Language... it`s the worst way of communication. Some ppl chooses to use some other words, some ppl don`t. Some ppl tolerate other words, some ppl don`t. I went for an interview just now. Being in that club for one year.... they still need an interview, the same interview i went through last year. And there is this colloum that requires u to describe urself. I wrote this

" I think this is bullshit. I`ve been serving this club for one year.
What`ve I did, my work, my conduct, that`s who I am"

My justification for this;
Everyone can say who they are, how great they might be, who they have done.... but then if you can clearly see that they have been working throught out the whole year... then u should use than judgement thus, that collum no longer serve it`s purpose.

Their reply ;
You #*&($*%&$*(%&(*&(*$%&. Ok, it wasn`t that bad. But, They were VERY VERY VERY offended. zomg... To them I`ve just insulted them because their effort of putting down that collum was hoping to get something out from there. It was then very much later that the president said that it`s protocol that`s why that have to put it there. I apoligize to them.... because I really didn`t know they took it so harshly.... sigh.. my bad.. should have just left it empty.....

Then, I offended them again.... they gave ma a scenerio... The president ask me to gather all the member for a meeting in 30 mintues and I have an exam soon. What will I do. I told them that i`ll ask the president if he have anything more important to do.. if he doesn`t, I`ll just ask him to fuck off and do the work ur self.

Again.... this time, there are really angryh.. zomg... scary... Staying around certain group of friend, where they tell u to fuck off day in, day out..... I could hardly understand how grave this matter can be... I have to go through a serias of endless apoligizing again... :'( This is cool... I went for an interview and I suddenly all the interviewers... life is just great.

Now, mommy said that using the "f" word is bad.... I couldn`t agree more.... Children, learn ur lesson.


Anonymous 10:08 PM  


Dude. Fuck is a mark of friendship. You can ONLY say 'fuck off' to the closest of your friends, unless you really want to insult people. I don't go 'fuck off' and 'fuck you' with people I don't know so well... unless you thought you were really close to people in Badminton...

There is something fundamentally weird about the way you answered those questions. But just thinking about the look on their faces... LOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!111!!one

Alex 8:05 PM  

lol.. that`s an old post ur commenting :) well... life is about learning and discovering... even through the worst way possible. :)

Anonymous 12:42 AM  

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »

Anonymous 10:42 AM  

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