What a day :)

Note that good or bad things all happens one after another. Yet today, I had good news one after another. (or rather, it`s not news, just events). I was quite worried for this morning paper, because it`s my last paper and it`s applied maths!. And I didn`t study yesterday because I had to settle some unfinish business... like informing everyone that the Year Book is finally here!! Yes.. it`s here it`s here. After my paper (which for fortunately easy,so I was quite happy about it), I rushed to the Student Press Room and hold the book with my 2 hands. One whole year of hard work being put towards it, and the book is finally materialised!!

Flipping thorugh ever page, knowing that you wrote something on it, or took some of those pictures, or design those page. Every page filled me with immense satisfaction. That`s all I need to celebrate my end of Semester 3, which if my final semster for Foundation Studies. Another thing, the year book revolutionlised every other older year book in terms of content, design and even the number of photos..... ahh! it`s damm cool... For those who didn`t buy them... it`s sure a darn waste... I just wish I can post up some pictures of the books here.... Gah!

After all the excitement, I joined with the rest of my engineering classmates to play Futsal. It`s bad enough that I`ve never touch football since primary school, I didn`t know anything about futsal. So it`s kaki bangku + I dono what`s going on kind of situation. Nevertheless.. running up and down and assuming that I played a role in the game... hmmm.. quite fun also la :P This marks first futsal experience.k :)

If you notice that there is a lot of unusually a lot and lots of structural and spelling error in this entry, forgive me, I`m rushing for a my class bbq party which suppose to start 30 minutes ago... And after that, I`m going to catch Da Vinci`s code b4 going to some unknown beaches for some unknown reasons ( god knows what my friend`s planning). Nevermind the fact that I`ll won`t get any sleeep... Must enjoy!! WEE!!!

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