The world is evil

The toughest battle a anyone could face, is the battle against himself. I watch fearless today, yes I know it`s out dated. I was sad to learn that this is Jet Li`s last kung fu movie. I love his actions, his self righteous and the-most-holy person in the world kind of aura. The movie was so thrilling that I rewatch part of it right after the movie ended.

I learn something through the movie. Too much success makes one arrogant. Not realizing the fact, I`ve already failed in my life before I even fail my exam. Need to learn to be humble. Never to whine about what I didn`t get, or what I should get. I should change… for good.

I always thought that I was the most miserable person on earth. Always threatening myself to jump down from my apartment every single day because I just don`t know how to face tomorrow. Then today, just after church, while I`m buying dinner with my remaining 8 ringgit in my wallet, someone approach me. Not anyone I knew. Just a little kid. Very young. Definitely less that 10 years old. He approach me and ask if I want to buy biscuits. Then he took out pack of biscuit and show me, pleading me to buy. The basket was 3 times his body width. It was obviously heavy for him.

I really felt like crying. Not only that I couldn`t help him cuz I just spend my last few ringgit buying dinner, I feel sad that parents actually exploited their children to fetch pity from customer. Even if I have the cash, I don`t know whether should I buy from the buy. If I buy out of pity, means his parents plan works and thus they will continue to push the boy to sell things on the street. I told the boy no thanks. He promptly put back the biscuit and proceed to the next table…. Repeating the same process of selling again.

There is no one to blame actually. Parents are poor. Father couldn`t support the family. The child have to work.. and the child will get no proper education…. And the cycle continues. So many people out there are like that….. struggling daily just to earn enough to buy their dinner… and here I am, in a private university, with 8 ringgit to spend for my dinner, with a computer to blog with……

I swear if I don`t do something to change the world as it is…. I`ll be willingly be thrown to hell.


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Adel 6:04 PM  

U urself aso said that too much success makes someone arrogant. SO, failed to score 4flat isn't really a bad thing rite? As long u try ur best, a 1st class will do. :) Cheer up, dun gv urself too much pressure, then u'll have a happier life. :)

Anonymous 3:19 AM  

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