Today, it begins...

My finals will start in another 9 hours. The first paper, Physics 3. My subject with the lowest carrier marks. Yes, you did not read wrongly. My lowest marks is Physics. Never in my life I though this would happen, but it happened. Suprise as I am, I made myself to do something I never though I would do. Study physics ( in addition to the fact that I studied). Spent my last 3 days at ians house eating all his food, ops, I mean studing at his house, I should be sufficiently prepared..... I hope... I just realised that the total time I study is not even enough to replace the time I spend sleeping in class. Aiks...

Anyway.... let just see how it goes tomorrow. I`ve been negleting all my other subjects though. That includes another killer subject, applied maths. Bah... I believe everything will turn out well. The exam time table is spread out nice enough to provide ample time to prepare for each and every subjects. To maintain my results, I need to score at least 50/50 for physics and applied maths, 40/50 for chemistry and statistic and 50/60 for English. Prep will be definitly not enough... what I really need is luck... wink wink :)

Now my biggest worry, is to get up tomorrow morning. Sleeping at 3-4 am and waking up 2-3 pm everyday, I wonder how am I going to wake up at 8 tomorrow. I very likely to oversleep or even worst, sleep during the exam. I mean mentally asleep. Eyes wide open but empty inside....
Right now, I`m not sleepy at all. Should I just wait till tomrorow and sleep after exam.... not a very bright idea. hmmm.. Maybe I should just start waiting at the Exam hall now. I`ll hug the door handle and make sure no one goes in with waking me up. Hee.. evil evil.. that would work.

Physics 3... here I come!!

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