person had evolves into 20 person trip up to genting. And more surprise came up, I met more people I knew up in genting. Thye Shin and Ai Ling, Yong Ching, Alvin, Oliver, and a whole bunch of badminton committee...

Enough of ppls, let`s talk about what really happened up there. My friends and I entered the theme park really late... around 3 pm. The first ride we sat was non other than the Cockscrew Roller Coaster. Having experience it once, I did not tremble like last time, though I still enjoy it. But, there is one ride that I still fear, the ride which I`ve had a trauma since I first saw it`s kind in Sydney’s Wonderland Theme Park. The Solero Space Shot. I always fear free falling. Had countless nightmare about it... probably due to a slight trauma of jumping off the 1st floor of my house when I was about 5 years old.

I saw my fridey cat sister lining up for it. Bleh, that`s all the motivation I need. There is no running away now. No excuse. I`ll challenge this ride today. The sky were clear, though cloud sometime engulf the whole machine for a couple of minute, leaving a sense of eerieness. But that wouldn`t stop me now, not even Kian Liang`s proof of witnessing a rumoured accident in Ripley`s believe it or not. (the case of a girl`s hair got stuck to the solero`s system and her scalp ripped off during the launch/decent of the passenger seat, what a horrible death). It was a covered up case in Malaysia and this bizzare accident was only aired in Ripley`s in foreign country.

The queue length was about 30 minutes / or about 8 cycle. I saw many couldn`t have the strength to scream as they free fall downwards. I can only imagine at first, what they are going through. It certainly gives me goosebump and my legs wanted to jump off the queue though my pride stoped me. Sooner than I think. It`s my turn. I was launch up slowly. Every solid structure around me dissapear. I can only see mountains and clear blue skies.... and some blurry indication of cities far far away. That how high this thing brought u up. It stopped. Everyone around me start begin to tremble. The counting begins. I knew how long will it remains stagnant up there. Exactly 13 seconds. I wished I had not known. I counted as the seconds pass, my leg tremble.. trying to find solid ground which unfortunately, none. I was suspended with only a seat to support me... probably 150 feet up in addition of 6000 feet (yes, genting is that tall).

Off it went. I felt so light that as if I`m weightless. I speed downwards..... I couldn`t scream. I could not describe what I felt. It`s odd. I only come back to myself after I reach ground. That`s a hell of a ride. It wasn`t as scary as I though, but definitely thrilling. I swear I could go for another round if someone challenges me. I dono why. The excitement seems addictive. Nevertheless, none of them wanted to go through another trip of queuing for the ride again. But it`s ok, the ride has just justify the theme park`s entrance fee. I really don`t care about other rides anymore :)

Surprisingly... after a few hours on the theme park, the ride that has the most effect on me is none other than a children`s ride of spinning cup. A cup that allows you to spin it while the system it self is rotating. A circular motion in a circular motion. I was so dizzy that I felt like vomiting for the next hour. Not even solero space shot had caused such and after effect. Had too take an ice cream to get myself right again. The same therapy if you give a child Ice cream, he`ll stop crying.. (bleh.. that`s bullshiting)

Though the ice scream helped a little, I felt quite uneasy plus the lack of sleep the night b4, I ended up on my hotel bed at 8pm. Can you believe it? We paid all the way to get up here and I slept at 8 pm. I didn`t realised till I woke up and found everyone is sleeping too. It was 12 am. I push everyone off the bed so that we won`t snore till morning. Unfortunate as we was.. Everything was closed and the only place we went was Mcdonalds :P (24 hour fast food... brilliant).

So we back vowing that we`ll wake up early for bowling and stuff... and the next day, I was awaken by a phone call. "oi.. still sleeping ah.. need to check out d la". Damm... it`s 12 pm and check out time is 1pm. Woke everyone up and rushed them to take bath.. yada yada. All still half awake and we crawled out of hotel room like zombie. Me and Adelene manage to visit Ripley`s believe it or not museum b4 we head back to our home.

It was a worthwhile trip. The only regrets were that we foolishly spend more than hundreds on food alone. Kfc and Mcd there cost one half more than usual. The local mee and rice cost fourfold. Gah... must had been crazy. Should have stock up a pile of instants there. Now you know what to do the next time you go up.

Photo Gallerry - a picture says a thousands word, I have almost 20 of them.. does that make 20 thousand? :P

Me n Adelene in the Cable Car

The First World Plaza

Queing for Corkscrew :)

Proof that we are really queing for the cockscrew

An artifect of Ripley`s archive. Each of thses grain holds a biblical picture painted on them without the help of a magnifying glass. Pictures including the Last Supper.

Late night/early morning at Mc d

The height of the Solero Space Shot.... Can`t imagine I actually sat that ride.

Adelene with Tun Mahathir. (Hologram)

The sereninity of Genting Theme Park

Kl, Jo-N and Chong on our journey up :)

Our final moment b4 boarding Solero Space Shot. My number was the unlucky 4. Bad Omen

The Rm 18 Mee.. no wonder it taste good.. It better be...

Cat, Rabbit, Hamster, n Katak

Carried Adelene cuz she felt tired and lazy to walk....heavy ler :(

Knights of the Genting Table

Behold, the giant can of coke. Courtesy of Aaron`s superb phototaking.

Probably the last trip I`ll every go with May and Rommeal... thanks for everything.. enjoyed every mommet with you guys... Will miss ya all :)

Holiday trip - part 2

Sorry that part 2 came out quite late. My comp setting was screwed up for some unknown reason after I install bit comet. After 3 days trying to fix it, I finally resort to using system restore and change back to last month`s setting. So now, I`m back online. I hope I can still remember what happened on the second day though ;p

I remember waking up late for the trip. Suppose to meet those people at sunway. Then May called me and tell me that the rest are still in slumberland. So it`s pointless to go so early. Wee, can continue to pig for a while more. In the end, we went up quite late.. and directly to mid valley, around 3pm. Upon arrival, my car (van) was use as a storage place. My friends start dumping all their bags and luggage there, while some of them who did not do so, went back in less that 30 minutes time. That`s barely a brief meeting, and that was suppose to be the last time I`ll ever see them, since they are leaving for cyber :( some classmates huh.

Then, it left only Rommeal, May, Reimei, Adelene. Decided to walk around. I`ve never walk around midvalley with the intention to buy something there, except from Carrefour. <-- is the spelling correct? Anyway, I spent my first ringgit on a jigsaw puzzle. Bought a picture of Ruroini Kenshin (Samurai X). They are having a promotion downstairs. Buy one and get one free. So I persuaded May to buy one too :) In addition we bought the frames for our puzzle (though I do not know how to frame it, hoping the manual will help, only to find out there isn`t one)

And the shopping spree begins. I accidentally step into jusco, and there is sales everywhere. Everything is so tempting and I bought another jacket for RM60, a long pants for RM 20, while Adelene bought her pants for RM50. And as we just about to leave (the longer you stay, the more you`ll spend), my hand grab an orange shirt and Adelene paid at the counter b4 my conscience says anything. The horror of sales....

Decided not to go around midvalley anymore, we left. Rommeal and May is following me back home because we will go genting together the next day. But b4 that, I had to send Rommeal back to his house which he`s not so familiar how to get there. Went through some illegal roads which I`m happy that I`m still alive... (note, my mom will kill me if I scratch my van in those narrow motor/bicycle back lane. ) His house located near Jalan Alor (behind Time Square). So, we went to eat there also. It`s a kl version of gurney drive. One whole long strect of road full of food. The competition there is fierce I tell you. Everyone`s trying to persuade you to sit in their store. It`s really hard to make a decision because all of them seems to be selling the same thing. (or more like everything). They sell, rice, mee, grill fish.. anything.

We settle down after we lazy to walk any futher. Wanted to try their frog leg but was appalled by it`s price, RM16.60. That`s way too much for a one person dish. Bleh... I ordered tonnes of other food and ended up spending about the same price. Our table in the end had a variety of dishes ; Fried Kuay Teow and Mee, Chicken Rice, Sotong with Kankung, Grilled Pari, Leng Chi Kang, Grilled Pork... (i don`t think it`s called grill.. it`s daging salai.. but I dono what do you call it in english). Anyway.. ate my lungs out and while I grow fat , my wallet grew otherwise.

And my wallet`s nightmare has not ended. Just b4 I go home, I walked around to see those stores which some people running some small business of selling pirated product. Boy, do they mark uop the price. Counterflick watch for 300 bucks!!... Though I know most of the stuff there are fake,... I ended up buying quite a number of item ; ie - laser/light + pen, invisible ink pen (only can be view by the light projected by the pen), 2 torch light. These torch light does not use batteries. It`s power is generated by kinetic energy.. something like a bicycle dinamo, only these are easier to handle. 33 bucks gone. Total expenduture of the day - 150 ringgit!!

(After a day or two, the invisible ink pen spoiled, the laser pen losses it`s power and the jacket I bought is losing it`s fur.. bleh.. This is what it`s like living in Malaysia without cash to buy branded stuff)

Holiday Trip - Part 1

I`ve been out almost everyday since I came back... Too avoid having a super long blog, I shall split into a few part. I`ll start from Sunday.

Day 1.
Woke up in the morning to eat my grandma own made dumpling. (cuz dumpling festival is near). Then head to church, with Adelene. Yaiks. So my church friends looked at her like how you look at the monkey in the zoo. (ok la. not monkey.. maybe a peacock or something).

Suppose to meet my malaca friends at Sunway by 11, then go into the Lagoon at 12. But it`s too late to rush there and in the end me and Adelene felt lazy and rest at home. At 3 something, my family decided to go to Sunway anyway, to bring my little bro kai kai. So I go lo. My sis stole Adelene to go shopping, so I` left to accompany my mom, grandma and my pesky little brother. Then a smart plan came up, I`ll bring my brother to arcade and let him play, so I can go play there myself too.

Hee.. I ended up playing till my family were gone and I still don`t realised it (actually more like I don`t care). So I played Rock Fever 3 for around 2 and a half hours. It was really fun cuz one gal (cute gal) tought me how to select the mode for the game which I never understand, it`s all chinese... Forgive me cuz i`m a banana :P Of cuz a little pai seh la cuz chinese ppl still need to be thought how to read chinese and not to mention she can play better than me.. (shrugs). Then her whole gang came, and all of them like.. wa so pro... I stand there and take turns to play till my familyfound me back at the arcade and pull me away.

Went to my aunts house for dinner.... she always cooks a lot and lots of dishes but then the rice is never enough. I mean how can everyone eat with probably 5-7 spoons of rice with 6 bowl of dishes on the table.... Nevertheless.. it was a nice dinner.. especially the roast duck.. yum.... I took a cat nap for a while after dinner... (pig ma) b4 driving home to kajang... And that sums up for day 1....

More to come... soon

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