A tale of a motorway journey

It`s literal.... no metaphore, no symbols. Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the road... driving. Imagine driving 70 bucks of fuel in a day. Assuming that my car consumes 80 kilometer for every 10 bucks.. wait the price raised, put it 70 for every 10 bucks, i` ve traveled a rough 500 kilometer. that`s crazy.. of cuz, it won`t be that far, cuz I`m not traveling at optimized speed, but still it`s a long long way.

To sum it up, 2 fro and return trip to the ends of malacca town and ayer keroh, 5 trip from my apartment to my new house, and a trip all the way back here to Kajang. What made all of this so special, is actually not the lenght of my drive... it`s what happened along the way.

Among some interesting stuff that happened is,

1)There was no jam at all around Malacca town and all the way to Seremban.
- It`s really amazing cuz it`s a badly weekend and holiday.. I bet midvalley is jam like *#$%&$(

2) My sister make faces with a baby or the other car during a red light break.
- She even use patric to say "hi". The baby laugh.... what more funny is that the mother took his teddy bear and wawe back... lol!! It`s a malay family btw. That`s genuine semangat muhibah... not those pretentious open house gathering the minister a having every now and then.

3) It was a clear day, night.
- and it rained like there is no tomrrow in just a split second.. Yes!! split second!! and I was overtaking a lorry at that momment.. Imagine not even one drop of rain b4 overtaking and while doing it, visibility turns to almost 0. Can only see red lights. Thank heaven for the invention of wiper (and it doens`t take a minute to switch it on).

4) It jam somewhere between Kajang and Seremban.
- That never happen b4.. trust me.... But if it jams, there is alway and only one possibility... Accident happened. After stuck for quite sometime, we saw what caused it. The sudden heavy rain cause trees to uproot and fell on the highway. I hope no one was hurt... though I doubt so.. It`s a highway... but you`ll never know... miracles happens.

5) I tried to watch cartoon during the jam.
- Not from my car of cuz. Suddenly surrounding me there is 2 or 3 car that have tv installed in them. That include a 2 Naza and 1 proton Saga.. So I tailed them as close as possible and try to watch what they are watching. Couldn`t see much though. I only recognized that one car is trying to sing karaoke while the other one watching a cartoon with a green dog in it.... (anyone know what`s that cartoon?)

6) I scolded a lot of cars cuz they either drive too slow on the wrong lane, or doesn`t know that you just can`t go through cars.
- It`s pathetic I tell you.. on one hand, you have ppl who drive slowly on the fast lane, on the other hand, you have ppl flashing their headlight behind you cuz you are blocking them from overtaking. I want to go to mister, but I can`t you see... my car doesn`t just can`t go through solid material.... I don`t blame them actually... I was driving a van and I bet they can`t see that car infront blocking me.

7) I took more than 2 hours to drive home from Malacca.
That`s twice the usualy time. Partly due to trafic conjestion, partly because I`m so freaking sleepy, partly because I had to go to the toilet like 3 freaking times. So got to stop at a few rest house go to toilet and buy red bull so I can still see where my steering is.

8) I though a cop is going to fine me.
- The police slowed me down and ask me pull aside..shite.. was I speeding? ( I know I was.. but but.......it was later that I saw the police infront is actually signaling for ppl to go infront.. not to the side... stupid.. wawing to the right is not a signal to say move on). A little bit futher, a crowd gather on the road side. And in the middle, lie a body with white cloth covering it. Trust me, that all it takes to keep me awake for the rest of my journey home.. Not a thousand red bull can match that.

Well.. that was a gruesome journey.... some how, a boring journey back to malacca is not that bad after all.


Anonymous 3:58 PM  
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Anonymous 4:07 PM  

In reality, although NEP is officially dead, some of the policies remain favoring one race regardless of needs (example: education, housing, loan facility, etc).

The non-bumis feel that NEP is holding them back (this is true in many cases) in order for the bumis to catch up. It is sad to think some bumis believe the best way to catching up with the non-bumis is to hold non-bumis back.

Malaysia has lost many able non-bumis to other competing countries (brain drain) and is unable to see the relative advantage of retaining this pool of talents to help them.

What an irony that I experienced less discrimination in foreign country than in my own soil?

After my studies in the US, I applied for job there and to my surprise it is unlawful to be discriminatory, employers do not ask your race and religion, and the good things, employment is based sorely on merits regardless of your background, a lot of my friends stay back because the incentives are excellent and the R&D facilities are cutting edge reputation, universities there are really centers for breeding new ideas unlike in Malaysia local universities, where freedom of thoughts are controlled by acts.

Frankly, I have no ideas how we can compete with them when our "think outside the box" culture is oppressed. We say one thing but we do the opposite, the government is sending the wrong signal. In this country, even we have the hardware, we lack human-ware.

Border has no meanings nowadays, talents will go where they are demand and appreciated, and one day globalization will break down our affirmative actions whether we like it or not.

While I submit that Malaysia is a net loser in this global "brain drain", I think the country has to re-look at its programs to stem the outflow. The sad truth is that what we attracting are the "lower skilled" or "unskilled" types.

Malaysia is just the only country in the world where special privileges are shamelessly given to, and accepted by the majority of the population.

Anonymous 4:10 PM  

Malays are a race of people who still live under a coconut shell. To us, the world is as big as the shell we live in. We are fortunate because we are princes of the land, our land is fertile, anything can grow on it.

When we want to cook curry, coconuts are there. If we want chicken meat, all the kampung chicken run wild. If we want to eat fish, we can easily catch one or two from the rivers or padi field. What more, we produce petroleum too, the only thing is we have not learned how to extract petrol and diesel from it.

"Malaysia is very advanced, self-sufficient and most knowledge in the world come from Malaysia so all the information that we need are in Bahasa Melayu. The world better learn Bahasa Melayu in order to access all these wonderful knowledge that we have in Malaysia. Because we are world's biggest economy, other countries who want to trade with us better learn Bahasa Melayu."

We also have a lot of "former world No. 1" exporters - tin, rubber, palm oil, air conditioner, etc. How nice to relive the nostalgic yesteryears every now and then……….

We may never be big again. Never mind. "Malaysia Boleh!" We Malaysia Boleh compare with the Japan, German, America, anybody, just name them!

Funny, isn't it? The country will be 50 years after independence, the government still provide us with tongkat. We love you Malaysia!

This is a laughing stock article.

Think of improving the country from bribe, economic and equal right among races so that the Malaysia real meaning Boleh.

In my view, no matter what is said now and in the future, and whether English does get re-instated to its former position of importance or not, whether our present batch of politicos and up-coming will or will not make the changes to elevate English, this blasted fact will remain - Malaysia has let innumerable opportunities for super-development pass in the last two decades.

The other fact is that these opportunities will never come our way again.

Let those who feel study English is not important continue to study Bahasa Melayu and those who want to continue to study English continue to study English. That way in time to come we can see which group progresses faster and more employable.

There is no need to deprive any group from studying what they want to study. We lost a generation of English speaking citizens through the short sightedness of our leaders.

All these talk are pride and again a result of entitlement mentality. Not having faced real world competition, a disconnect exist between their ideas and knowledge with the real world. All the talk are theoretical and imaginary, not implant-able solutions and results. Coupled with false pride, the result is just that - false.

Because of this shortsighted policy, thousands of graduates are unemployable. We have only to blame our leaders for this state of affairs and is a sad reflection of our leaders capability. Time and history have proven that our leaders lack vision and foresight.

The sad part is that the leaders of this country did not have the vision to place a higher importance to this aspect which had been one of Malaysia's competitive advantage. So we are now lagging behind.

Bolehland is lost! Too many mistakes are made at the great expense of ordinary people and the country - socially, politically and economically.

At the end of his tenure, Mahathir said the only thing I give him credit for, no one is going to wait for the malay race to catch up, the rest of us will move on and the harder it gets the harder we push.

It is very sad to see a promising country in this difficult situation! Those responsible for this terrible mess should come forward and apologise to the ordinary people with concrete plans and solutions to resolve the many critical issues confronting the country - immediate, long and short term plans and solutions.

Anonymous 4:25 PM  

If you are rich, you have many choices but if you have better choice than what you have in Malaysia - you believe you can have in Singapore, you will go and get it.

Those parents who send their kids across the causeway have been rational as they are preparing their kids for the competitions, and they hope by Singapore education system, their kids will learn better skills than staying to learn the Malaysia education.

Government is happy, racists are happy and pretend to promote freedom of education, and the Singapore government is happier, they need not feed those kids, they can harvest them as they matured.

I would not hesitate to send my future kids to Singapore for his educations, considering the career paths, scholarship, and other opportunities that would be available to him in the future, and him being nurtured in a true globalised society albeit with 'kiasu' mentality.

From primary school to secondary school in Singapore, if the children do well in their exams, they can apply for scholarships and bursaries for junior colleges and universities.

And most of the good students will probably be offered good paying jobs in Singapore. Well, some on them even became members of parliaments and ministers in Singapore.

Even if they don't get into Singapore universities, their education there will stand them in better stead to get into universities in the Australia, UK and US.

I think the Singapore education system is very good but at the same time stressful. It is also too exam orientated and breed muggers. The danger with the Singapore education system is that it is an extremely good system only if you are good and would like to study even in most of your free time.

Take a survey around Ipoh, KL, Penang………. in these major cities/towns, the number of tuition centres will frighten you!

In fact the students claimed they learn more in the tuition centres than in schools! The tuition class can have 50 students to a class and they still learn better than in the schools!

Felt sad for those parents who have to send their precious kids to Singapore, and then we cannot make them feel safe to let us educate them!

Those famous, high and rich government ranking officials, they do not have confidence or rather they have better choices than to send their own kids to national schools, they do believe the international/private schools provide better education environments, better education policy………..and they are more confident, they will be more successful when they graduate.

If we can get hold of the name lists of these students in international/private schools, we will be shocked! This has been going on for many years!

Really sad about the investment to produce 'half past six teachers' nowadays to impart knowledge to our kids, and surely if any chance arises, we are ready to send them abroad, and feel safe to leave the kids into hands of those foreigners, and feel safer to let them educate our precious kids, what an irony!

Even education is not spared from politics of race and religion.

Schools are places where innocent children build friendship and trust with children from all races and religions in a healthy environment and protected them from the damaging political environment of race and religion. But this is not the case……….principals and teachers are too engrossed in politics.

Every aspect of Malaysia life is too political and most damaging in building a strong and united country. No wonder the country is sick!

It is very sad but very true. Most Malaysians just do the things in life without a thought. How bad is our education system? Very! I am also very sad that the people in charge of the education ministry promoting local universities, are send their children to foreign universities.

It is a sad day for this country and its people. Say what you like goons will be goons. The whole world is laughing. On the other hand something good may yet come out of this screw up.

We are going to see a real difference come the next general elections. As the old saying goes 'you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.'

The man on the street is a lot wiser today than he was yesterday. I am speaking for the man in the mirror.

Anonymous 4:29 PM  

I am a Chinaman Malaysian, no pun intended and I am no proud of it. While I am not really a target of the government's drive to reverse some brain flow, I cannot tahan but to pen a word or two on that seemingly off-the-cuff statement.

I am kampung boy who grew up amidst paddy fields. Twenty years ago, along with tens of young Malaysians, I was lucky to be hired by a large Singapore multinational firm. However, the oil shock made our stint there short-lived. The company offered us student loans to further our studies.

We have never looked back since. Now, while most of us are in the IT industry, we are also involved in manufacturing, law, journalism, grain processing, airlines and academics. Similarly, while most are based in US, we are also in Australia, Japan, Singapore and UK.

Now, among us, how many have seriously considered returning to Malaysia to work and settle down? So far, a big, fat zero.

The terse comment in itself speaks volumes of the status quo in Malaysia. It is a classic feudalistic approach to handling things - the godfather way.

I wonder whether our man had thought of the very reasons why people flee the country in the first instance.

Least of all, the all-encompassing, racially discriminatory policies that suck the life out of citizens. Widespread corruption. The lopsided judiciary. Sickening politicians. Cruel and oppressive laws. Abuse of power. Absence of accountability. And the police? What a mess!

I also wonder if the PM-to-be realises who his audience is. Malaysian professionals abroad probably worked their butt off so as to reap the present-day fruits of labour. They are highly educated, and are keenly aware of things Malaysians and her malaise. Many have voted with their feet out of helplessness or disgust with the status quo.

Here are two questions for our man. How many Malaysian professionals does he seriously think, would want to forego what they have accumulated abroad, and return to the same environment that drove them out in the first place?

Does he also truly believe that Malaysian professionals abroad, once returned are convinced that they can contribute to nation building despite the stifling draconian laws that gag reasonable freedom of announcement, activity and expression?

Yes some, but not many will return.

For most professionals, living abroad has its own ups and downs. But, you get dignity, fair treatment, and respect for your ability. You get a voice, too. And ears to hear you.

Also, Malaysia does have a shortage of doctors and it seems ridiculous that Malaysian government-sponsored medical students are not required to return home.

All said, I do not lose hope. But talk of nation building should start at the individual level. If you take the oomph and the aaah out of the individual, chances are, no finger-snapping mere politician can lure him/her back to contribute to nation building.

I stand corrected.

Anonymous 4:33 PM  

It was terrifying to read of the sudden tragic death of who was in his car, when it was crushed by a falling steel beam near a construction site

It was even more terrifying to read that many developers and contractors have a cavalier attitude towards safety. They hardly take any safety measures to prevent fatal accidents like this.

It is frightening to think that more of these death traps around the city waiting to strike us at anytime. It is a matter of just when and who would be the next victim.

For every one, there are so many others, especially workers at these construction sites who are critically or fatally injured daily. These incidents are settled without much publicity.

The main cause of these accidents is the 'tidak apa' and selfish attitude of contractors, developers and the enforcement authorities. Regrettably this 'tidak apa' attitude is now fast becoming a national policy.

Sadly, the families of these victims are made to accept these so-called accidents as acts of fate which are beyond our control.

There appears to be general trend today where basic safety standards and quality are compromised for quick monetary gains. The loopholes in the laws are cleverly exploited for reaping maximum profit. To these perpetrators, human lives do not carry much value and any loss can be compensated in monetary terms.

The government should enforce the laws more effectively without fear or favour. The only criteria for the government should be the safety and welfare of the people to whom their ultimate responsibility should lie.

This national 'tidak apa' policy must be curbed immediately if the nation is to progress on.

Anonymous 4:36 PM  

The malay pig have drawn up a plan to displace all non-malays. They are discriminating against all non-malays. More and more non-malays are leaving.

You know why he/she need to leave……….? It is all because of those idiots who voted for the pig government to chase those talents out of this country.

This scenario would stay.

They would prefer to remain backward, so long as they are in control over you and me. I think they enjoy seeing non-malays 'begging' all the time.

Even though they are left far behind Korea, Taiwan and now Thailand is coming up strong. To them these are not competitors. In their narrow mind, the 'enemies' are local non-malays. Must suppress, by all means.

All malay pig are programmed to be promoted much faster ahead of non-malays the moment they join University Malaya. Soon University Malaya will be dominated by malay pig and the ranking will slip further.

Most of the malay pig in Malaysia cannot think clearly, their thinking and mind are clouded by such things as comfort zone, frog-in-a-well syndrome, ignorance, racial pride, stubbornness, etc.

Anonymous 4:40 PM  

Absolutely agree with you……….

I feel so sad that our MCA and Gerakan……….all blind..........act like idiots, they even go to blame professional non-malays for leaving our country……….Sad to say they just want to serve their own private interests. They are the worshippers, followers of the great greedy.

They shamelessly lie, mislead and deceive on all issues, we find the traces of work of these running dogs. They distorted facts, twisting the principle of social fairness, justice and equality, for just to win a bone throws by their master.

The people acted like beasts, had already traded their souls with the devil.

My daughter scored straight As in her STPM exam in 2003, but she was only offered a place to pursue an ordinary science course in University Malaya instead of her choice pharmacy course. Other students (malay pig) with 2B 2C result had the opportunities to enter pharmacy course.

Eventually, my daughter decided to apply Singapore University, she was not only accepted to study a course of her choice, but was also offered a scholarship. Where is the justice?

Now I am thinking to emigrate to Australia for good.

Like many others say, losers will stay, go out winner.

I sympathize with you on your some bad experiences in foreign countries. I can relate 10 similar bad experiences in Malaysia, and I can also relate 10 good experiences in foreign countries. So it is not the few bad experiences that should determine your and your offspring's future.

You feel comfortable in Malaysia because that is your comfort zone, so you prefer not to leave. In a foreign country you don't know their custom as well so you might have behaved inappropriately that caused some bad vibes. Understandable.

All the same, a frog in a well can only describe the world as big as a well. I am not saying you are a frog, just a Chinese saying.

For my overseas experience, I can say that Australia is very beautiful, very high class, very nice country! Indonesia otherwise is making troubles, terrorists, robbers, pirates, they are a "negative group inferior people".

Never go to this inferior country travel, your life will be safe, don't forget terrorist attack in Bali Island. Never employ this inferior people working in your house, they can murder your family and took away your money. Never employ this inferior people working in your factory, they can damage your machines.

I suggest we must employ India, Thailand, Vietnam labours. Thank for cooperate.

Anonymous 4:43 PM  

The sad thing that many of you don't realise, is that the established 'racism' in Malaysia benefit both the Chinese and the malays, especially via the NEP. The unfortunate part is that it benefit a small minority, those that are willing to play ball with the Umno.

The malays get the contract, and sell it to the Chinese, both sides actually profit. And in the end, the malays blame the Chinese for being rich, and the Chinese blame the malays for being lazy.

Of course, since the malays blame the Chinese for being rich, they keep on voting their supposed 'saviour' - Umno mindlessly. And the Chinese, unwilling to give up any part of a 'stable' economy - keep on voting the BN, and are scared to death that the opposition, especially PAS will win.

Essentially, racism exist and it is a political problem. It will probably take a literal collapse of the Malaysia economy before anyone is willing to blame the BN corruption for it……….and even then, the Chinese will point fingers at the malays for the NEP and incompetence, the malays will point fingers at the Chinese for sending their children overseas and not coming back.

Anonymous 4:48 PM  

I am actually a Malaysian but I was brought up in Perth.

You could say that my family (which is non-malay) was part of the brain drain of Malaysia society. My father was the 1st surgeon in my home state. He was educated as part of the Columbo plan between Malaysia and Australia.

Many of his medical friends do not live in Malaysia any more. My friend's father also received a scholarship under the Columbo plan and is a mathematics nerd. Many of my cousins now live abroad - one whole family (which consists of pharmacists and doctors) now live in the UK.

I have a cousin who is a lecturer in geography at a Californian university. This cousin was the chair of his faculty for several years. We also have a family friend who is Indian Malaysian who was a journalist in Malaysia before, but now is a lecturer in at my university.

The reason for us leaving Malaysia was because (1) we could and (2) better education system. You know how much Asians place importance on education!

I think the whole special privilege thing is a sham. The set-years of having the special privileges is over!

Alex 12:27 AM  

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